Most of the images on my blog are my own. Any that are not my own, are always credited. I am happy for people to use my photos as long as they credit me and link to my blog. Any discrepancies will be dealt with accordingly. 
I am always honest on my blog. I want my readers to know they can trust me and that I would never be paid or persuaded to advertise a product for sales for my own benefit. This is not something I agree with and would hate for my readers to think they couldn't trust my advice. 
If in the instance I was to review a product that I didn't like I either wouldn't feature it at all or I would of course mention any cons in the review dependent on how much I disliked it.
All opinions and views mentioned on my blog are my own 100% honest opinions and views. Please bare in mind when I'm reviewing products that if something works well for me, it may not necessarily work well for you and they are just my own personal opinions. 
I utilise a number of affiliate commission services including Skimlinks percentage of commission on product sales. This site therefore uses cookies. The links or products don’t cost the buyer any more than they normally would, the commission is taken from the retailer via the commission platform, and therefore is a little thank you from the retailer for me showing you the product. I also use Adsense which is why you will see adverts towards the bottom of my blog.
I also sometimes accept contributed posts meaning they have been put together by somebody else and are promoted on my blog for exposure. In these circumstances that will always be disclaimed at the bottom and I usually edit these posts to include my own images and add some content to make it a bit more me. I never feature any posts my readers won't find interesting or relevant to my style of content. 
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