Sunday 18 August 2019

How To Be More Sustainable - Beauty

This is the second post in my sustainability series.
If you haven't caught up on part one, you can read that here, I focus on how to be sustainable with clothing!

But welcome to part two! Today we're going to talk about being more sustainable with your beauty regime. You would be surprised at how much waste we create during our quick 15 minute skincare morning and night routines.

There are so many really simple ways we can change that! Below are some new habits you can adopt to start doing your part for the planet.

Reduce the amount of products you use

Reducing the amount of products that you use is a good start. Although it's exciting to try out a hundred and one different items for your skin, technically you only need one cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc. One of each product is enough until you run out. A lot of the time if you are using multiple cleansers in one go, maybe a different one each day of the week, they will go out of date before you get to the end. You've technically wasted your money and the product. 

Don't pre-open products

On a similar note, if you open up several different products and break the seal to 'smell test' or try a sample,  you have now reduced your shelf life. For example, I was very kindly sent a huge bundle of shampoos by a brand. I decided to open them all to smell them, it's now years later and I still have some, which I'm now realising I need to throw away because they have gone out of date before I even got chance to use them. If I had never opened them in the first place they would still be useable. 

Homemade products

Why don't you try and dabble in the world of homemade beauty? I recently bought a little book called 'The Little Pocket Book Of Natural Beauty' available to buy on my amazon store here. It has lots of at home recipes to make your own cleansers, serums, face scrubs and much more!
I plan to use up all of my products and each time I run out of something I will make one of my own rather than restocking from a shop. You also know exactly what is going into your product and can use totally natural ingredients which are likely much better for your skin. I wrote a post on how to make your own face mask here!

Ditch the cotton pads and make up wipes

I didn't even realise myself that reusable cotton pads existed and they look amazing! I'm currently using up the last of my cotton wool pads that I used to rely on and I'm also trying to reuse them by cleaning down the sides with them afterwards if they aren't too dirty. Once I've used them all up I'm going to move back to flannels that I can hand wash every few days. That way I won't need to use wet wipes, cotton wool pads or any other 'bad for the environment' products.

Choose packaging wisely

If you want to purchase a beauty product from a shop, maybe just spare a thought and notice the packaging. If you can opt for something recyclable then do so! I like to choose glass over plastic. But even if you do get something plastic, just have a double check to see if it is indeed recyclable because sometimes they are! Brands are making more of an effort to find alternatives to plastic now.

Turn off the water

Try and be mindful of water waste.  Try not to let the water run whilst your doing others things. It's easily done and just being more mindful can make a small difference.

Recycle packaging

I don't just mean throw it into the recycling bin, but can you reuse it for something else? This is a great idea if you're making your own beauty products. If you want to make your own toner, you could use one of your previous spray bottles. Maybe even reuse them for a water spray to keep yourself cool throughout the day. 

Use candles for holders

Finished a candle? Use it for bits and bobs around the bathroom, little ones are great for your bobby pins and the bigger ones could store your makeup brushes.

Make your period sustainable

You can even be more sustainable with your period. In fact you can make a big difference with this. Think how many pads and tampons you get through in just one period. Why not try a menstrual cup or reusuable pads? You only ever need to buy one and you're done. You'll reduce so much waste! I'm actually thinking of testing out sustainable sanitary products and writing a review on them so let me know if that's something you would like to see! 

Those are some small but easy changes you can make to your beauty regime that will help create a more sustainable routine. 

Do you have any tips you would like to add? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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