Thursday 17 March 2016

My Shoe Collection...

Hello Guys!

This week I thought I would share my shoe collection with you!

I haven't featured all of them as we would be here all day, so just picked out a few. *shifty eyes*

Most of them are really old shoes so I'm not sure why I'm putting the prices but shops tend to release the same style of shoe each year so you can always look for them again this year and have a slight knowledge of how much they cost and where to look for them. You are welcome my friend.

These are my girly shoes. They are extremely comfortable and I had been searching for nude sandals for a very long time so I was very happy to have found these bad boys. I love the added touch of the glittery heel.

£9 New Look (sale)

When I first got these shoes they were sooo uncomfortable. They were really hard around the heel so they caused rubbing. However, once I wore them in they were a lot better! As you can imagine, with them being white, they didn't last very long before becoming scuffed and dirty looking. This is a shame as they are pretty.

£28 River Island

I love these shoes so much but they are quite difficult to wear. The bit around the ankle is so low that they slip off my feet even though they are my usual size 3. I don't think the fit of them is very practical but they are just great to look at. Sometimes when I have a spare five minutes I sit in the corner and cradle them.

£10 River Island (sale)

I really really appreciate when companies send me free stuff. I love discovering new brands and most of them I love but there are a select few that I don't like to feature on my blog because I'm not a fan. So why would I try and get my readers to buy them if I wouldn't buy them myself? The reason people send me products is also for my opinions so sometimes I'm sure they appreciate some constructive criticism so they can improve their product.

So if anybody would like to take these off my hands, they are all yours. I like the look of them to go under a pair of palazzos and when I first saw them I thought they were quite cute and had a little photoshoot for them but after wearing them I would never wear them again. They don't stay on your feet and have a continuous squeaking sound as you walk. Realistically nobody could wear these but I don't like to waste so if anybody wanted these for a photography shoot you can have them. Or I shall take them to a charity shop. I'm sure I'll be having floods of requests though.

My Toms. Oh my Toms. <3

When people think of Toms they think of the white summer shoes but these are my winter Toms and I love them. People always ask what I'm wearing on my feet but at the end of the feet are toasty whilst yours are about to fall off so who is the real winner here?
So comfortable! I like weird shoes that look like slippers, what can I say?

£130 but I got mine for £10 on Ebay brand new in the proper box with the cute little flag. Winning.

Oh well aren't these just the cutest little wellies in the world? 

£10 Primark

I really wanted a pair of Doc Martens but I couldn't justify spending lots of money on a branded shoe that I knew I wouldn't wear very often. Shoes are a bit like food to me, I have to be in the mood for them so I got these ones from Primark. Not gonna lie, they are uncomfortable but I've heard from many people so are Doc Martens at first. Just need to wear them in more.

£18 Primark

You'll probably notice my love for black ankle boots by the end of this post...

£15 Primark

(You'll probably also notice my love for Primark)

Surprisingly versatile and comfortable. I also have these in black.

£5  trusty old Primark (sale)

I made SUCH a fuss about finding glittery heeled jelly shoes. I think I've wore them once. My ex boyfriend fully supported me in the decision to buy these shoes. It wasn't until we broke up that he admitted he truly despised them. He broke my heart.

He also admitted that he smashed the bottle of my favourite perfume then hid it and convinced me the entire relationship that I had lost it in Majorca.  But don't worry Matthew Nutt you will be sorry when you realise I threw away one of your shirts that I friggin hated. Two can play at that game buddy. Hehe...*sending hugs*

£6 Primark

My old lady shoes. Hurt like hell but I really feel that they give that authentic limp that old people have.

£10 Primark (obvs)

Probably in my top 3. LOVE these shoes. Dress up any outfit and go with everything. My feet are tiny?! lmfao

£18 Primarni

My holiday shoes. Absolutely battered but only because I love them. They are abused with lust.
Love the style, the pattern, the colours. Wouldn't leave for a holiday without them.

£10 Primark

My aunties neighbour gave me these shoes brand new and they are super comfy but I'm gutted because the chain keeps falling off. Otherwise I'd wear them all the time!

I spent so long looking for these shoes that I gave in and bought kids ones.

New Look £13

These are probably my prettiest shoes. They look dirty in this picture but they're not. I've never worn them. They are just suede that's all.
I can't walk in them but I don't give in easily. I will practice day and night if I have to. Watch this space.

£20 Primark

My cheapy running shoes. I didn't see any point in buying an expensive brand like Asics or anything because I hate running. I hate exercise altogether. You may have noticed I didn't post the results of my 30 day fitness challenge. This is because I'm a failure. I'm sorry I let you down. I got to day 25 and I just couldn't take it any more.

I am not a gym bunny. 

£10 Primark

These are my favourite shoes. As you can see, I have wore them to hell and back. They have holes all on the bottom so my feet get soaked if its raining but I refuse to replace them until I find the exact same pair. 

£6 Primark

My smart shoes. Although these are probably more practical for (hang on a second I'm having a hot flush...I genuinely text Elliots mum earlier saying I thought I was going through the change early and that I was concerned for my health ) 

Ok. I'm alright now... Although these are more practical for a job interview, these are my going out shoes. For a girly girl I am terrible at getting going out clothes. I used to be a ws1 nightclub regular...third floor...wile out. I just can't do it any more. I'd rather stay in and cry at Cinderella. (This actually happened Tuesday night by the way) 


£18 Primark

Funny story. These are from the kids section in River Island. What's funnier is when you're on the escalator in the shopping centre and a 2 year old girl shouts "Mummy, that girl is wearing my shoes!"

(They do them in the mini-kids section)

Oh the shame.

River island £22

Bought these in a shoe emergency. I won't go into details. Hated them, despised them.
Now I live in them. 

£10 Tesco

I saw these in New Look when I was a bit younger. I begged my mum to get them for me. Like almost at the verge of tears. She said "You better bloody wear them Stace, I'm telling ya!"

 I did not dare tell her that they were the most uncomfortable shoes I had ever wore in my life.

Luckily I've managed to break them in and still adore them as much as when I first laid eyes on them.

This brings me to the end of my blog post. There is a meaning behind this story. Something I want you all to take away with you. Something I hope you can all relate to. I just need you all to know that if ever any of you need to talk, have a shoulder to cry on, or even just want to have a rant then I'm gonna be the black shoe section.

Until next time gyaldem...



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