Thursday 31 March 2016

Be Jealous...


I have had some very lovely items through my door this week but one parcel that I was very excited about was from a company called Be Jealous.

They were very lovely and sent me two of their dresses which I'm very grateful for and so I wanted to write a blog post so I can show you guys what they sent me and what I honestly think!

First a little bit more about the company...

Be Jealous are an online fashion brand that sell fashion forward pieces perfect for the every day style-focused woman. They are based in Manchester and they have been around since 2002.  They have a lot of celebrity inspired pieces which a lot of you would like!  The one thing that really stood out about the company were their prices!  There are amazing beautiful coats for £10 on there! Everything is affordable which is what I like in a brand. I'm more of a high-street girl rather than a designer diva. It's almost like a very stylish online primark ...I was very impressed.

So what did they send me?

Well I'll tell ya!

First up was this adorable pinafore!

There is something about pinafores that I just love! So as you can imagine I was very excited to see this in my parcel! I really loved the colour and the feel of it too. I wanted this to look good as I had already started immediately planning OOTD ideas. They were just flashing before my eyes. There are so many ways I can wear this.

But alas! It was too big!

But never fear, Fashion Fixer Stacie is here!

It was my usual size and it fit absolutely fine around my waist, it was just the length of the straps that was the issue. If I could suggest anything to Be Jealous I would just say that maybe they should be adjustable? Just adding some more buttons down the front would work because then you could adjust it to suit your own frame and have multiple choices.

Personally I am going to adjust mine by stitching it at the back because I love this dress and I don't want it to go to waste, it's not a big deal, it's only the length of the straps. The length of the dress itself is perfect.

Just for these photos I used a hair grip to adjust it so I can quickly show what it should look like on myself. I know it looks messy but it does the trick for now.

Now that they are the right length, here are some pics of me wearing it!

I decided to go for a black silk shirt underneath but this could go with any style of top really... I love the fact it has pockets too! Super cute.

I would more than likely wear this with some navy tights. In fact I might wear this tomorrow :)

So yes. Overall I really love this dress. I love the colour, I think it goes quite well with my hair and you can make so many different outfits with it.

It would look fab with some Dr Martens, You could make it super wintery with a stripy autumn coloured woolly jumper too!

This dress is only £11.99 and comes in a variety of colours.
You can get it in this wine colour, black, cream or navy and it comes in UK sizes 8-14.

There is a link at the end of this post which will take you directly to it.

Next up was this colour block dress...

When I first got this out the packaging I thought it was going to be a very casual dress and it can be! However, on myself I feel that it looks a bit more formal. I guess it's what you make of it and it and how you wear it.

I love the khaki colour, surprisingly I don't actually own a lot of khaki clothes. I also really like the leather around the collar and sleeves. 

When I first tried it on, it was a lot longer than I expected. This is probably why I think it could be worn more formally. However I quite liked that as I felt it would go well with my black duster jacket for an evening out which is exactly what I did. Me and my friends went for a meal the very same night and so I put my hair up, slapped some make-up on and wore it with some little heels.

But here are some clearer pictures of the style and fit.

As you can see its just under 3/4 sleeves and knee length.

Please excuse my bedraggled knotty hair. The dress is completely black on the back. I personally really like that because if somebody sees you from behind it has that wow-factor when you turn around.

I like how minimalist the dress is. I don't feel it needs to be dressed up much due to the colour-blocking. I opted for this simple long gold necklace.

This dress is £13.99 and available in various colours.

Camel, khaki or wine. All of them are very lovely. 
It is available in sizes UK 8-14.

I'm very happy with both of my dresses other than maybe the sizing but that can be dealt with so no biggie. 

If any of you would like to take a look at the Be Jealous website (which I really really recommend you do as you can get some amazing bargains, I can't believe the value for money)

They also ship worldwide!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, as I really enjoyed writing it. Again a big thank you to Be Jealous for sending me these beautiful dresses!

I shall be back soon!

Much love, 

Disclaimer:   This product was sent to me specifically for reviewing purposes however all opinions are 100% my honest opinion on the product.


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