Saturday 9 December 2017

Looking Back At My 2017 New Years Resolutions

It's been a little while since I opened up my laptop and wrote on here for you guys but it's been a crazy month or so!

I've been putting in a ton of overtime to get my bank balance topped up in time for Christmas. This time of year is so darn expensive! 

I wanted to do a nice easy-going blog post and I thought it would be fun and interesting to look back at the New Years resolutions I made this year and if I stuck to them.

I'm not sure if you will all remember my blog post I wrote at the beginning of 2017 but I shall link it here if you do want to browse my 37 (!!!) 2017 New Years resolutions.

So lets go through them one by one and see if I stuck to them!

  1. Working on my body...I wanted to start exercising more just to become a bit healthier. I definitely stuck to this. I'm still doing my exercises when I get chance now and I do think I'm a lot healthier than I was this time last year. This time last year I had just come out of hospital due to being very unhealthy so I'm proud of myself for sticking to this one!
  2. Working on my diet. I wanted to start eating much healthier and trying to incorporate a vegan lifestyle. I would say I also stuck to this one. I do eat a hell of a lot more foods now. I'm much more open to experimenting and I do buy foods much better for me. I barely eat meat now, only once in a blue moon, so I'm not vegan but I have become pollo-vegetarian. 
  3. Keeping up a good skincare routine. I wanted to make sure I made the effort to really look after my skin. So far so good because I stuck to this one too! I was suffering with terrible acne at the start of the year and my skin is now much much better. I would put it down to medication but I always take my makeup off before going to bed and just generally look after it much more. 
  4. I wanted to start YouTube. This is one I didn't do. I attempted it but gave up pretty quickly. was because of my skin and confidence so perhaps this could be something to consider adding to my 2018 resolutions. I did however start vlogging over Snapchat much more (fbloggerstacie). I definitely feel more confident in front of a camera now and so many people tell me to do YouTube that it's something I WILL get round to doing!
  5. I wanted to continue working hard on my blog. I did do this! I had a little break at one point but I'm so glad I did because I came back with better content. I have worked with some amazing brands this year and I feel like a lot has changed with my blog over 2017. Another successful year for
  6. I wanted to improve engagement on my other social medias besides Instagram. Did I do that? Yes and no. I actually ended up deleting some social medias that weren't taking off but I did work harder on some. I'm much more active on Twitter and Facebook now so I'm happy with those and I'm not sure if some of you will have noticed but I've actually reduced my amount of Instagram followers. Yes, this is something I decided to do myself. I've recently being going through my Instagram followers and removing any inactive accounts or people I feel aren't following me because they enjoy my content and so although I've lost followers I am much happier with my organic following and engagement.
  7. I wanted to drink more water. This I do! I always drink water during my shifts at work and I do really need to stick to this at home too because I've had 3 days off and I'm so dehydrated :') but in comparison to last year I've improved a lot!
  8. I wanted to attend more blogger events! I didn't attend as many as I would have liked but I certainly attended a few, all of which I loved and I'm so so glad I went. This was one achievement I was incredibly proud of this year as I hadn't attended any blogger events at all before. It took a lot of balls for me with my anxiety but I did it and I'm eager to continue this journey in 2018
  9. I wanted to save money. This I have done. Considering I don't work a huge amount of hours I feel I've done quite well. I'm saving for the future and I'm getting there. 
  10. I wanted to work super hard at my other job at the pub. Yes I did that. I feel like my managers have really appreciated my hard work this year. I put in a ton of overtime, I didn't call in sick once and I've never let them down. I feel much closer to everyone at work and I love my job a lot. I learnt lots of new things and have even been given another job role helping out with the hotel side of things.
  11. I wanted to have less arguments with the other half. We had one big argument at the start of the year and that was it so job well done I guess! :)
  12. I wanted to start planning the wedding. Well that went out the window LOL! 
  13. I wanted to take more downtime for myself so I could do more crafty things such as knitting and drawing etc...I didn't do this. Every spare second is spent blogging or sleeping. This is a shame and something I need to sort out.
  14. I wanted to stop going on my phone so much. This was also a failure. If anything I'm on it more but not for social reasons, just because I do all my blogging through my phone and I've worked so hard on it this year that I guess I've been glued to it. 
  15. I wanted to spend less time on social media that isn't work related. Yes I did this. I barely scroll through Facebook now out of boredom which I'm happy about. I do not miss everyone's drama!
  16. I wanted to quit drinking. This wasn't due to me drinking too much. I've never been a drinker but I just found on the rare occasion I did drink, I didn't enjoy it so I just figured let's give it up all together. Another one that went down the drain. I only got drunk 3 times this year but it was more than last year and all were due to the bad influence of my neighbour Mr Matthew Ryan Coles. Take a bow sir. 
  17. I wanted to get measured for my bra size. I still haven't bloody done it and I will do it next year :') !
  18. I wanted to get my other ear pierced that had healed over. I'm still a wimp and won't have this done. I even bought clip on earrings in preparation for the wedding. 
  19. I wanted to make my own beauty products so everything was natural. I didn't get round to doing this but I started using more natural products without parabens and actually found my skin was much less irritated. I still hope to make my own in 2018, even if just for fun. 
  20. I wanted to add a page to my blog called 'Shop My Instagram' to make it easier for you guys to buy my outfits. I'm currently in the middle of this transition as we speak. I'm just waiting on my bestie to help me out with it. 
  21. I wanted to take time to read other blogs. I didn't do this as much as I would have liked. I really must do it more to show other bloggers support.
  22. I wanted to learn to cook. Check! That was a big one and I stuck to it well. I'm certainly proud of my cooking now and actually get a lot of compliments on any meals I do make. Very big achievement!
  23. I wanted to get on top of the housework. This is probably the one I failed at most. Working so many hours has taken it's toll and the housework went downhill but when it gets too bad I can't concentrate on work and sort it out so I can think straight. 
  24. I wanted to travel more. Yes and no. I went to London 3 times this year which was HUGE for me. Something I didn't want to do but I'm glad I did. I didn't go anywhere else other than Bristol so I didn't overcome my transport phobia but I went more places than I did in 2017.
  25. I wanted to make more effort with my appearance. I think I did this. I feel like I look nicer than I did a year ago. My hair is nicer, my skin is better etc.
  26. I wanted to improve my make-up skills. I wouldn't say I did this, I experimented more with new makeup but I'm still not very good at it.
  27. I wanted to become naturally beautiful. I don't think I'll ever be naturally beautiful but my skin is so much nicer and so I think it certainly improved. I don't feel hideous anymore.
  28. Sorting out my acne. Check! I am taking lymecycline and my skin is the best it's been in 5 or 6 years. Other than a small amount of fading acne scarring, my skin is clear!
  29. I wanted to get all my medical related issues sorted. I was back and forth at the hospital all year. It was incredibly stressful and the worst part of my 2017, but I got answers. It's all being sorted. I'm on the correct medication and it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. I had some horrible fertility related life-changing news but it's shaped my mental outlook in a good way and I'm glad I have answers now and can move forward.
  30. I wanted to try out new hairstyles. I don't actually think I did this at all, whoops!
  31. I wanted to transfer my blog to it's own domain. CHECK! You can now access my blog through or and I even got a new template making my blog look much sleeker and professional. My website came a long way this year.
  32. I wanted to make business cards. CHECK! Did it, I was very happy with them and people always compliment the design.
  33. I wanted to get into baking. I did that! I invested in baking supplies, I made some darn good memorable puddings this year and really enjoyed learning a new skill.
  34. I wanted to read more books. Yep I did that. I bought a lot for my collection and discovered some great ones along the way.
  35. I wanted to do blogmas or vlogmas. No way in hell. You've got no chance and I don't know why I thought I could do it.
  36. I wanted to improve my sleep routine. If anything it's worse. I fell asleep at 6am this morning thanks to a swig of Night Nurse and I didn't wake up till 6.30pm. My sleep routine is the bane of my existence and nothing is working. Help me.
  37. I wanted to look into Invisalign for my teeth. I'm not in the financial situation to do this so that's something I will need to do later on in life but my dental routine in particular is very strict and I'm happy with that.

And that's all of it. Considering not many people stick to their New Years resolution and they usually make one or two, I think I've done pretty bloody well! I even changed things about myself that I hadn't planned. I gained a stone and a half! I kicked my anxiety's ass! I'm much more independent and I made new friends who mean the world to me.

This year was pretty awful but also pretty amazing. I'm proud of how much I have achieved and anything I didn't do is still on the agenda for 2018. Anything that knocked me down didn't keep me down. I got back up and it made me stronger. I did well. I suppose you can't do everything at once.
Gonna give myself a pat on the back for this one.

I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas. I have some blog posts coming up over the next few weeks, something fashion related and something  a little festive!
Keep your eyes peeled! 

Oh and I'm currently doing a huge giveaway over on my Instagram to win £100 worth of OGX goodies. Enter below!! It ends Monday!

Much love



  1. I love making New Years resolutions, even if I never do stick to them. They make me feel so motivated! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I hope you managed to stick to them! I'm surprised that I have so far. I did have a lovely Christmas and I hope you did too! xxx


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