Monday 28 August 2017

When Life Gives You Lemons

So I'm on the phone to my bestie and it hit me that I don't actually know the ending to 'when life gives you lemons'


We make lemonadeeeee *smug face* *finger clicks into finger guns*

Now that I know, I can get on with this post.

So come with me on a journey through time and space, to the beginning. Where it all began.

My bestest friend in the whole wide world was visiting and we decided to go on a lil shopping spree. By 'lil' shopping spree, I mean I spent all my money, and by spent all my money, I mean spent ALL my money. 

But it was so. totally. worth. it.

One of the first shops we went in was Topshop. Now I am a HUGE fan of Topshop. I feel like a lot of shops go through phases where the stock just doesn't shout out to me. For example, H&M was a bit of a failure that day (although I did buy a CUTE cardi) but I always find that Topshop always appeals to me. 

Sometimes I walk in and want every last thing in there and sometimes it may just be one particular section but I can never leave without lusting over something!

I already knew it was a bad idea to go in when I had a budget but ahh well, YOLO and all that jazz!

We went in and I don't think it had even been 10 seconds before I picked up my first item to try on and 30 seconds later I had already gone over my 6 try-on limit for the changing rooms. Topshop was ON POINT. 

I was wondering around...well running.
I saw beautiful raincoats, fabulous slogan t-shirts, glorious vintage pieces but then I saw it.

The dress. 

It was just like the movies. I grabbed my friends hand. Took a step back like I had been shot, stood in silence, jaw dropping, eyelashes flapping in the wind, toes curling, and I said out loud...

"Oh my god"

I ran and I mean RAN to this dress, I picked it up, breathed it in and said "This is my dress"

In my head I was like 'I wanna be inside you'

I already knew I was buying it just from the pattern, who cares what it looks like on?!

LEMONS! How bloody cute!
Perfect summer dress. I also didn't have one like it soooooo...

I tried it on in the changing rooms and it was instant love. 

I think because I'm quite petite, people presume that I would like to wear figure hugging clothes.
However that is not me at all. Yeah I might sport a bodycon dress every now and then and I do love my skinny jeans but I only really feel like 'me' in something oversized, floaty and layered. Winter fashion is my jam.

I love feeling petite and I think oversized everything and layers of patterns accentuate any 'petiteness' I have. I just feel cuter covered up.
I'm quite insecure about how skinny I am so I tend not to wear things that show that off. 

"If you don't have it, don't flaunt it"

- Stacie Cunningham, 2017

So let me tell you more about the dress.

I instantly fell in love with it and it wasn't just the pattern. It was the colours. I wouldn't have paired blue and yellow together before but this is some serious colour lovin. 
I think having ginger hair can sometimes ruin an outfit as you have to be careful with clashing colours but I really felt like this complimented my hair and skin-tone. 
That surprised me as bright colours aren't usually my thing. 

Although the dress is quite low-cut with a deep V and also has a split up the front of the legs, I still felt covered up. 
I actually really like the front split as it makes it nice and easy to walk in, but in addition to that I found it looked like a jumpsuit and I felt that was a nice added touch.

BIG fan of the tie around the waist. I think this looks really nice tight because it clinches you in at the waist, giving you that hourglass figure we all dream of.

I did a cute little bow at the front to add some texture and design and I really really loved it.

I feel it's a very flattering shape of dress and honestly would suit any figure. Whether you're tiny enough to fit in a pocket, or whether you're sooo curvaceous you can't even...this is the dress for everyone.
It's a very nice lightweight material, making it perfect for hot sunny days. The fact it's a thin material means that throwing over a denim jacket is a great styling option for this piece. 

It's very statement and I don't think it's gonna be a lot of peoples cup of tea. It definitely got some stares when I wore it the other day but also a lot of compliments. I like to think I'm quite daring with my style and confident enough to wear bold pieces like this, so honestly, I don't care what people think.

Come at me bro!

Being 5 ft 4 and not that tall can usually be a trip hazard when it comes to maxi dresses, so I was over the moon to find this dress was the PERFECT length for me. It doesn't fall under my feet and goes so so nicely with my Yull Shoes which I'm still head over heels for by the way!

When I wore this dress to take photos I really enjoyed how it would float out at the back, very much felt like a goddess. 

Elliot said I was 'walking with confidence'
Mate. Confidence is key. I am going to STRUT in this dress. 

I paid £50 for it, I'll do what I like.

This might be where some of you decide to stop reading. Right, I know the price now, £50, too expensive. Thanks Stace, see ya later!

NO WAIT! Come back!!! My first reaction to the price was £50...bit steep.

Well that's a first reaction was £50? Don't even care. Need it. Having it.
But my second thought was...can I afford this?
Honestly? No I couldn't. But sometimes you just gotta is short, buy the dress.

I do not regret for a single second buying this dress. I really feel like it's one of those really special pieces that I will never ever throw away. One of those pieces that will come out every single summer, just once. But for the rest of my life.

I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe where I have my staple pieces like black leggings, skinny jeans, a leather jacket etc but I also want those statement pieces that I can include in that, that will last me a lifetime, regardless of the forever changing fashion trends.

People might think it's the ugliest effing dress they have ever seen but I will love this forever and always, no matter what, times infinity, plus one.
It was totally worth paying £50. 

The dress itself is not Topshop brand and is actually by Glamorous. If you have fallen in love with the print more so than the dress itself, you're in luck as they do a whole variety of clothing with this print on, from skirts to bardot tops, they have it all.

And I want it all. 

If you have fallen in love with this exact dress, you're not so in luck as it is sold out on both the Topshop website and the Glamorous website. However, Topshop have the feature where you can check any store to see if they have it in stock, in your size. So you never know, there might be one left near you! 

I hate that I wanted to blog this dress and now it's not even available online but I just NEEDED to share this with you. 

Another thing I love about this dress is how it's so statement, it doesn't even need dressing up. I added a handbag and jewellery and just thought, I only need a simple necklace and the bag is just too much. 
It really is one of those 'get up and go' dresses, yet you feel like you have made a huge effort.

It's one of those where you could just throw your hair up and wear minimal make-up and you would feel dressed up to the 9's.

Also, can we take a minute to appreciate that whilst I was taking these photos I made a new friend. A little whippet that appeared from nowhere. What a doggo! What a pupper! Wasn't even mad. Literally made my day.

I think this dress is so versatile too. Usually loud dresses with bright bold patterns can be quite hard to wear because you're instant thought is 'when and where can I wear this?'

Well let me tell you when and where you can wear this! Festivals, date nights, the beach, holidays, to the pub, hell I'm gonna wear it as lounge wear to do the house work in! Any excuse to wear this absolute beauty!!

I just really, really, really love this dress. 

I hope you all love it as much as I do!

Have a great bank holiday guys!

Love you all,

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