Tuesday 1 November 2022

Tips for achieving your fitness goals

 If getting fit and staying fit was easy, everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately, the reality is that getting fit can be difficult. It can become a way of life, and you may need to make some sacrifices to achieve your body goals. The good thing is that once you have gone through the trouble of getting fit, it is easier to maintain it as you will have already created a fitness routine. However, how do you get to the other side? Let's find out:

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Your Fitness Goals

First, you start with what you want to achieve. Is it to run a marathon, it is to lose weight, is it to build muscles, or fit into your wedding dress? Maybe you just want more energy. Whatever your google, write it down and make the goal a real thing rather than just a thought. Once it is real, it has become more of a statement of intent. Get your written goals and place them somewhere you will be able to see them. On the fridge is generally a good bet, or may on your bedroom ceiling above your bed. Perhaps you can use an image instead and have it on your phone's screen saver. Whatever you choose, seeing it all the time will help your goal stay in your mind's eye, and it will help your brain absorb it into its subconscious, where it will start affecting your behaviour toward your goal.

Your Routine

Create a fitness routine that you will be able to stick to. Do not go for evening runs if you hate the evenings due to being shattered from work. If you are a morning person, get up and go for a jog before work. Whatever your natural routine is, try and work with it. Think about when you are wasting time staring at your phone. Maybe this is a great time to go to the gym or go for a run. 


We live in a time when you can download a plethora of fitness apps to help you. An app to monitor your progress can help you stay motivated and help you achieve your goal. On these apps, you can create incremental goals to get to your main goal. This will help you as you can see that you are getting better even if you cannot physically see it yet. Don't worry, as long as you keep going, you will see it sooner than you think.

Your Exercises

When it comes to getting fit, you need to do something that you enjoy. Perhaps you need to go to the Fitness Cartel gym and benefit from a range of machines and equipment. Maybe you are someone who prefers to work out alone, and jogging or cycling is the thing for you. Perhaps you need something less impactful, like swimming. Maybe you need to get a friend involved and go to work out classes together. You can even use youtube and do some Yoga or Pilates. Find something that you want to do, and it will encourage you to keep going.



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