Saturday 29 July 2017

Nailing The Granny Glasses Fashion Trend

I was sent these ADORABLE eyeglasses by

When got in touch with me, I was so excited because I had worked with them before and I know that they do the most fashionable glasses as well as practical and I only wear glasses for fashion. I've recently been obsessed with the circle granny glasses that everyone is wearing but hadn't yet found any that suited me. However, my previous glasses from this website, the Novia Cat Eye Glasses did so I knew this was a good place to check for them. Alas! They had them so I added them straight to my basket and ordered them.

I've always been a fan of the granny fashion trend. I love anything knitted and I think that's just the key staple for a granny related wardrobe. The glasses just top it all off. I feel like I really need a beret to complete the outfit. 

I think the trend really tends to work in autumn. Autumnal colours are my ultimate favourite thing about the season. I LOVE autumn fashion! I'm not really into summer fashion. I like to cover up with plenty of layers and just feel dainty and cute. Plus I'm always cold so...

I think these glasses are pretty bold and statement so it takes some guts to wear them unless you re super confident. However, I feel like a lot of people can pull them off but just presume they couldn't. Or just straight up hate them. 

I do agree they are an acquired taste. 

But with a bold lip, some dramatic hair and a bit of sass, anyone can pull the granny trend off. It just so happens I love knitting too so it's just a lifestyle choice for me at this point :')

Also, another reason I NEEDED these glasses was because the snapchat filter that has them is the CUTEST. Now I can look like the filter 24/7 :') Just without the great skin!

When I first discovered Glasses Shop I presumed it was just for people who needed them but they aren't !

This made me super excited because I love fashion glasses but it's hard to find them without them having prescription lenses.

I had a look on their website at all their glasses and they just had so many to choose from. It doesn't matter what frame you want, you can have them as plain fashion glasses or prescription depending on what you need! How cool is that? They also do sunglasses and you can even choose to make them prescription sunglasses.

I decided to choose the Golden Glenview Round glasses because I really like the colour, the pattern and the shape.

This pattern is called Tortoise and it's a pattern I'm totally in love with. Reminds me of Autumn which I'm unbelievably excited for.

I'm also a huge fan of gold, not really a silver kinda gal so the colour is just to die for. That was what stood out to me most about these. 

I love the fit of the glasses, usually I have problems because I'm quite petite and have a tiny little head but these fit me really well. I thought they would have lots of gaping at the sides but I like the size and the fit. They are very comfortable. The only thing I found a little strange about the fit was the bridge bit to rest on your nose...doesn't? Like the plastic rubber bits fit onto your nose but the gold bit floats above but that's just the style and how they are meant to look but it threw me off at first.

They are very clear for non-prescription glasses! They also haven't given me a headache unlike my other fashion glasses and I've been obviously writing this post on my laptop so they are working very well. I think wearing glasses unnecessarily only causes problems if they are prescription so no need to worry about that! 

Along with my very reasonably priced glasses at just $34.95 came a cloth to clean my glasses with and also a case to hold them in and protect them from any scratches or scrapes.

Also included was a voucher for 25% off my next order and what's even better is that on the back of this voucher it explained that for every friend that you recommend to will get 50% off which means every single one of you reading this will be getting 50% off any glasses that you like on your first order. This doesn't apply to sale items but that's ok because the glasses are hardly expensive anyway.
This also doesn't apply to any prescription lenses. If you just need the frame with clear standard lenses like mine you will get the 50%. However if you do need a prescription lens then you won't be able to get the 50% off the lenses but I imagine you can still use it for the frames.
Bargain. So if you want these glasses for half the price then you can use my online code at the checkout.


For every sale I make I will get $10 in store credit and any one of you could also get this privilege.

For example if you were to buy a pair of these glasses then you will get a voucher with your purchase like mine and if you recommend it on Facebook or just word of mouth and your friend buys something they will get 50% off and you will get $10 for every sale to buy even more lovely glasses! What an amazing and very clever technique if I may say so myself! 

Another amazing deal is that you get a free pair of glasses on your first purchase! How good is that?!

And all eyeglasses include free 1.50 vision lenses, free anti-scratch coating and a free protective case and cloth.

I think it's so clever that we can now buy eyeglasses online. It's such an easy website to use. You just answer some simple questions about what lenses you need, if you need particular lenses and that's it! They do charge extra for prescription lenses but not lots extra and you can choose to have bifocal glasses or progressive glasses. There really is lots of options.

They have a huge variety of glasses on their website to choose from. Smart workwear glasses, fashionable glasses, practical glasses. prescription sunglasses.

As I said the Glenview Round were my favourites. Here are a selection of photos of myself wearing them so you can see the fit.

PS: My lipstick is by Peak Cosmetics in the shade Amaretto Sour.

My shirt was from River Island and my cardigan was a charity shop find.

If like myself you've been looking for some good quality versions of these glasses to nail the granny fashion trend, I highly recommend taking advantage of the 50% off code while you can. I'm not sure how long I have it for so bare that in mind.

Overall my experience with this company was fantastic, it was very easy and not a complicated process at all. Everything was done very quickly and I have no complaints! 

Also, one of my favourite things about this website is you can upload a photo of yourself and try all the glasses on so you know what they will look like!

I love my glasses, I love that I have a new brand to recommend and most importantly I now have somewhere to buy fashion glasses! 

Thank you so much for reading.

Again, here is their website

and also the 50% off code is


Much love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these glasses free of charge in exchange for a review. If anybody buys any glasses I will get $10 worth of points to spend on 

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  1. these couldn't suit you any better...even if you were literally born with them. girl - you look sooo good. i totally can't pull off the granny vibe (i just look homeless!) but this looks effortless on you. look at ya just channelling all of the inner granny-sass.

    ps. can i have your hair please?! WOW. ♥♥

    katie. xx

    1. This is the cutest comment ever! :') Made me laugh with the 'look at ya' Thank you so much! I bet you could pull them off! Give it a go :)

      Thank you so much!

      Stacie xx

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