Monday 12 August 2019

How To Hygge - Home Edition

I recently started a new series on my blog about sustainability and there is still more to come from that so be sure to subscribe if you want to keep up to date with it.

However, I also wanted to start a second series on all things 'hygge'.

I sent out an Instagram and Twitter poll and you guys mostly voted that it's definitely something you would like me to do. The other half of you were like ... WHAT ON EARTH IS HYGGE?!

Well lemme tell ya!

Hygge is a danish concept. It's something you can apply to your lifestyle to make everything 'cosier'. 
It's a danish way of living. I'm not danish, but I do like to live life danishly 😏.
Pronounced 'hoo-guh', there are lots of different ways to make your life more hyggelig (hygge-like).

My series will be focusing on 6 different ways you can do this.

  • Hygge at home
  • Hygge outdoors
  • Hygge clothing
  • Hygge food and drink
  • Mental health hygge
  • Christmas hygge

Now that you kind of understand what I'm talking about (maybe), lets get started on hygge at home!

Have a nook

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A nook is a little secluded corner where you can be away from the world. It's a little safety zone where you can feel completely at peace. My idea of the perfect nook would be a window sill which is big enough to turn into one of those padded window seats. It would have something to block it off from the rest of the room and I would put blankets everywhere, lots of cushions and fairy lights. Textures that you instantly feel cosy around. I would have a stack of my favourite books nearby that I could read on the windowsill. I'd probably head to my nook when it was raining so I could listen to the raindrops on the window. Sounds heavenly right? 

I bet having a nook under the stairs would be AWESOME.


Fireplaces themselves are very hyggelig. They provide warmth and cosiness so especially in those winter months, sitting by the fire is a very hygge thing to do.

Wooden decor

Wood is very 'homey' and having lots of it around can be comforting. I wrote a previous post on 'how to make your house a home' and I go into more detail as to why wood is so great around your home and how you can introduce more of it.


Bring some nature into your home. Plants are what make me really happy. Having plants around me just instantly sets my mood. There's a reason doctors sometimes prescribe ecotherapy.
It's like bringing the comfort and freshness from outdoors inside with you and I love that.

Candles and incense

Candles are probably one of the most hygge items you can have in your home. A lot of people associate the word hygge with candles. We all know that having a candle on in the evening instantly reduces stress after a long day. That's a very hygge feeling. I love candles but incense sticks make it feel even more cosy in my opinion. Some people hate the smell or think they are too strong but they make me feel really relaxed. I almost go into a state of bliss.

Copper decor

This isn't necessarily in the hygge handbook but I personally find that copper is a really great colour to have throughout your home. Copper against wood with the plants and fairy lights combined is super hygge.

Cosy lighting

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If you want to instantly hygge up a room, dim the lights.  Already it's cosier. Fairy lights and lamps are preferable to use than big overhead lights or spotlights. We have the lights where you can choose the colour, tone and brightness as you see fit and it's the best! It can all be controlled from your phone so you don't even need to get up. Perfection.


Fur is a very hygge texture. Obviously preferably it would be faux fur. But big fur blankets and rugs add an element of warmth. Layers are very hyggelig.

Blankets / cushions

Everywhere. The more the better.


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Reading is a very hygge activity and having a supply of books nearby is a good idea. If you want to make your home super hygge...put books on the sides of the stairs. OR turn them backwards so you only see the pages and not the spines. It's very minimalist but the different shades of the pages where they have worn is a very vintage cosy vibe.

Board games

Always have a stack of board games. There's no cosier night in than a board game night. We keep ours on the living room coffee table so if we have visitors we can suggest a board game and not rely on electronics.

Photo albums

Photo albums can be very comforting. If you're feeling down or even happy. They can be a conversation starter and bring people together. They can ignite some deep conversations and bring back loving memories. 

So those are just a few ways in which you can make your home more hyggelig. I didn't want to make my introductory post too long but if you're still unsure as to what hygge really is, Meik Wiking wrote a fantastic book on hygge which goes into so much detail! You can buy it on my Amazon store here

I'm really looking forward to delving into different subjects where you can apply this wonderful concept! 

If you liked this post, you might like a previous post where I reviewed a hygge subscription box! 

I hope you'll join me for the next one, and whilst you're here catch up on my sustainability series too

Thanks for reading, 


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