Wednesday 6 March 2019

Habits Of A Confident Woman

Being confident isn’t always as easy as it seems. I personally don't think it's a case of some people being confident and others not being, although we might think so. For most of us, it actually comes and goes.

Even those of us that feel confident and strong most of the time have blips. Days when we wobble. Days when life as a woman feels harder than it should be, or when we’re left feeling as though the deck is stacked against us, just because of our gender.

Then there are some of us who feel like we have no confidence whatsoever, but we have our good days where we feel like we could take on the world.

Confidence can be hard to come by but oh so easy to lose, which is why, if we want to live as strong and confident women, we need to develop the right habits.

Below are some ways in which we can all try and improve our confidence, even if just a little bit <3 


Exercise has countless benefits. But, confidence is a big one. Exercise gives you something to focus on, and a chance to improve. This in itself can help you to feel better about yourself and give you a regular boost. But, it also helps your body to release adrenaline and serotonin, which can make you feel good about yourself and boost your energy levels. It’s also great for your mental health and helps you to manage your stress levels.
I took up yoga about a year ago and it has done wonders for my confidence and mental health!

Distance Yourself From Negativity

We’ve all had those friends that bring us down. The ones that are quick to pick up on our faults, and that never make us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes, just seeing these people pop up on social media is enough to bring you down. Confident people know that to maintain their confidence and self-esteem, they need to distance themselves from this kind of negativity. Whether that's unfollowing someone or removing them from your life. Sometimes it's worth the awkwardness because it relieves a lot of stress in your day to day life.

Ask Questions

So many of us are guilty of going with the flow. We do what is expected of us, in the ways that we are told that we should. We go along with what we are used to and the way that other people do things because it’s easy to keep our heads down and get on with things.

Confident women aren’t necessarily argumentative, I for one steer well clear of drama. But they don’t just go with the flow. They aren’t afraid to ask questions. They question why they are doing things, and they take the time to wonder if there is a better way.

Know Yourself

It’s hard to be confident in your abilities when you don’t know what they are. Strong, confident women know themselves well. They know what they are good at and what they enjoy. And while they aren’t scared to try new things, they can admit to their weaknesses.

I think this is an important one. I didn't know I was capable of arts and crafts until I gave it a go and that's when I discovered I'm a very creative person! It's always worth trying something new if you feel like you don't know what your 'thing' is. And it's ok not to have a 'thing'.

Say No

So many of us are trying to do it all. We’re trying to work, to raise families, to be the perfect partner and keep our houses spotless. We’re doing favours for others and taking too much on. Confident women say no sometimes so that they can focus on the important things. It's ok to put yourself first. This also helps add to your independence. I'm not dependent on men anymore after having a big realisation that I am fully capable of being my own person.
That takes a strong woman.

Get Help

Sometimes, being strong, confident and in control means admitting that you can’t do it all alone. Realising that it’s ok to ask for help and that it’s always there if we need it. Whether you need help with your kids, tablets to help with illness, counselling for mental health issues, just a second opinion or even a sex therapist to improve your confidence in the bedroom, or any other embarrassing issues you may have! We all need help sometimes, and confident women know that asking for it doesn’t make them weak.

We can all take small steps to building up our confidence, whether it's taking things one day at a time or having a full confidence make over!

You got this!

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  1. Every woman should follow this advice!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Stacie such an inspiring post especially for Women's Day! Sharing on Twitter asap 😍

    Ok I totally agree in the power of 'no' and the value in learning your limits. We have to put ourselves first sometimes and let people go who don't respect the word 'no'.

    Great post Stacie can't wait to read your new content♥️

    Natonya |

    1. Thank you so much Natonya! I totally agree about the power of no. It's so important people respect other peoples choices. Thank you so much for the share on Twitter <3 You're a babe! xx


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