Saturday 7 September 2019

How To Hygge - Food and Drink Edition

Welcome to part two of 'How to Hygge'. 
Part one focused on hygge around the home, and today we are delving into food and drink.

If you want to know more about the concept of hygge and what it actually is then please refer to part one to get a brief overview :)

So lets jump straight in, below are some ways you can bring the concept of hygge into your day to day life through food and drink!

Hot drinks

Hot drinks are a hygge staple. It's practically a definition of the word. Whether it's a cup of tea, an aromatic coffee or a luxurious hot chocolate, if it makes you feel good, cosy and fuzzy inside then you've hit the hygge high. Hygge is a feeling of comfort and any food that can make you feel 'at home' makes it on this list. 

Fancy flavoured waters

There's something about having a posh version of a drink that makes you enjoy it that bit more. For example if you go to a cafe and ask for a tap water, you just drink it without thinking, if you've ordered an hibiscus water, you're more likely to savour it, if that makes any sense? One of my guilty pleasures is heading straight for the fridges in a cafe and finding the most fancy sounding juice and just enjoying every sip. I'm a bit of a juice snob!

Pastries, cakes and cookies

Pastries are a danish delicacy and because the hygge concept was created by the Danes, pastries are a big contender. Croissants, pain au chocolat, cinnamon buns. Anything that's wrong but feels so so right. Carbohydrates. Comfort Food. Oh so hygge!


Why do we always reach for the chocolate after a bad day? There's something really comforting about chocolate, perhaps the way it melts in your mouth. Watching a film and treating yourself to your favourite chocolate is the perfect way to have a hyggelig evening.


This is so precise but I feel like meat in the colder months can be very hyggelig. Sunday roasts with your family gathered around the table. Mothers homemade gravy. As I say, it's the things that make you feel at home.

Soups and stews

I'm a big fan of soups, not so much stew, especially my mums! (no offence mother).
Nothing more heart warming than a homemade soup with some thick crusty bread. Delicious.
I have this vision of exploring the woods and going back to a little log cabin with fairy lights everywhere and a fire lit warming the place up, making a homemade soup and wearing a lumberjack jacket. It's the hygge dream. 

In fact, I have two recipes for some really good soups! Both of them vegan but hearty and comforting. Click the links to see the recipes and feel free to print them off to use for future events.

Sweet Potato and coconut soup

Minestrone chickpea soup

Hearty meals

Hearty meals that make you need a nap. Enough said.

Grow your own veg

There is nothing more comforting than knowing exactly what is going into your food and being proud of your creation. I grow my own veg and it tastes so much better than anything shop bought. It's so nice to be able to eat something and think, I made this myself and it tastes amazing. It's a really great feeling.


We all know baking is therapeutic and the feeling afterwards of being able to share the goods with friends and family is also really rewarding. 


If you want to bring hygge into the summer seasons, picnics are a great way to do so! Get yourself one of those cute little baskets and a nice blanket, find a warm but shady spot in a nice field / park and just enjoy some company and good food. 

Evening parties

I love this one because you can make an evening party the ultimate hygge experience in so many ways! Whether it's the food that you serve or the way you decorate the place, you can make it whatever you want.

I hope this helped inspire you to incorporate some hygge into your diet whether its day to day dining or throwing a little soiree with your loved ones! 

Have a very hyggelig day! 


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