Friday 5 August 2016

Scrub Love Mint Temptation...

Hello beautiful people!

Today I am very happy!! I'm sure you all remember my raving review on Scrub Love: Original lovin.
If you missed it be sure to read it here! (I highly recommend reading it as it gives you an introduction to the company and what I love about it. It's actually one of my favourite ever blog posts).

Scrub Love is a coffee scrub which you use as an exfoliator. In my first review I explained how much I LOVED it! It made my skin feel UNREAL! didn't feel like my skin.

So when Scrub Love got back in touch and asked if I'd like another packet I decided I'd love to try out the coconut one...however I got sent the mint one. Never mind though because I also wanted to try the mint one too!! 

It was only this morning that I said to my fiance (THATS RIGHT ELLIOT PROPOSED!!!!) 
that I think out of all the products I've been sent that Scrub Love is my favourite product I've discovered so far.

Again the packet was a nice big pack which will last me a long time! The only difference was the colour. The original is pink packaging and this one is a mint green/blue. Very refreshing, just like the product.

Again it came with a cute little selfie guide which you can all get involved in!

I don't know if you can see that very well but basically if you take a selfie in one of these poses and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #babesthatscrub and tag @ScrubLove then you are automatically entered into a monthly competition where the winner gets some freebies. It's as simple as that!

When I opened the packet I was in love with the smell and knew instantly that it was going to be amazing on my skin and sooo refreshing. At first it was quite a strong smell of mint but that's because I practically shoved my entire face in the bag!
However, in the dose that you use for a full body exfoliation it's really not that overpowering. The perfect minty scent. There is an underlying smell of coffee which I love and your skin smells and feels so fresh once you've used it! The smell left in your bathroom afterwards is divine.

The texture was the same as the original scrub. a nice fine grainy substance and soft so it doesnt irritate the skin. How considerate of you Scrub Love creators.

I had a look at the ingredients on the packaging to get an idea of what amazing goodies this stuff is made with. many wonderful benefits! In fact probably even better suited for my skin than the original.

Scrub Love Mint Tempation is 100% natural and 100% organic so no nasty parabens and chemicals in there to cause any damage. 
The coffee is roasted light and dark organic robusta coffee grounds which are natures most awesome exfoliator. It's an anti-inflammatory and boosts circulation helping banish cellulite. It brightens skin which will help your skin tone and help the appearance of stretch marks. The texture of the coffee grounds will remove any dead skin cells and leave you feeling silky soft like the goddess you are...or god. I've made Elliot try it and he loved it too!

It also contains argan oil which is an oil that doesn't leave your skin oily. How? I don't know but I friggin love it. Packed full of vitamin E. 

Two ingredients that really stood out at me was the Aloe vera and tea tree oil. I'm sure many of you know I suffer from bad skin so when I saw this I got very excited. I have seen online so many times that coffee scrubs are great for acne but I've always been a bit afraid to try it in case I irritate my skin and make it worse because none of them seem to have the right ingredients but now that Scrub Love have bought out this one I will defininitely try it and let you all know how I get on. Tea tree oil and aloe vera are great for soothing skin and reducing redness. A natural healer and gives the skin elasticity.

It contains peppermint oil for that fresh minty scent which leaves you feeling cool, hydrated, tingly and on top of all that it's a natural antiseptic! I need that right now as I have got into the habit of burning myself and my skins taking a while to heal so that should help nicely! 

And last but not least, dead sea salt which is full of minerals, magnesium and potassium.

Could this scrub get any better?! I NEED to try the coconut one!

Also a little tip for you all: when exfoliating leave it on for 5 minutes to really give your skin a treat and let the ingredients do their magic. You'll thank me later.

So what happened when I actually tried the product? Well I noticed the difference the second I started you wash it off with water it's almost like you feel any impurities slipping away and you want to smirk and be like 'good riddance'.

My skin felt soooo soft and even. I made Elliot guess which arm I exfoliated before doing the second one and he knew straight away. It's such a difference!

For people with sensitive dry skin this is highly recommended, the texture to help remove the dry skin and the ingredients to help keep it fresh and soothed. 

As I mentioned in my first collab with scrub love, I don't exfoliate super often but this product can be used 3 or 4 times a week so if you are a bit more motivated than myself I BET people would notice and compliment your soft skin all the time. That's the type of person I aspire to be. That girl who always has soft beautiful skin and thanks to Scrub Love I can be!

It can get a little messy in the bathroom. However, I find the easiest way to use the product is to pour a small amount into a little ramekin dish or any other small container and use it in small amounts. Rub softly in circles but firm enough to make a difference. 

The effects are very long lasting too! I always find that my skin stays soft for a few days after using Scrub love. Much better than any other scrubs I've tried that work for an hour at most.

This is still my favourite ever exfoliator and although I LOVE both the original and the mint I think the mint may have taken first place but only because it's so suited to my skin.

I highly recommend checking out their website below.

Their original scrub smells like chocolate orange, which is perfect for all year round but I think it's just feels so warm and festive so I'm going to use it when it starts getting cold outside but for now I'm using mint to keep me cool this summer.

The original lovin is priced at £11.95

The mint temptation is £13.95

and the coconut affair is £13.95

and for all you american babes their is a US website below for you. Don't you worry, they haven't forgotten you. This needs to be appreciated from all sides of the world. Soon I reckon they are gonna have world domination.

Find their social medias below and follow them for body inspo and tips and tricks on keeping your skin healthy and soft.

Until next time, I'll be overdosing my skin on my lifetime supply of coffee scrub

PS: Yes Elliot proposed. We are over the moon and he got me the most BEAUTIFUL ring, check out my Instagram to go see it!!! 

Love to you all, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. I genuinely LOVE this stuff.

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