Friday 18 November 2022

How to find the right everyday footwear

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It can be challenging and boring to find the right everyday footwear. But it is essential to avoid some of the most common foot complaints and conditions, such as heel pain and discomfort.

Get Advice Based on Your Activity

We all have different things we do during the day. And your shoes and feet need to work together to avoid pain and discomfort. Perhaps you are a chef and are on your feet all day. Or maybe you teach sports in a school. Professional services like Momentum Podiatry can perform various assessments and offer footwear advice based on actual results. These are based on your age, physical activity, and any medical conditions you may have as well as your activity.

Compare Shoes that Fit Well

You probably already have comfortable shoes that fit you well. So bring these with you to the store so you can compare them to what you want to buy. Look at the height, width, and materials. If you can't do this, you can also bring a drawing of your foot. Then, put any shoe you wish to buy over the traced shape. This lets you compare the shoe's overall shape to your foot to see if it will fit well. Don't even try on the shoe if it's narrower or shorter than your tracing.

Get Measured to Find the Right Everyday Footwear

It is thought that about 3 out of 5 people wear shoes that are not right for their feet. Most good shoe stores let you have a sales assistant measure both your feet. So do this when you're looking for new shoes, and make sure you get your feet measured every time you go shoe shopping because your feet change as you get older, often getting bigger and wider. And they grow in different ways. So, if one foot is bigger than the other, buy a size that fits the bigger foot.

Give Them a Try by Walking Around

Make sure there is about a half-inch of room between your toes and the inside of the footwear by gently pressing down on the shoe. This gives your foot enough space to move forward when you walk. Move your toes around to see if there's enough space. Try out the shoes by walking around in them. Check to see if there is enough room at the bottoms of your feet, how your heel fits, and if the shoes pinch or slip off. If you aren't sure, try another size.

Examine the Shoes

It's also a good idea to look at and feel any new shoes. Check the inside of the shoes to see whether they have any labels, stitching, or tears that might bother your foot. This happens a lot, but most people don't notice until much later. Also, check the soles to see if they are strong enough to protect your feet and if they have any padding. Then try walking in the shoe on both hard and soft flooring surfaces to see how it feels and how well it grips the floor for safety.


You must take the time to find the right everyday footwear. You can begin with professional advice. But also get measured in the store and carefully examine any shoes before buying.


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