Sunday 15 September 2019

The 31 Day Self-Care Challenge

Who's in need of some self care? I think it's safe to say we all are! We all have our down days and we don't treat ourselves to self love when we need it most. 

We get through each day and we should really take the time to focus on our mental health but we don't put time aside to do the things we really enjoy and it's important that we do.

I've decided to create a 31 day challenge where we focus on one task each day that's going to make us feel good, some that take seconds, some which decide your entire day. I'd love for people to join me in this challenge! It doesn't matter what day you start, it's never too late to do it and you don't have to follow this exact order because it may not fit with your schedule, feel free to mix it up!

This is something you can come back to over and over again. I'm going to start mine October 1st because I want to dedicate an exact month to it and I'm going to document it all on Instagram. so come join me over on my account @sleekforyourself !

But feel free to start this challenge in November or December if it suits you better, or any other 31 day period! 

You can join in and share your progress using the hashtag #sfyselfcarechallenge

I hope this list helps encourage you to have a really great 31 days practicing self care which you can look back at and realise you've created lots of good memories.

1. Go for a walk

Whether it's a 5 minute walk to the shop, a roam around on your lunch break or dedicating your day to exploring somewhere new, get some fresh air!

2. Research a new topic

Ever wondered how something works but never took the time to do any research into it? Find out! Learn something new! Your new found knowledge might come in handy one day at a pub quiz!

3. Do exercise

Go for a jog, do some yoga, play a sport, do an at-home exercise DVD, lift some weights, go to the gym. It doesn't matter how long for. Just do something! The choices are endless and you'll feel great afterwards :)

4. Bake something

Baking is therapeutic and you get to enjoy the results afterwards!

5. Clean your room

Tidy house, tidy mind. Fresh bed sheets, fresh pyjamas. There's no better feeling!

6. Go to a market / museum

Doesn't matter what kind. Whichever you think is most 'you' or do the opposite and find a new interest.

7. Cook a good meal

If you don't know how to, google it and give it a go! If you do know how to cook, make something special. Or make something healthy to give yourself some nutrients!

8. Face mask night

Literal self care. Pamper yourself. Face masks can be really refreshing and taking good care of your skin is super therapeutic. Maybe do a hair mask too! Hell, make a whole deal of it and throw yourself a bubble bath! Bath oils the lot. 

9. Have an early night

Make an effort to get an early night in. You'll feel really good for it the next morning when you have plenty of energy! 

10.  Drink 8 glasses of water

Make it todays challenge. See how well you can do. It will make you realise how much water you need and how much you're slacking! 

11. Call a friend

You know there's someone you've been meaning to text but keep forgetting. Call them! Have a catch up. You'll feel better, trust me. Nothing makes me smile more than catch up phone calls with my bestie. 

12. Finish that project

Get it done!! You know there's something that you started, put down and never picked back up. Now's the time.

13.  Have a digital detox

Make a pact to stay off your phone and if possible turn off your wifi, turn off the TV and read a book, get some fresh air or do some gardening. Something that requires no electricity. Take yourself offline and enjoy some real time! 

14. Face a fear

There's nothing more empowering than doing something you didn't think you could do. Start small. Choose something you don't necessarily like, that you know if you really tried you could do. Just go for it! Then reward yourself afterwards.

15. Do something for someone else

It's a really good feeling when you can make someone else's day. Like the shop workers nails? Tell her! See someone wearing a coat you like? Ask them where they got it. Make something for a good friend who deserves a thank you. I know it makes my day when strangers compliment me or somebody goes out of there way to do something for me. In fact, those things stay in my head for a really long time and sometimes those are the things I think about when I need to perk myself up. Do that for someone else.

16. Grow a plant

If you don't have any seeds, cut some out of the fruit in your fridge. You'd be surprised which fruits can be regrown. Or pop to the shop! This is something that will keep you happy for months. It's surprisingly exciting watching your plants grow, knowing it's all thanks to you taking good care of them. I have a blog post on easy plants to grow yourself!

17. Read a book

If you're already reading one then carry on with it, if not, start a new one!

18. Throw a bedroom disco

Sometimes if I fancy a night out but can't actually be bothered to go out or I can't because theres nobody to go out with, I turn my flat into a night club. Music on, pour yourself a drink and have a good old dance by yourself! 

19. Have a lie in

Because sleep solves everything.

20. Spend time with your loved ones

Go and see your family, arrange a day out with a friend or even just video call someone you're missing.

21. Meditate

Simple Habit is a really great app for an introduction to meditation!

22. Treat yourself

If there's been something on your wish list for ages that you keep putting off but know you really want it, get it! Or take a trip into town and buy something pretty that catches your eye.

23. Listen to a podcast 

Find one online that you think you might like and find your new favourite thing to listen to on the work commute.

24. Light candles

Oh so soothing. 

25. Start a new series

Find a new series to watch and binge watch to your hearts content.

26. Have a nap

As I said, sleep solves everything.

27. Try out a new hobby

This could be anything! Learn to knit, read your first book, join a gym! Even if you only make the first step. Do you ever see somebody doing something and think I wish I could do that? Google how to! There are resources for EVERYTHING online!

28. Do some colouring / crosswords 

Something to keep your mind busy.

29. Do something sustainable

Start your journey to save the planet. Every little helps. This could be recycling some packaging you were going to throw away, buying a tote bag to use instead of plastic bags, or make your own beauty product with household items from the kitchen! If you want plenty of ideas on things you can do then read my posts on sustainability by clicking the links below.

30. Go on a date night 

Whether it's with your partner, a friend, your mum, or a new interest. Get dressed up and enjoy an evening out.

31. Plan your next month

Vow to make next month just as good as this one. Maybe choose some things you loved doing this month to repeat next month or make your own list! Self care should be something you do regularly and hopefully this challenge has been a great 'starter kit'.

I'd love to see people join me in this challenge. Whether it's alongside me in October or in your own time frame. Enjoy!


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