Tuesday 29 March 2016

March Favourites...

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some things I've been loving this month!

From films to beauty bargains to cleaning products! There's a little bit of everything.
I like reading other peoples favourites posts as you discover lots of new things you didn't even know about. 
You never know you might find something on here you had been tempted to buy yourself but weren't sure on. Hopefully this might be of some help. 

So lets begin!

Bad Girls

Who remembers Bad Girls? I always used to watch this with my mum when I was younger and it was the BEST TV show ever! Omggggg.
EVERYONE hated Fenner and the storylines were so dramatic but brilliant. 
Well Elliot and I are watching it all over again. We are currently on season 6 and I can see why I loved it so much as a kid. Although I understand it a lot more now and wonder why my mum let me watch it haha! Lots of murder, sexual abuse and drugs. 
But it makes good TV. If you haven't watched it, you haven't lived so get it!

Love, Rosie

So this month I've been very emotional (not preggers, I checked...8 times) and so I've been cruising the Romance section on Netflix, watching all the films. This is very odd. I'm not usually a huge rom-com fan as I think they are all the same. 

Average American girl falls for the high school hunk, he isn't interested as she isn't popular. Her friends then give her a make-over making her look fabulous. She then pulls the hot guy but finds out he cheats. The geek who has been her shoulder to cry on throughout the entire movie then comes to the rescue. She soon realises he is one and they live happily ever after. Of course the popular guy gets his comeuppance by being publicly humiliated by having his clothes stolen and having to run home naked or something...We've seen it all before.

Well this one is a British movie, which is not set in a school. It's a lot more realistic and I think people are more likely to relate to this as I'm sure a lot of people have been in similar situations. I don't want to give too much away in case any of you want to watch it. It's really funny as well and not too girly. Elliot enjoyed it. But then again...its Elliot. His favourite film is Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. (jokes, jokes).

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this film. Highly recommend it!

Seeing my Friends and Family

Elliot and I have had a lot of visitors over the past few months and it's been so lovely! 
Since moving away from our nearest and dearest it's been hard to see everybody so it's always fun having people over and showing them Devon. 

Although I don't miss The Midlands, I miss the people in it! 

Big thank you to everyone who came to see us recently, we've had a great time with you all and miss you already.


 WHY is it every time I go to Primark I cannot find anything, but when I'm trying not to spend money to save for a new car EVERYTHING is amazing? I have seen so much stuff that I want! Loving the PJs and shirts at the moment. I like living somewhere with a huge Primark, They always have the best stock compared to smaller stores. I'm due a shopping spree soon and this is where I shall be going.

Baylis and Harding

This liquid hand wash is the best thing since fairy lights. Baylis and Harding Rhubarb and Vanilla will change your life. I first discovered this at my aunties and immediately had to get some. I even got some more gifted to me at Christmas because I need a constant supply.

Whenever someone visits I always say 'Wash your hands'. Not because I think they smell or anything...I just want them to experience it. Anyone would think I'm doing promotional work for them.


Lenor Spring Awakening. The scent of my childhood. This is what my mum has always used to soften the clothes and I love it. It's nostalgic to me and I always said 'When I move out I need to know exactly how you do your washing' so as expected when I moved out I found out what she used and now it's the smell that overwhelms my house. 
It's so fresh and fluffy smelling. So if anyone wants a good smelling fabric conditioner then I suggest this one as a personal favourite.

Malin & Goetz

I'm a big fan of this Malin & Goetz lip balm. During the cold parts of the year my lips tend to chap a bit and become sore which can be very frustrating, especially when using matte lipsticks!
In the past I've used Vaseline and Lipsol and all the typical lip balm brands. I got this one as a sample in a magazine and I'm seriously impressed. You only need a teeny tiny bit and your lips are smooth all day. I apply this every morning and night and it keeps dry lips at bay. Definitely the best one I've tried so far! 

Fur throw

99.9% of the time you can find me on the sofa wrapped up in this. I found this for £30 in Primark and asked for it for Christmas. best decision ever. It's sooooo soft and comfy. It was meant to be used as a throw for the bed but it's pretty much my blogging blanket. I curl up on the sofa with my laptop and my blanket and I'm quite content.

They also sell a very similar one for £25 in Asda.

List Book

This was a gift from Elliots mum. It is from Paperchase and probably the most helpful item I own. It has quickly become an everyday essential for me when planning and publishing my blog posts. I have planned my posts up until April 2020! I'm very prepared thanks to this little gem.
I keep lists of posts I'd like to write, a rota of when I shall post them, products I'm expecting in the posts and companies I am collaborating with. I don't know what I'd do without it now!

642 things to write about Me

Another Christmas gift, this one from my mum. I would say I am more of a writer than I am a reader. I am not a talented writer at all but I just enjoy it more. My bookshelf is full of books that you fill in and get creative with. I'm quite the fan of Keri Smiths books.

I recently discovered a range of books called 642 things...They do a drawing book where it becomes a personal sketchbook once finished, a writing book which becomes a book of short stories but I got this one which turns out to be your own little auto-biography. 
I love books like this as they can become keepsakes and it's something you can hand down to your children so they can know everything about you. It also really makes you think about your actions from years ago. There are questions for you to fill in such as "think about an argument where you really stood your ground, now write about it from the other persons point of view". It really makes you realise you were actually the bitch all along.

Very interesting book. Whether it's to do for a past-time or the sentiment, it's a lot of fun.


Aussie hair products are life. I have really shit hair. It's limp, lifeless, oily, and damaged from heat and colouring. I've tried everything! Herbal Essences, Pantene, Tresemme, Alberto Balsam, Toni & Guy, Trevor Sorbie. Everything. I have never noticed a difference in any of them.

It doesn't matter which Aussie product I choose they always do what they say on the bottle. The volumising collection is a personal favourite. My hair feels a lot thicker and bouncy when I use this but at the moment I'm using the Miracle Repair collection which is fantastic. They all smell divine too!

They are usually on offer in Boots. 3 for £10. So I take it in turns to try all the collections. I get the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner spray. I really really really love Aussie. 

I had such a long list of items I wanted to feature in this post but I didn't want to write something that would take years to read so this brings me to the end.

Thanks for reading guys!

Much love, 


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