Sunday 31 December 2017

The Most Beautiful Joe Browns Boots

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you party hard tonight and see 2018 in with a bang! I'll be snuggled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself as I've been struck down ill. Not a good way to start the new year and Christmas was unbearable but one thing that kept me chipper was the fact I received the most beautiful boots from Joe Browns.

I have been living for Joe Browns lately. I always loved looking at the catalogues and I always remember thinking when I was a bit younger that their style was how I pictured myself as an older woman. 

I'm currently 25 and I check their website daily without fail. It's a dangerous move really but I just LOVE their style!

The reason I was checking the website daily at first was because I spotted these Ultimate Tweedy Ankle Boots. (Which may I add have been reduced to just £34.95 in the sale)

I honestly believe this is just me in boot form. I am in LOVE with them. They reminded me of a more affordable version of the Irregular Choice Shoreditch boots. Which I too fell in love with. And which are also on sale!! 
Unfortunately they didn't have my tiny size 3 in stock so I had been desperately checking back to see if they might come back.

Of course I browsed at all the other shoes on the site and also fell in love with the Remarkably Vintage Shoes and the Enchanting Tweedy Ankle Boots. Note how they are all tweedy? 

I wasn't sure what stood out to me most about these Victorian boots. The pattern, the style, the heel, the colours? There was just something about them drawing me in and I really fell for them.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when Joe Browns asked if I would like to collaborate and they offered to send the boots! Of course I jumped at the chance to work with one of my favourite brands. 

Everyone knows how much I love Joe Browns. I got this adorable fox scarf for Christmas off my best friend along with this gorgeous bag! 

I am a self-confessed Joe Browns addict. I'd love to add more of their stuff to my collection. But for now let me tell you all about my gorgeous new boots.

They arrived in the cutest packaging! A nice firm box that wouldn't misshape your new purchase and wrapped in tissue paper too for that extra protection.

I actually did a first impressions / blogger mail unopening over on my Snapchat (fbloggerstacie) and if you saw it you will know how loud I squealed. Only dogs could hear me now. 
They were sooooo gorgeous. Everything I expected and more!

I am a bit of a fiend for tweed. Anything tweedy is totally my jam so I already loved them instantly. I loved the touch of suede on the bottom of the shoe and on the button detailing. 

But did they fit? This was my first Joe Browns set of shoes so I wasn't sure of the sizing but they were really true to size and fit beautifully. I felt like an autumnal tweedilicious Cinderella.
I love autumn fashion so these are now a staple item of my wardrobe and I already know I will get so much wear out of them. They will go with everything I own.

What I wasn't expecting was the pattern on the inside! I have a thing for cute patterns on the insides of things. There's this yellow raincoat that everyone and their goldfish own and it's just blue and white stripes inside and I purely want it for the lining inside. I just really like the contrasting colours.

I love love love that they are super autumnal but have this secret dash of brightness and summer that only you know about. 

I love the heel too. I don't actually own any shoes with a stiletto heel like that. I'm more of a chunky heel girl or I live in flats so this makes a really nice change for me. I almost felt like it made me feel more feminine, sassy and sultry. Something quite sexy about them. Very grown up and ladylike. I couldn't WAIT to wear them!

So at my first opportunity that's exactly what I did! 
My parents came to visit over Christmas time and we decided to go out for a nice meal. We went to the most beautiful restaurant called Pierre. It was amazing. I believe it's a chain restaurant so if there's one nearby I highly recommend it!

I styled the boots with some skinny fit black trousers, a wine red cowl neck bodysuit and my tweedy / tartan autumn duster coat. 
I think the colours really completed each other. I felt really dressed up and classy in my outfit. 
I'm really angry with myself because I took so many photos of the night on Snapchat and thought 'these will be great for my blog post!' Forgot to bloody save them didn't I! 
So I kind of recreated the look the next day with denim jeans instead.

Because I'd been ill my legs weren't in the best condition. For some reason, whatever illness I have, it seems to have taken it's toll on my leg muscles so wearing heels probably wasn't the best idea. 
I was expecting to take my boots off at the end of the night and feel like I had extreme osteoporosis and wake up with 1,276 blisters. 

I wore the boots for 6 hours. In this time, there was a lot of walking and I think with any new shoe, that's a risky move, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

I had almost forgot that I was wearing new shoes until it came to walking home and I was like 'woah, guys, can we take a minute? I've been wearing these shoes for 6 hours now and my feet don't hurt, not even a little bit???'

I was sooo impressed! I took them off when I got in, and the only tiny bit of pain I had was a dull ache on the sole of my feet where they had been arched. That's it! And it went really quickly. I cannot believe the quality of comfort. For brand new, heeled shoes. I was shook!!

This has really made me want to buy every pair of shoes off the Joe Browns website.

Here are a selection of my favourite shoes off the website and they have a sale on so if you want to try any for yourself be quick!

Scarlet Velvet Ankle Boots

Fabulous Corsage Shoe Boots

Also, here are a selection of some of the items that I'm dying for from the clothing section.

Foxy Foxy Tights

Cheeky Cord Pinafore

And can we please talk about the coat selection on Joe Browns?!
Emma and Caroline have GREAT taste <3

Emma's Favourite Coat

Caroline's Favourite Jacket

Wonderful Winter Jacket

Overall, I would say these boots are the perfect Autumn wardrobe addition, they are super comfortable, amazing quality, easy to style. My only criticism is that they are so hard to get a good photo of because of the dark colours. But that's just my inner blogging frustration :')

FUN FACT: I just re-read this post. Convinced myself to buy the Remarkably Vintage Shoes. And they have been ordered and are on their way.
Either I'm really good at my job or I'm just weak af. 
Send help. 

I cannot thank Joe Browns enough for being so kind to send me these boots. It has been a pleasure trying them out and I will be recommending your footwear to everyone I know! 

Happy New Year everybody, I hope 2018 is a good one. I for one will be glad to wave 2017 goodbye!

All the best, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these shoes free of charge in exchange for promotion.
This is not a paid collaboration. All photos and words are my own. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. I use Skimlinks. 


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