Tuesday 9 August 2016

What's In My Handbag?...

Hey hey!

How is everybody? Are we all good? 
I'm all good here in sunny Devon! Apart from the fact I broke my toe in my sleep! How is that even possible?! I just woke up and there it was...all broken and feeling sorry for itself.

Who knows? But anyway while I'm resting it I thought I'd write a blog post on the contents of my handbag. Maybe you'll learn something and pick up one of my handbag habits yourself!

If any of you think I'm missing something important in my bag then let me know! It could be really useful.

I know you're all dying inside holding back the unbelievable excitement of what I could possibly have in here and so I wont keep you waiting any longer. Lololol. Let's get started. 

So..what handbag am I using lately?

This is my Masaai Colour London handbag which you can read a full review on and see pictures of by clicking here.

It's a nice spacious bag that fits lots in it. Which is lucky because there's a whole lotta stuff in this bad boy.

First up...

A Good Book

I always like to have a good book with me, mostly when doing long journeys or if I know there's a bit of waiting about. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite films ever so I wanted to read the book. I got this collectors edition hardback designed by Tiffany and Co.


Earphones are great to keep in your bag for your journey to and from work. Whether it's in the morning to put yourself in a good mood or the evening when you've had a busy stressful day and you need to unwind to some Enya...or Snoop Dogg if that's what you're into. Or is it Snoop Lion now?

I got these amazing mermaid style earphones from Skinny Dip London.

A Notebook

I always keep my blogger notebook on me. This has all my ideas and inspiration in it. If I need to do something I make a note in this to remind myself and also if I see something I'd like to feature in a blog post I'll jot some ideas down in here so it comes in handy when I'm out and about shopping.

Get your own personalised notebook at Getting Personal.

Lip Balm

Perfect to always have at the bottom of your bag for when the weather changes and decides to mess up your skin. Erm, how dare you? by the way? My lips were nice and smooth before you came along cold weather! 
So yes! This is an essential. 

Take a look at other delicious flavours here!

My Phone, Of Course...

I couldn't live without my phone...not because I'm a saddo or anything. (Maybe a little bit) but seriously because all my work is done on my phone, If I didn't have my phone it would seriously restrict my blogging. 
I always have this in my handbag, if not in my hand!

Make Up

I'm not one for lugging a big heavy make-up bag around with me. So I tend to just get my essentials that I feel really make a difference to my make-up. Like if your mascara started to flake, I don't think that matters too much. But if your lipstick is all faded or your liquid eyeliner is smudged or even if you're eyebrows have completely rubbed off and now you look like a meme it just ruins your entire face so I just grab what I need. 


Tissues is a new rule for me. The only time I'd carry tissues in my bag is if I had a cold. Other than that, nope! 
However it wasn't until I went to watch 'Me Before You' that I learnt my lesson. My friend and I were blubbering to death and neither of us had a tissue. If I had tissues I would have been able to tidy my make-up and whilst there I could have offered the whole cinema a tissue too! 
Think about it...how many times have you heard 'has anyone got a tissue?'
It's like the most used British question ever.

A Perfume Or Body Spray

I always like to have something in my bag to spray on in an emergency. What if you bumped into someone important...like James Franco? and YOU smelt like the cigarettes that your friends have been smoking all day and he presumes that you are also a dirty smoker and finds you disgusting and there you have it, you've blown your chance with James Franco. How the hell do you feel right now? Like a low life human being? and so you should.  And that kids, is why you should always smell nice and never smoke. Hahaha. 

A Little Coin Purse

I'm not a fan of big purses. I always find it's much easier to carry a little coin purse. Unless you're having a huge spree then a bigger one is better for all the change and receipts. But for a small pop to the shop then a little one is best. :)

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

Everyone knows how much I love this stuff. Need I say more? It lasts all day and everyone always asks what perfume I am wearing. If you like anti-bac pleaseeeee try this. You won't regret it!

Take a look at the amazing collection of scents here!

A Phone Charger

I have an Iphone. I don't think I need to say anything else on the matter.

A Compact Mirror

This is such a cute little mirror. It's from Poundland so it's not good quality but I'm sure you could find a nice one elsewhere. It's always handy to have a mirror for touch-ups throughout the day.

A Pen Or Pencil

I have a little pen on my key-ring but I also like to have a pencil and this one is a cute little personalised 'Fashion Blogger Stacie' one I have, perfect for little sketches when I'm bored.

Dry Hair Shampoo

Dry hair shampoo is life. If I know I have plans or an event I'm attending then I will obvs wash my hair in advance but if something crops up unexpectedly which is common as a blogger then this always saves my life! I don't know what we did before this came out!

Browse the Batiste collection here.


I really like this deodorant. It lasts all day, it's not strongly scented, it contains Aloe Vera so it's perfect for sensitive skin and it has no aluminium salts. Perfecto. 

Nail Varnish

I always try my best to keep my nails painted but I'm terrible for chipping them because I can never be arsed to put on a topcoat so I just carry round whatever nail varnish I'm wearing for touch-ups if needed. This is Barry M Nail Paint in Silver Multi Glitter 338.

Hand Cream

This is a new addition since I became a total klutz. I'm constantly injuring myself lately. I don't know what's got into me but I keep getting burns on my hand from work or from baking my wonderful fiance cakes! I don't suffer from dry hands so this is just because it smells nice really but it's just a handy little purchase for your everyday handbag.

A Nail File

I think this nail file is adorable. It came in a pack of five from Primark a while back. It's all Disney characters and they are just little ones which are great for when you break a nail at a funny angle and it makes you want to vomit. Nice smooth shiny nails are back instantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Hopefully you'll have picked up some tips and tricks!

Again let me know if I'm missing anything that you can't live without in your handbag!

Much Love, 

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  1. That is a lot of stuff, haha! Although I guess I am thinking of my relatively small bags that would look like bloated whales if I put a stick of deodorant in them. If it fits and you use it, definitely put it in the bag, haha :) Also, those earphones are adorable! Skinny Dip London looks like it has some of the best bits and pieces!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. It IS a lot of stuff haha! I definitely prefer my bigger bags unless it's an evening party. Im quite the handbag hoarder! Skinny Dip London do the most amazing products! So on trend too! :)

      Much Love, Stacie xoxox

  2. So many cute stuff! Love the little coin purse and the earphones


    1. Thank you so much! I love the purse and earphones too! Both so handy :)

      Much Love, Stacie xoxo

  3. I have just discovered the joys of dry shampoo...such good stuff! I love your blogging diary and that you carry a book with you. Such a gorgeous bag too! Xx Lovely and essential handbag additions. Best wishes.

    Keep Calm and Start Writing ~


    1. It's amazing isn't it! So handy in an emergency...Thank you so much! Hope you are well!

      Much Love, Stacie xoxox

  4. Your bag looks a lot like mine, I carry EVERYTHING with me because I travel so much. I always love a little nosey around people's bags ... loved this post! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you so much! Bigger bags are so much better even if our arms hurt from the weight haha! I also love peoples handbag posts :)

      Much love, Stacie xoxox

  5. Replies
    1. I've finished it now and I really did enjoy it, thanks so much! :) xx


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