Friday 8 March 2019

Investing In Yourself

Investing in yourself might sound selfish at first, however, when you look at it properly, there is nothing more important than investing in yourself. Spending money on yourself, putting faith in yourself and putting yourself first will give you the greatest results and actually it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. There are a few things you would be wise to invest in, not only to help yourself but to save on money in the long run!

1. Invest in your passions. If you're working on making your passion into a career, sometimes it can be really beneficial to put money into a business. Any money I make from blogging goes straight back into improving my blog, which pays off!

2. Invest in a set of weights and a yoga mat to save on a costly gym membership. There are loads of workouts you can do at home that can be found on the internet, so whatever your goals are, you’ll be able to reach them in the comfort of your own home and adding in a run outside if you need to up your cardio and don’t have space in your house. I do yoga from YouTube every day and on weekends I do a lap around the local park.

3. Memberships and subscriptions are very trendy now so have a look at where you shop regularly as it could be worth getting a membership to save on delivery costs. An Amazon Prime membership saves loads of money on delivery and includes TV and music too.

4. It might sound boring but being prepared with a basic tool kit complete with essentials will enable you to fix things when they break. If you have a hammer, cordless power drill, wrench, screwdriver, and nails, etc., you’ll thank yourself when the time comes. While you will save on getting a handyman round to fix items around your home, you will also hold onto your things longer and not waste money replacing them at the slightest knock.

5. Investing in yourself can mean taking preventative measures on your health and appearance which can save you a fortune down the line. Going to the dentist can cost a lot of money over time so going somewhere like DFY Dental and spending a bit of money up front could save you many trips to the dentist in the future.

6. While investing in quality can at first seem expensive, it is usually worth it. Good quality sofas, mattresses, business suits, and footwear for example can last for many years, and if you look after your items well then they could last you a lifetime, and you can’t put a price on that.

7. Investing in efficiency is also really important, so looking at making your home more energy-efficient with energy saving appliances might seem like a huge cost upfront but will save you so much money on utility bills.

8. If you are going to pay for someone to do a job for you then make sure you get it done right, it is often worth paying more for high-quality services just the same as it is with goods.

9. And finally, the most significant way to spend and save at the same time is to buy what you love.

Treat yo'self!

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