Sunday 4 August 2019

Coping With Your Period - The Survival Guide

There's nothing worse than aunt Flo coming to visit really is there? 
Absolute nightmare. My friend referred to it as "jam week" the other day and I'm still laughing. 

Being on my period is the bane of my existence. I frequently hear the reply 'AGAIN?!' if ever I mention I'm on my period. I don't have a regular cycle of 7 days, once a month. In fact, I don't think many people do but I know one of my friends is like clockwork! 

I have a period every 2 weeks so I spend the first week wanting to cry because my boobs hurt and then the other week constantly checking what's dripping down my leg and doing some downward facing dog whilst screaming into the pillow. 

I think I get it pretty bad with my periods. I do have endometriosis so it's more painful than your regular period pain but either way, all of us women experience horrendous cramps at some point in our life so here is the survival guide for when your period is winning the fight.

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Ibuprofen lysine

Stock up ladies! Ibuprofen lysine..also known as 'Feminax'...but wait. It's also Boots own migraine tablets! Which are half the price! I used to live off Feminax but when I realised it's the exact same tablet I use for my migraines I realised I was paying double what I needed too. It's great when you have a migraine AND a period. It's like a meal deal! 

Average ibuprofen and paracetamol don't touch my amount of pain so I have to get on the slightly stronger stuff. 

Always get straight onto the painkillers if you know you're gonna get it bad , try and ward it off before it really starts. Of course, if you can get by without painkillers then I would recommend that first but if you're really struggling, just take the damn pills. 

Chocolate, ice cream or any other guilty snacks

It's cliche but it's true. It may not make the pain better but a bit of self love and 'treating yo-self' will give you a temporary buzz and anything that takes your mind off it, even if for 2.5 seconds, is worth it in my opinion.

A rom-com

I get very very emotional and so I watch films that I know will make me cry. Seems counter intuitive but I like to try and get it all out in one quick burst. Plus my boyfriend will think I'm cute for being so over-emotional and therefore give me more cuddles. It's all a ploy really.

Hot water bottle or heat patches

Hot water bottles will help for sure. They might not cure it but the heat relaxes tense muscles making the cramps less frequent. Be careful not to over do it and burn yourself though! 

Hot bath with oils

A nice hot bath is a good alternative. I would advise waiting till the latter end of your period before you jump in a bath otherwise you're gonna get the little jellyfish that float around in the bath and nobody wants a literal bloodbath. If you can find a nice relaxing lavender oil that will help you relax then that's always a good one!

Have a nap

Because that's my answer to everything.

Menstrual cup

So much less faff than having to change pads and tampons every few hours. Just once in the morning and you're good for the day. It's also reusable and good for the environment and therefore you're doing your bit for the planet :) You only ever need to buy one and will never contribute to buying pads and tampons again. WOOHOO! 
My lovely girl boss friend Bec sells them here if you're looking for one! 
She also writes a very good blog herself which you can peruse here.

Big pants

Big pants are key for your period. Comfort comes first. Especially if you wear pads , ever tried wearing a pad with a thong? laughable.

A nightie

I tend to get the 'period sweats' where I wake up in an actual puddle of blood, sweat and tears. I get so damn hot and on top of feeling 'bleh' we don't want to be feeling sticky. I would recommend wearing a lightweight nightie to give your skin some space to breathe. And bonus, you're less likely to stain your crotch area. 

Your mum or a friend on speed dial

We all get emotional and sometimes you need a bit of counselling. That's what friends are for and it's likely your mum will have suffered the same periods that you have. I know my symptoms are exactly what my mum had when she was my age so if you need some advice or have any questions, she's the girl to go to! But failing that, friends are there for you to call up at any time. 


Yoga is proven to be good at helping menstrual tension. Whether it's before the period hits, during, or after. It's a natural painkiller and worth a try right?!

Distract yourself

Do something that will take your mind off the pain, if you're capable of walking you could go and get some fresh air, or you could give yourself a pamper to feel a bit more attractive, I like to spend time with my plants. My little balcony is my haven. My happy place. 


Because vitamin D cures everything.

Scream into a pillow

It works...temporarily.


Sometimes you just need something or someone to cuddle. Allow yourself to feel completely pathetic in someones arms and maybe have a little nap together. The body heat will make you feel safe and sound...unless you're having a hot sweat then abort plan!


It is a little known fact that sex can help with menstrual cramps. If you don't think it's too 'icky' then take each other on down to pound town.


For those of you that can't just grab someone to force cuddles out of...a teddy bear will do the trick. Let your inner child come out and feel as sorry for yourself as you like.

Failing all of these tips, I don't really know what to suggest other than get yourself up the duff. 



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