Monday 11 March 2019

DIY Origami Money Gifting Envelopes

If you want to learn how to make these super cute money gifting wallets then keep reading! There is also a video at the end if you find that easier.

This is a super easy tutorial and should take less than 5 minutes. 

This is a great idea for gifting money for weddings, birthdays, Easter, Christmas and all other occasions. They could also be used to store your wedding invitations too. A create, fun, neat way of presenting them and you can even put them in the postbox! 

First start up with an a4 size piece of card, or paper, scrapbooking card/paper or wrapping paper. Completely your choice. Then put your money together.

Fold the piece of card, but not harshly so that there is only a very faint line for you to determine the middle. If you fold it firmly you will end up with a fold line right across it at the end.

Place your money or whatever else you're using in the middle of the card.

    Fold the top right corner over so it's lined up with the middle line of the card you folded earlier.   Any folds from now on need to pushed down firmly so it stays folded.         

 Now fold the bottom left corner upwards to the middle line too. 

 You should have two flat pieces untouched. Starting with the bottom right, fold it upwards towards the line where it should meet perfectly. Don't worry about the overlapping on the left, that's meant to happen. Don't forget to press firmly so it stays.

 Now do the same with the top left. Fold downwards and press firmly.

 Next up, grab the bottom right side and fold upwards so that the line meets the middle. The same as step one and two.

 Now repeat on the left and you should have something like this.

 If you lift the right side you should see a little triangle. Fold the corner into the triangle so it acts as a little lid. This will keep it in place.

 Repeat on the other side and you should now be able to take your hands away without it moving. This should be super sturdy and not falling apart.

 Flip over and it should be nice and smooth. You might have a very faint line from the first fold but it can be covered so don't worry.

Now all that's left to do is decorate it however you wish!

I chose to go for pastel colours for Easter but make it your own. Vintage is a lovely vibe for a wedding, or reds and golds for Christmas, you can make it as fancy as you like. If you are going to post it and put an address I would recommend putting some decorative tape across the back so nobody can get into it.

Here is a video tutorial if it's easier for you to follow or for reference.

I hope you like this idea, let me know if you recreate it! It's my first piece of origami and it was so easy and fun! It's also like learning to ride a bike. You only have to do it once then you can just do it naturally without thinking!

Happy crafting!


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