Saturday 23 September 2017

ON Trend 2017 At Westfield London

Something you guys wanted to see more of was blogger events.

I'll be honest, I don't attend a massive amount of blogger events for two reasons. 

One...I get the emails sooo last minute and it's so hard to book it off work at the last second and sort out travel and hotels etc.
Two... they are always in London which means I refuse to go. Having anxiety means that events in London are instantly a no-go for me. The idea of being in a crowded place like London terrifies me and also with all the terrorist attacks recently, it really plays on mind. I shouldn't let it but unfortunately anxiety isn't controllable.

HOWEVER, I manned up, grew some balls and decided FUCK YOU anxiety...imma go London!

I had been invited to an event preview where as a blogger I would be able to experience the event before the public which is really exciting!

I was invited for an exclusive VIP breakfast for the event ON Trend which is a new fashion and beauty event in association with ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire Magazine on behalf of Hearst and Westfield London

(Image by Richard Hanson Images)

I was able to witness the launch of the first pop-up RTW runway show and I was told I would have access to a complimentary blow-dry from Dyson Supersonic, grooming treatments, makeovers in beauty hubs, and even a glass of breakfast bubbles at the Bottega Gold Bar before they opened up to the shoppers who could then come and check it out for themselves!

(Image by Richard Hanson Images)

Let's be honest, it's not every day you get invited to an amazing event with such special treatment and it seemed a shame to waste the invitation all because I'm a scaredy cat!

So I packed my bags and forced myself to go to London. 
Luckily I have a few friends and some family in London so I wasn't completely alone and I can't thank my pals enough for accommodating me and helping me find my way about!

It was just typical that I was stressing about terrorist attacks and then the Parsons Green terrorist attack happened whilst I was there and not very far away either so anxiety was pretty awful but I feel like I coped so so well considering and I do not regret going at all and I'm also very glad nobody got hurt who actually witnessed it. In fact, I had the best time regardless of my surroundings and would love to do it all over again. In your face don't scare me! Or anyone actually with that massive failure :') I feel like it really turned a leaf with my anxiety. I feel like I can achieve anything now!!

So what happened at the event? Where do I begin!

The event was held at 10am at the Westfield London in Shepherds Bush. I had never been to the Westfield in London before but my mum had told me it was huge and a great shopping centre. I liked the way my cousin described it...this is where you go when you think 'hmm I might pop to Westfield and grab myself a pair of £2,000 Prada shoes'

I attended the event with my beautiful cousin and I'm so glad she came with me, it was lovely to see her and spend some girly time with her. 

As we went in we were asked our names to be checked off the guestlist. The first thing I noticed was all the cameras. So much footage been taken so of course my first reaction was 'Omg, do I look ok??'
Such a girl! :')

I decided to wear my Motel Rocks bodysuit, some high-waisted Primark jeans, my cute embroided primark boots, a tartan scarf and my hair up with a bold red lip.

We went straight to the smartly dressed waiters holding platters of appetisers and took some cupcakes. They were yummy for your information.
I grabbed a leaflet explaining all there was to know about the event.

There was a beautiful pop up Bottega bar where they were serving Prosecco and Bucks Fizz. Personally 10am was a little early for me and I hadn't had breakfast yet so I gave that a miss.
But on the opposite side of the bar there was a Starbucks stand handing out tea and coffee so I grabbed an iced coffee. 
There were even croissants for you so it really was a cute little exclusive breakfast.

Natalie was like 'Stace...there's food on sticks!!' :')
Oh so fancy! Apologies to the lady I caught off guard :')

We weren't really sure where to start as there were lots of different stalls offering various treatments but we decided to start from the left and work our way around.

We went over to the Cosmopolitan beauty bar where Sleek were offering foundation shade matching and samples of their new Lifeproof foundation. It is a medium to full coverage foundation which is typically what I go for.

We decided to give it a go and I was of course the palest shade. It didn't look great on me but I am quite fussy about my foundations but Natalie found her perfect match and got to take some home which is really good. 
We both thought it was very lightweight and felt like our skin could breathe. It hardly felt like you were wearing anything. It was very breathable in comparison to my usual No7 Beautifully Matte.

I even managed to get myself onto the Sleek Insta-stories! 

I didn't actually know until one of my friends snapchatted me telling me! I saw a lot of people taking photos of me but I figured we were all just bloggers taking photos of our surroundings. 

Sleek very kindly gave us a half price off primer voucher too. The ladies at the stand were very friendly and made you feel at ease.

Of course me and Nat took plenty of selfies in the cuteee mirror.

Also at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Bar, Rituals were offering complimentary skin consultations, hand and arm massages using their beautiful products.
The lady offered a variety of products and they all smelt SO GOOD I really struggled to choose but I went for a very sweet cherry scent, it was very feminine and she gave me the best hand massage with it. I felt like I could fall asleep! She had a very calming voice too so she was certainly good at her job.
I was given a free sample of the organic rice milk and cherry blossom magic touch body cream and I used it to give my friend a manicure over the weekend. 
I'm new to the Rituals brand but I think their products will be finding their way into my collection. I was sold on them after my consultation. I even got a complimentary voucher for a free shower foam to pick up from their store. 

Inglot were offering a colour and shape for your nails so I took full advantage of that as my nails really needed some TLC. 
Unfortunately the lovely lady used an old nail varnish that was a little worse for wear and so the product didn't work too well and my nails were actually really messy but you can't complain at being pampered for free so never mind! I went for a red to match my outfit.

M.A.C were also at the Cosmo Beauty Bar offering either a glamorous smoky eye, a bold lip colour or a razor sharp eye liner. Unfortunately I had come over prepared and already had all three so I gave the M.A.C stand a miss but Natalie got her lips done with a really beautiful nudey pink shade. 

The Cosmopolitan beauty bar was probably my favourite stand as everyone was so friendly and you didn't have to wait around. There was so much to do in such a small space. Thank you ladies!

Next up was The Elle Beauty Hub.

Here you could get a beautiful bouncy blow-dry from the stylists at Dyson with the new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. It looked so so amazing and I really wanted it done however there was quite a wait and there were plenty more things to get done so never mind!

There was also a 5 minute masterclass with Bobbi Brown and a makeover with the Charlotte Tilbury team. Just shows how observant I am because I didn't even realise that otherwise I would have certainly gone to the Charlotte Tilbury stand. I have never tried any of her products but would love too! Maybe another time.

There was also an Esquire Grooming Hub which I believe was aimed at the men which I thought was a really good idea. When you think of an event with lots of beauty treatments you instantly think of lots of women going to get their hair and nails done but this was very equal for everybody.

Kiehls were giving out complimentary skin MOT's. The Body Shop were giving free skin consultations and so were Aesop
M.A.C also had another station where they were helping gents out with some of their bestselling skin products because MAC isn't just makeup for women like a lot of people would presume. I feel like this event helped you learn so much about all the brands too. 

It was fantastic for you to learn more about the brands and to get some great tips and advice but it must have been really beneficial for the brands who had stalls too! For sales and also getting their names and products out. I loved that they were all big brands that I had heard of too because it's just that bit more exciting when you can say Sleek gave you a makeover or the Charlotte Tilbury team gave you advice.

Next up was probably my absolute favourite station. Accessorize. I am a HUGE Accessorize fan. We have one in our local shopping centre at home and I never go into town without popping in and lusting over EVERYTHING. At the stand they had some beautiful pieces for you to browse and also they were offering people to make their own earrings using hoops and charms.

I thought this was SUCH a cute idea and they very kindly let us keep them when we had finished designing and making them as we were VIP. They weren't stingy on how many charms you took either so I managed to get one of each. I especially loved the tassels. 
I love that you can mix and match and change it all up depending on your mood. Something for every outfit choice. 

This was my finished design.

DS Automobiles were there too and they were offering photo shoots in front of their very lovely shiny car which by the way matched my outfit beautifully.
I mean if they want to throw one of those in my freebie bag then...I'm all for that. Happy to promote (:

There was a machine where you got to take four photos and they also had a selection of props to play about with. It was quite funny because Natalie said 'I love that you have gone for the fashion conscious items and I just pick anything that makes me look like a dick' :')

I actually loved the photos and we got a really cute printout of it which I can put up in my dressing room and then they even sent a GIF version of it to your email address to share on your social medias which I thought was a really great idea.

The guys at the stand were really friendly too and asking all about my blog which was nice. 

Last but not least...the best part. The runway show. I have never attended a catwalk before which as a fashion blogger is shocking and shameful. 

The runway was visible for everyone in the shopping centre which is really cool but we got front row seats with little water bottles and leaflets telling you where you could buy the clothes.

When you think of catwalks you think of ridiculous outfits with oversized spiky shoulders and shoes that could kill but this was very high street and all things you could actually wear.
I was in love with pretty much every outfit and they had such a variety of styles. Something for everyone. There was lots of male fashion included in this which I loved. 
My cousin was a little in love with one of the male models. 
She managed to get some photos of the show.

(felt like the above outfit is something I'd like to try) 

 (I was a little bit in love with this dress)

Stores that were included in the show were Monsoon, Next, House of Fraser, Topshop, Hobbs, Maje, H&M, Warehouse, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilifger, ALDO, River Island and Belstaff.

Overall I had a fantastic day and I'm so so glad I went. Although I didn't mix with lots of other bloggers, I could see that people who attended the event alone made new friends which is really nice. The blogging community really can be such a friendly and welcoming one. I did however get to chat away to the brands a lot which is always nice.

Hearst very kindly sent me over a short video of the event which you can watch below. 

They also sent a few photos which were taken by Richard Hanson Images

At the end of the event we got goodie bags with lots of lovely treats in. 

In the bag I received...

Two bottles of Bottega which is what they were serving at the event. The gold is prosecco and the pink is a rose wine but I don't think I'm going to drink them as I think they look so cute and girly and would look nice as little bookends in my dressing room. 

These make-up brushes from Next. Although they aren't make-up branded they are SUCH good quality and couldn't have come at a better time. I desperately needed a new beauty blender and I don't have a good bronzer brush so these are really helpful! They are SO SOFT.

A free flight??!! I was like whaaaaaat. How generous! It's a flight for two people, return included, the only catch is you have to fly from London Southend and you can only go to Glasgow, Dublin or Manchester but I think this would be such a great idea for me to do. I have a huge phobia of planes but if it was such a short flight...maybe I could do it to ease myself into it. There's something I thought I'd never say. 

A Cosmopolitan magazine to keep my style on fleek.

Illamasqua is a brand I've heard such good things about but have never had the chance to try their products so I was quite excited about this. I haven't tried it yet but I'll more than likely do a snapchat about my thoughts when I get round to it. If you don't already have me on Snapchat you can add me @fbloggerstacie

What a fantastic start to London Fashion Week that was!

I would like to thank Hearst and Westfield for inviting me to ON Trend. 

And of course Natalie for coming with me.

If you are interested in attending the ON Trend event yourself they are at Westfield Stratford this weekend as in today and tomorrow! 

Keep an eye out for more events next year too. It was such a success, I'm sure they will do it again!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Just wanted to show you an insider view of another blog event. I felt this was a lot different to the BlogCon I attended in March. 

Let me know of any events I might not know about that you might like to see me attend!

All the love, 

Disclaimer: Photos are a selection of my own, Natalies and Richard Hanson Images. I have disclaimed where necessary in the post. I was asked to give coverage of this event but all opinions are my 100% honest opinion and all words are my own. 


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