Saturday 5 March 2016

My Five Favourite Instagram Accounts...

Hello everybody,

I wanted to share with you my top 5 favourite Instagram accounts. 

I've managed to get my Instagram news-feed to a constant reel of inspiration.

I'm following many impressive accounts but the ones featured in this post are the ones that are always top of my search bar. They all have their own unique style and themes for their blogs. 

Lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel. My news-feed has it all.

I enjoy reading their latest posts and catching up on their photos and I feel as though my feed is worth scrolling through now. I'm always finding new products and trends through these people and so I wanted to share a little bit about each account, along with some piccys and the links so you too can follow them and make yourself your own inspiring Instagram.

They are in no particular order as I couldn't decide due to liking them all the same.

First up.

Kirsty Doll

Kirsty Mooney is a 22 year old Fashion Blogger. She is from Ireland and if I could describe her in three words I would say she is a modern-day Barbie.
With hair always looking fabulous and nails always on fleek, this girl could wear a bin bag and look flawless.
Her account is very minimalist, a lot of black, white and grey which was a recent upgrade from her former pink and white design.

The main feature I really like about Kirsty is her hair. She is one for changing her hair fairly often and it doesn't matter what colour she decides to go, it always suits her.
She is currently sporting a silver fox style and it's just perfection.

Her fashion sense is more 'designer' than anything. Highly sophisticated and not a hair out of place she always looks fresh from a photo shoot. She is beyond any doubt confident and dresses to impress. I can't imagine this girl does slobby. 

You know what I mean, no make-up, hair dripping with grease, xmas pyjamas on from two years ago lounging round the house every day while choking on your morning coco pops. I have her down as more of a chilling on the crisp white sheets in her Calvin Klein lingerie type fashionista.  She has a very sultry vibe too, always posting beautiful underwear. She has the figure for it though.

If you've got it flaunt it and all that...(Not in a trashy way though please guys) ;)

Freddy Cousin Brown

Freddy Cousin Brown is a natural beauty. She is very 'girl next door' and such a friendly polite person too! I had the pleasure of talking to her not that long back and she was very lovely indeed. 

If I had to sum up her overall social media theme I'd say 'pretty in pink'. She's very feminine and has this sun kissed, fresh faced vibe about her. 

She is also a very successful Youtuber where you can find her music videos (she can sing) and beauty hauls and tutorials. I really enjoy catching up on her latest videos.

I would say she is more of a beauty blogger than anything else on Instagram but she does post a wide variety of stuff including fashion and lifestyle. She posts about the latest beauty products and I'm very envious when I imagine what the contents of her handbag might be. She posts products with the PRETTIEST packaging. That's one of the main things that sells a product for me, I just love good packaging!

She has a very structured theme, her Instagram account looks so pristine and tidy. Big fan of her photography and editing skills. Big thumbs up for Freddy.

Sophie Hannah Richardson

Sophie Hannah Richardson is someone I follow who is certainly different... I swear this girl is made of glitter, rainbows and fairy dust! 

She is one of a kind and must have a whole lotta confidence to walk the streets in the outfits she does. Style to make you stare is one way of putting it and I mean that in a good way.

She is a beauty and fashion blogger and also a youtuber. She does a lot of tutorials on her hairstyles and make-up. She is pretty well known for her unique hair and her likeness to a mermaid. she loves the colour blue and sprinkles her hair with glitter. 

At all times she looks stunning and I'm so jealous of her make up skills. I take delight in checking out her feed because she puts her own spin on the latest fashion trends which I really love about her.

Retro Flame

Erika Fox is a blogger from Ireland living in New York City and she covers a wide collection of posts. I would class her as a lifestyle blogger. A redhead with exquisite style! I love her outfit choices and I'm always keen to find out what she's been up to.

I feel as though her account is a bit of a's all about following her through her life journey.
From tasty looking appetisers, to picturesque places and amazing accessories, she covers it all.

The main part of her blog that I like is seeing all the astounding architecture that she comes across on her travels, she is unquestionably living life to the full!

I like that she is so well dressed, she always looks smart but can wear relaxed well too! I love her hair also! Big fan.

The Pink Diary

The Pink Diary is an account run by a lady called Sharon. This isn't her personal account so you don't see her selfies or anything like that, it's her photography account and it is girly girl heaven. If you love pink, anything French vintagey or just love looking at things you want to aspire to yourself then it's worth giving her a follow.

All photos are her own too which is really impressive! Fantastic photography.

One thing that makes this Instagram a personal favourite of mine is the sheer amount of pictures that she posts of roses. Flowers are so so beautiful and I'm a little obsessed but my favourites are roses so this account is perfection to me. 

This is the place I go when I'm feeling ambitious. To live the life that this lady must lead is just something else...

Highly recommend following if you like the finer things in life.

Thanks for reading everybody! I hope you've gained some Instagram inspiration and found some great people to follow to make your feed a lot more exciting.

until next time, 

Disclaimer: All pictures are from the featured accounts. None of the pictures are my own. 

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