Saturday 30 September 2017

Say Goodbye To Summer With Santoro London

See ya Summer! 

I've said it before, I'll say it again.
I am an autumn girl through and through.
I love everything about autumn. The colours, the fashion, the home-ware, the animals. Just ahh!

I like to think we did have quite a good summer this year and I did enjoy it while it lasted but summer will never compare to the autumn / winter months.

I'm making the transition slowly but surely. Changing up my home-ware, bringing out everything and anything copper. I've started adding knitwear over my dresses and ditching the bright pink lippy.

Luckily, Santoro London are totally on my wavelength and have bought out so many gorgeous autumnal pieces!
I managed to get a bit of a haul and really wanted to share it with you guys because I know the items will totally be up your street!

If you haven't heard of Santoro London before they are a company that have a wide range of collections which include bags and accessories, home ware, gifts, stationery, diaries, calendars and even clothing.

They remind me a little bit of Emily The Strange but more grown-up and also a much wider variety of designs. But they just give off those slightly gothic vibes. This style isn't something I typically go for when buying items but recently I went on a bit of a following spree on Instagram.

I followed so many girls who are into that woodland, witchy, gothic, spell books and crystals vibe and I am LOVING IT. I really wanted to incorporate that style into my home and also my wardrobe ready for the colder seasons. 

I wanted to try something new so when I discovered Santoro London I was quite excited to give it a go.

Santoro London was set up by two individuals in 1983. Meera and Lucio started off in a tiny studio on Carnaby Street in London. 
They took off really quickly. Their first collection was noticed by 20th Century Fox and they were granted a license to create a collection of prints featuring famous Hollywood icons! What an achievement in such a short amount of time!

They soon expanded and their products are now sold in over 55 countries! They have won many awards for their beautiful designs (over 800 of them!) and I am here to show you some of their 'gorjuss' collection.

So first things first, can we talk about how BEAUTIFULLY packaged my items were??!! 
I'd like to thank whoever took the time to sit there and wrap these so neatly. I don't know if they do this for all customers but I imagine that would take up a lot of time but they certainly made me feel special.

They even included a handwritten card which I thought was really sweet. Brands usually include a note on the back of their business card and I collect them for my scrapbook but I thought this was much more personal and shows just how grateful they are. 

They even spelt my name right! I love the design of the card. It's cute because you could frame it and put it on the wall. 

I really liked the added touch of the pink ribbons on the parcels too because I'm very much into my arts and crafts so they would be great to keep for some scrap booking or something so thanks for that!

You can check out their selection of cards here if you have any occasions heading your way. 

My first item was these amazing storage boxes! They look like books and I love that because you can just store them on a bookshelf and have little hidden bits in them. I'm not sure what to use them for yet but I'll probably store sentimental things in them that I don't want to throw away. Stuff like cinema tickets and whatnot from nice nights out.

I thought they were going to be bigger from what I saw on the website but actually they are a really nice size. They fit perfectly against my other books. 
I love that the smaller one fits inside the bigger one too.

The design on the spine of the box is really pretty and so they look nice next to my Paperblanks books which are a similar red colour and style. I love anything red and gold as it reminds me a bit of Moulin Rouge which I have a slight obsession with. I would love a Moulin Rouge themed boudoir and maybe this is the first step to making my dream come true.

They remind me of little spell books. I just love the design. They're quite gothic and I think I could make a cute little witchy section on my bookshelf with lots of candles and crystals. I have a really nice lantern that would look lovely with them too. 

You can see their selection of storage boxes here and these ones retail at £12 for both. They have lots more very beautiful designs to choose from. 

Next, I was sent this mustard yellow notebook.
It has a really sweet design on it of a girl with her kitten and it says 'purrrfect love'
HOW CUTE. And I am a fan of kittys sooooo...

I thought this would be so perfect for keeping in my handbag for on-the-go notes. As a blogger I have about a thousand notebooks (it's becoming quite the obsession) and all of them have random little notes in that I've had to make because I just grab the nearest one. Yet I never seem to have one on me when I go out. I always ended up using the notes app on my phone so having a nice small one is going to be very useful.

Obviously I am a HUGE fan of the colour. Mustard yellow is totally my thang and so that's what really caught my eye about it.

Again, the spine is beautiful and so when it isn't in my handbag or when it's full I can keep it on my bookshelf with the boxes!

I like this inside page, because the front is all one colour, this adds a nice pop of pattern and you can write your name too. 
The book even has a little red ribbon to keep your place.

I love the embossed detail and also the material. It's leather bound but it feels really unique. It's very soft and almost rubbery. I really like it! Another feature I like is all the different coloured pages and the really cute borders. It just adds a bit of fun and feels more special than your average notebook.

It also has a selection of plain paper and lined paper. This is really handy because I've never had a notebook with both before. I like doing little sketches too so I really like this feature. 

This one retails at £13. 

As I said...slight notebook obsession so I got another one...


If this isn't the most autumnal notebook ever then I don't know what is.
I kind of just want to carry it around with me in the woods with a cute grown-up outfit. Maybe a Barbour jacket and some tan knee high boots :')

It's a really cute design but grown-up at the same time. I was worried the items might come across as a little childish because of the little girls on the designs but I feel like the patterns and colours are such a contrast that they don't give off a childish vibe at all. 

I really like the back too with the leather design. I'm not sure if it's real leather, I don't think so but it looks realistic. I'm loving all the embossed subtle details. This appears to be a running theme in their products and I'm a big fan. 

This is possibly my favourite notebook I own actually. Although technically it's a journal. This is going to be so perfect for jotting blog plans in. I'm really excited to use it. Again, it has different colour pages and even plain, lined and gridded paper sections but it's hard to tell by my photos.

Such a great idea to make this a ring binder journal too! It means I can take out pages and move things around, add stuff in. I'm a big lover of a ring binder. TOTAL GAME CHANGER.

There are also such pretty little designs throughout the book which add a lot of character. 

I like the added detail of the card pockets and holder at the front and back. As a blogger I get given a lot of business cards and little leaflets so this is a nice place to store them on the go. Or if there are some important ones that I need to keep to hand (such as my own) then I can get easy access to them here.

My favourite thing about this is the pattern of the book. It's just so my style and so stunning. It's the type of notebook I'd love to show off. Like 'Hey, did I show you this cute journal I got yet?'

Then there's the 3D plaque with the picture of Ruby on it. This company add so much sweet subtle detail to their products. Shows how much love and care they put into each and every design.

Cannot WAIT to use this.

You can buy it here for just £24.50. And be sure to check out all their other notebooks here as they have so many to choose from! 

Next up is a very exciting one. Another book I hear you say? Nope!
It's a bag!


The cutest little clutch bag in the whole wide world. <3

I almost screamed when I saw this. Literally said out loud 'I have to have this'.

Can I add that it didn't turn up with those puncture marks in it. My fault!
It turned up in perfect condition and I was so pleasantly surprised at the quality. I wasn't sure if it would be tacky. As I had never ordered with this company before I really didn't know what to expect. But everything was just stunning quality and great value for money. 

But anyway, HOW NICE is the once upon a time design. I really love that, I think it's my favourite part about the bag. I just know this will get lots of compliments. It's definitely a conversation starter.

It has the best clasp too. It's not a zip up or a magnet clasp. I think the twisty - turny things (I don't know what they are called lol) are much more secure. you don't have the risk of it accidentally opening and having your items go missing. People can't get into it quickly and easily so it's great for an evening out and you don't have to worry about pickpockets. 

It's not really stiff either. You know when you get those bags which are a proper bitch to open. Nobody needs that in their life. 

I got really really excited when I saw the inside. It's so nice! It's suede. I LOVE suede. It feels so luxurious and it has a lot of space in it for a clutch bag. It has a nice elasticated pocket to add little girly things in and some elastic bands to hold things in place, so if you have any valuables that could get damaged if you were to be a bit vigorous with it, they will keep safe.

God knows why you would be throwing your bag about but hey...I've been known to start playing rugby with my clutch bag on a night out. Just me? 

LOVING the metallic effect on the side too. It's very eye-catching and adds that spell book vibe. 

I really like the spine of it too. Again can be placed onto your bookshelf and nobody would think twice. I currently have all my handbags shoved into my wardrobe but this one is so picturesque and instagrammable that it just seems right to have it on show, so I've placed it with my other pretty books in my dressing room for people to see. 

It's nice and easy to hold too. You can hold it how you would typically hold a clutch bag or you can hold it upwards. You might be thinking it would be better with a handle but because the clasp is so secure you can actually hold it by the fastening strap. 

I thought it went really nice with this skirt because of the metallic pattern. 
I like that it can be dressed up for a night out and also kept casual for a less formal occasion. 

They also do the same bag in different colours and I need them all so I have one for every outfit :')

Buy one for yourself for £45 and browse their bag collection here.

And last but definitely not least. This bloody beautiful satchel.

I have a huge thing for brown leather bags. I can't even count how many I have. They just fit in so well with the rest of my wardrobe. 
My style consists of the same 5 colours. Mustard yellow, khaki green, burgundy red, copper orange and tan brown. It has autumn written all over it. A brown leather bag is just the perfect complimentary accessory for those colours. 

I think my personal favourite style of bag is a bucket bag but I am partial to a satchel. The only issue I had is that I only had one and it was lilac.
I'm not really into pastel colours and so I hardly ever use it but when I saw this, I knew this is what I needed in my capsule wardrobe.

I love that it has so many different shades of leather. Again, I don't believe it's real but I could be wrong. I think it's just a leatherette finish. 

Big fan of the quick and easy opening magnet clasps. The best for a satchel I believe. Those one that you have to thread through to open are a nightmare. 

Again, the signature ruby logo adds some fun to this bag and that's what makes it unique to any other brown leather satchel.

When I first opened the bag I got really excited about the red material on the inside. I think it adds a lot of class and makes it looks very expensive. It wasn't something I was expecting so it's a nice surprise. 

I was so happy to find it had a handle so it can be held like a briefcase but also a long strap to turn it into an over-the-shoulder bag.

This is such a great idea because over the shoulder is less effort to carry but if you need more security in a busy place it's easy to hold it closer to you with the handle. Also if your shoulder starts to hurt this is a nice alternative way to hold it. 

I don't know why but I think this is a bag I will always take to London with me because it's small enough to carry around with no trouble but big enough to fit lots in. I think the briefcase style would fit in well there.

Again with the subtle details! So pretty! It took me a little while to notice these ones and when I did notice I got excited all over again. 

The bag is nice and spacious and has a good variety of compartments. A zip up pocket for important documents such as your passport. A smaller pouch to hold your phone, the main compartment for your items you need easy access to and then also another pocket on the front which would be handy for paperwork you need to keep straight. Perfect for that blogger lifestyle!

I wanted to try a playful fashion look to test this bag out. I think this just screams autumnal and I'm a big fan of it. I may be 25 but my heart is still a 13 year old emo girl with an autumn twist. 

Get yours for £70 here.

They also did a really 'gorjuss' weekender bag version. (see what I did there)
And I really really wanted it but it was £120 and I thought that was a bit too much to ask as Santoro actually very kindly sent me these items so I stuck to the smaller version which I love just as much.

I went onto the website to link these items and noticed they have had some new arrivals and omg, look at this bag!!! I have a weird thing about bananas lately and this is just amazing :') LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

I hope you all enjoyed this introduction to Santoro London. This is a company I have really enjoyed working with and I've really fell for their items. I think their designs look so good in bulk and it's nice to have a big collection.

I highly recommend having a look on their website as there is something for everyone. So much more to see and I think this brand is a great place to buy gifts for people. With Christmas coming up this might be helpful.

A hugeeee thank you to Santoro London for my goodies. I LOVE them and I'm sure all my readers will see them dominating my photos over the colder months. 

Hope you are all well guys and prepping for the best time of year!

I'm going to go now and turn my home into an autumnal haven! Putting out the pumpkin and woodland animals home decor! It's here guys. AUTUMN IS HERE!

Good riddance summer!

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for media coverage. All photos and words are my own. All my opinions are 100% honest. I have not been paid for this collaboration. 



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