Monday 15 January 2018

Welcome To My Tea Collection

My first post of 2018! Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you are all well and excited to see what 2018 brings.

For me, it has brought tea upon tea. You're probably wondering what the hell I am on about...let me explain!

I was recently contacted by a tea company called Adagio Teas. I hadn't actually heard of this company before but I was excited to find out all about them.

Adagio Teas are a small family-owned company, they source all of their products fresh from farmers so their ingredients are of the highest quality. They asked if I would like to try out a selection of their teas so I had a little browse on their website and I was really astounded at the selection! So much to choose from and some really unique and exciting flavours. 

I told them I was keen to try some of the more sweet teas. I have a sweet tooth so these really stood out and then I also loved the look of the festive teas as they are perfect for this time of year. 
They also had an amazing selection of beautiful tea ware. 

Not long after, I received a parcel from them. If you have me on Snapchat (fbloggerstacie) you will see how shocked I was when I opened it. SO. MUCH. TEA.
I was sent a hell of a lot more than I was expecting so it took me a little while to try them all out. I wanted to try each and every tea so I could give an accurate review. So I've been living off tea for the past month or so!

So I'm going to go through and show you all of the items I was sent in this AMAZING and extremely generous package.

First of all I was sent some amazing tea ware pieces. I'm a huge fan of collecting tea ware because I already had quite the tea collection anyway. Now I think I could open my own tea shop!

I was gifted this amazing Meguro cast iron teapot and teacup set
Recently I had been really torn on if I wanted to buy a cast iron teapot which I kept seeing in Tiger. 
I'm really glad I didn't though because this one is much nicer and of much higher quality.
It's super heavy but feels really sturdy and special.
The teacups are super cute and a really nice size for the teas I was sent.
The only thing you have to be careful with is that once you've washed them you must dry every part thoroughly so they stay in good condition.
I really love the colour and pattern and can't wait to show the set off next time I have guests over!

A lot of the teas I was sent were loose leaf teas and although I do have an infuser, I am really glad Adagio Teas threw these in. Paper tea filters. You get loads of them and they are also great quality. Once I've ran out I will definitely be purchasing more of these as they are a great staple for any avid tea fan!

Adagio Teas have an amazing selection of gift sets. There is so much to choose from and I was very lucky to receive a bunch of them.

How bloody cute is this gift box?? This is part of the Fairy Tales Gift Set. I think this is so perfect for the girly girl. Anyone who loves anything princess themed and maybe teen girls?
There is a selection of princess themed gift sets you can buy and I think it's a really nice idea.
You get a selection of flavoured teas in a nice decorative tin. The best part is that the lid actually comes off and is a portable tin you can use to carry things round with you. I specifically thought of teen girls because its a nice little sneaky way to carry your sanitary towels. I know that's not what it's for of course but hey, why not!

This tea was gorgeous! It is an apple tea blend and its super sweet. I found it quite floral and found the scent and taste equally as lovely as the packaging.
I really recommend this for a nice and different gift.

I remember my first chai latte. I had it from Starbucks through my family pressuring me to try it and it was bloody lovely. However I have never been able to recreate it and trying to do it so much and failing has put me off chai tea, so I thought this one might not be to my tastes but I was of course willing to give them another try.

Inside this wonderfully packaged Chai Tea Gift Set are 4 sample teas.

Masala Chai - I actually thought this was quite nice. If you are a fan of chai teas, you would love this. I do think it's quite an acquired taste as it's quite spicy. It tastes very oriental and cultural and I find the aftertaste lingers for a long time.

Chocolate Chai - Personally for me this was too spicy for a tea that gives the impression it would be sweet. I'm not sure why but I kept tasting orange. This wasn't particularly a favourite of mine, I must admit.

Spiced Apple Chai - I was quite intrigued to try this one as it sounds really nice but again, I wasn't too keen. It was okay but it was just quite an intense flavour. If you are a chai fan this might be really nice but it just wasn't for me.

Thai Chai - Again, I really wasn't a fan of this one. Very required taste as it's quite intense. However, I do think that's what makes a chai tea, a chai tea. If you know what I mean?

Overall, I wouldn't buy this for myself but if I knew someone who really loved their chai tea I think this makes a great gift and it's a nice way to introduce them to different flavours of chai tea that they might not have experimented with before. Not saying this isn't good tea because it is, it's just not my cup of tea...see what I did there? Hee hee.

Now this Christmas Teas Gift Set I was excited about! Obviously this was perfect over Christmas and there's something really nice about having a really festive collection for when people come over. You can't say many people have this to offer over the usual breakfast or builders tea.

Candy Cane - Huge thumbs up for this one, it reminded me of a sweeter version of a peppermint tea and I really like peppermint tea. It has a really lovely aftertaste and is a really nice treat. However it doesn't taste super sugary like I would have expected but I see that as a good thing because you don't feel so naughty for treating yourself. You can trick your mind into telling yourself it's healthy.

Candy Apple - I actually think this may have been my favourite out of all the teas I was sent! It's super sweet. I can imagine this on a crisp winter day, taking it out in a travel mug to have a nice little treat. I also think kids would love the taste of this! It's so full of flavour. Really really loved this one!

Gingerbread - This is really really nice, very warming and I kind of just enjoyed inhaling it. I can imagine this would be a great option for a tea party! Or if you were hosting for Christmas, this would be great to serve!

Chestnut - This smells absolutely beautiful, big fan of this one! It tastes exactly like it smells too which is good. I think this is nice to have as a staple piece in your kitchen cupboard to have regularly over the winter months. I'd find it hard to get bored of this one.

Overall I would say this is the PERFECT Christmas selection. I really loved every single one! 10/10!

I was so excited to try this Sweet Tooth Teas Gift Set. I'd never tried any chocolatey teas before, only coffees so I didn't know what to expect.

Caramel - This reminds me more so of treacle than caramel. I can't decide if I brewed it for too long or not long enough...It tasted weak but it was really strong at the same time. It smelt really really lovely though! 

Cream - This one was gorgeous! Tastes exactly how you would want a cream tea to taste. They have the flavour down to a tee! It was like a dessert in a mug. This was another one that was lovely to inhale and just enjoy the sweetness. Love love love!

Tiger Eye - This one was a little bitter for me. Had that treacle taste again. It was all in the aftertaste though. Whilst actually drinking it I couldn't decide what it tasted like.

Chocolate Chip - This was really quite pleasant, very sweet and indeed chocolatey. I couldn't have too much of it but it's nice if you had a small cup, perfect to use alongside the cast iron teacups!

I wouldn't have thought to try a Nut and Spice Collection so I was looking forward to seeing what I thought of this set.

Almond - This has a strong smell of marzipan and really reminds me of Disaronno / Amaretto. It's a very strong flavour. I think if you're in the mood for this, it's really really nice.

Hazelnut - This is really tasty and not as sweet as some of the other teas. Very nutty and reminds me of Ferrero Rocher which I'm a big fan of!

Vanilla - I loved the smell of this one but I really wasn't a fan of the taste. It was a bit plain for me and a little bitter too! 

Oriental Spice - Definitely oriental! This was very well named. I had to drink this one very slowly as it's lovely and mild when you sip it but if you were to gulp it, its very strong. It's a lovely warming flavour. Perfect for a cold day and almost had a festive feel to it! 

This Holiday Cheer Gift Set was by far my favourite item I was sent in the hamper and only £12 for lots of amazing teas. How bloody cute is this! Inside it had the candy cane tea, gingerbread tea, chestnut tea and candy apple tea that I had received in the festive teas set.

However I had not yet tried cranberry or pumpkin spice. I was so so excited to try pumpkin spice because it is so popular lately and I have never got round to trying it.

Cranberry - Although this tasted sweet it also tasted healthy and I can imagine it is very good for you as cranberries have lots of health benefits. I would recommend this hot if you have a cold or are feeling a bit under the weather but this would be sooo much nicer as an iced tea throughout summer and I think that's something I will certainly be trying out this year.

Pumpkin Spice - This had a really lovely scent, it's very sweet and I also found it really comforting. Perfect for a cosy night in watching Christmas movies. I found it really moreish and ended up drinking it really quickly. A nice introduction to pumpkin spice.

On top of all these wonderful gift sets I was sent a few sample packs to try out too.

Yuletide Toddy. I didn't have a clue what to expect with this one but when I opened it. OH MY GOD. I already knew this was going to be a firm favourite. It's BUBBLEGUM. Bubblegum tea!!! And AND when you brew's PINK!!! I was amazed by this one! Loved it so so much. Its super girly and the type of tea I feel I'd force everyone to try who visits my house!

Turmeric Bliss. I was dreading trying this one. I smelt it from the packet and knew I wouldn't like it. Turmeric smells like lemon to me. I'm not a fan of lemony drinks and although turmeric is very very good for you I wasn't excited for this one. BUT when I tried it, it was actually quite pleasant. I take it all back. This would be superb for a cold.

Rooibos Nutcracker. This is a really interesting and unique blend. It's quite fruity but also super nutty. Really tasty and flavoursome and it reminded me of a pudding. I would certainly have this one again.

That was everything I was sent in my bundle. I really loved trying out all these teas and equipment. 
Below is a list of the teas I would like to try iced over summer. Even if they are typically festive flavours.

Yuletide Toddy
Snow White
Candy Cane
Candy Apple

This was such a nice introduction to the Adagio Teas brand. Their sample packs are only £2 so it's a nice way to try out the teas before you buy more. All the products are very reasonably priced!

Thank you so so much to Adagio Teas for such a generous package. It has been a pleasure trying them all out. I love that I have such a cool and quirky collection of teas in my kitchen cupboard. I feel like I need to write a tea menu up and laminate it for guests :')

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and I highly recommend this company. Go check out their website and see if anything takes your fancy!

All the best,

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a product review. All photos, words and opinions are my own and 100% honest. This is not a paid collaboration. 



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