Wednesday 22 February 2017

Beautiful Bristol...

I went to the Bristol for the first time the other day and I loved it! Well my first time in the town centre anyway!
I wouldn't want to live there but I'm not a huge city girl. It's so perfect for shopping sprees though and days out.
We had such a great time. It was my favourite day of 2017 so far and for once I just forgot about all the little things bothering me. In fact I did that rare unflattering goofy smile that I do when I'm truly in my happiest state (see picture).

We spent it in great company. Elliot's sister Tash and her fiance Giulio met us there and it was really nice to spend a day just us 4 because we had never done that before.

Although I don't have a huge amount to tell you about it and I don't have great quality photos I just thought I would show you some of the things we got up to in case you are thinking of visiting Bristol yourself!


So first up we decided to have a quick look around the shopping centre Cabot Circus and the high street. I had told myself I wasn't going to spend any money as I had recently treated myself but I quickly realised that was nigh on impossible.

First up I went into Tiger and grabbed the cutest mug. I've become a bit of a kooky mug collector recently and Tiger is the best place for them. I also got these shoe bows. HOW CUTE?! I am going to add them to whatever shoes I'm wearing all the time!

Next door to Tiger is Oliver Bonas and I had never seen one on a high street before but I knew of it online. It was as good as I thought it would be. The most beautiful homeware and copper everywhere! My kinda shop.
I didn't buy anything but I thoroughly enjoyed browsing.

I clocked Waterstones up the high street too so I went and got some books. I have recently been reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which I loved by the way. So I wanted a new book to read after that. There are so many books that I have heard good things about that I decided to grab them all.

I got The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins because I just know everyone has been reading it and apparently there is a huge plot twist so it got me intrigued to read it. I also want to read the book before watching the film.

Another book I want to read before watching the film is Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children so I picked that up.

Then I got a book I have been dying for. The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Wiking. My friend Seb introduced me to Hygge over a year ago and I've been wanting to learn more about the concept so this book was a great purchase. I started it last night and it's so interesting. Who needs to move to Denmark when you can be Danish right here in rainy Devon?

I stocked up on my Body Shop antibacterial gel whilst I was there too! I don't ever want to be running low on the good stuff!

The only other purchase I made was some pretty pink underwear from Primark. bralets are my other obsession alongside mugs.

We did plenty of browsing though! Tash and I really want the Valentines edition Doc Martens! The handbag is to die for! I spotted Megan Ellaby sporting it and instantly wanted it in my life.


After a long walk round the shops we figured it was time for some lunch! I think we walked around for a good 30 minutes trying to find a place to eat. Not because there weren't enough places but too many! All 4 of us prefer a little independent cafe to bigger branded ones but none of them were jumping out at us so we settled for a noodle bar. Which turned out to be closed down when we got there. So instead we went to the next place on the road. A burrito bar.

I have never had a burrito before so I got a little bit of that 'new food anxiety'. Like how do you even order a burrito? But apparently it's basically the same as subway. I went for chicken, rice, cheese and lettuce. That's it. Nice and plain for my first burrito. It was peng. And now Im sat at home writing this blog post dying for a burrito.

*googles Plymouth burritos*

YAS!!! There is a burrito bar on the Barbican. I am there!

Speaking of YAS. When we were in Cabot Circus I said YAS quite loudly and it echoed for days and we all laughed A LOT because it was so unexpected. So then I was like 'Oh my god, I need to shout YOU'RE AN IDIOT!' If you don't understand the reference, get out.

After our burritos we had done a lot of walking, so we stopped at a cute little vintage cafe. It was very Cath Kidstonesque. I had the best gingerbread latte I've ever had. Subtle and tasty. 

It was pretty amusing seeing Giulio drinking his tea out of a very feminine teacup :')

I also fell in love with Tash's shirt. Her friend Scarlett embroided her name on to it. I want one! 

After our little coffee stop we then decided we needed dessert so we walked towards the food court in Cabot Circus to find somewhere quick to grab one.
WE settled for Giraffe. Another place I had never been. I loved the interior. A very nice cosy vibe in there. But pretty pricey really. Tash and I had churros and Elliot and Giulio had brownies. Yummy indeed.

After that, we needed more coffee (big mistake). The lady accidentally poured Elliot and I a large instead of a small and so I was on a caffeine hype on the drive home and then I felt really faint and ill so I went straight to bed and literally felt sooo hungover the next day even though I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol.

Amazing Architecture.

I hardly got any pictures of the architecture in Bristol but there were sooo many beautiful buildings there. I just found myself staring all around me as we explored. Tash mentioned she wanted to see Montpellier so we used trusty google maps and took a walk to it.
It was basically a little street with some super cute houses on it but I really enjoyed just exploring down there. There was a cafe I want to go to next time we go in May. It looked like the most hygge little place I've ever seen.

One of my favourite things about Bristol was all the scarves everywhere. What an amazing selfless good deed. There were scarves everywhere for the homeless and people who are cold and you help yourself and then leave it somewhere when you are done for someone else. keeping Bristol warm. What a lovely idea!

We stopped for a little blog photo in Montpellier and I love these photos of me and Tash.
We were laughing so hard at her chins. 

My Outfit

I was quite happy with my outfit other than my jeans being ten sizes too tight. I KNEW I should have gotten the 8! 
These jeans were £5 in Primark. I know they are foul and a lot of people would hate them. I was aware of that after getting a lot of bitchy stares in Bristol but that's ok because I like them and the colour is pretty. 

I wore my Motel Rocks top over some pretty underwear and although I was cold I felt like it was a nice #OOTD

The only issue was the amount of glitter I malted. I was like a walking talking fairy. Sooo much glitter everywhere. I'm terrified to wash that top. Surely the glitter will just come straight off.

I was annoyed with myself for realising on the drive home that this outfit would have looked ten billion times better with my Docs. And I call myself a fashion blogger!

I used my Lee Stafford chopstick styler to curl my hair and used some of my new make-up items too. 

Oh and I took my green velvet backpack and Tash turned up with it too!

Vintage shops

One of the main things we all wanted to do was to look around all the vintage stores in Bristol and they were amazing. I saw so many things that I wanted but I had already spent a load of money at that point on the high street so I couldn't afford anything. They had the most beautiful fur coats! I just wanted everything. I feel like I don't have many vintage items in my wardrobe but I love the style so it is something I'd like to invest in at some point.

Tash bought the cutest bag too!

After a very long day and a stressful search for our parked car and a frustrating sat nav disaster we managed to get out of Bristol and drive home. I wasn't feeling great but it was a very tiring (but equally amazing) day.

I absolutely cannot wait to go back in May. Elliot and I are going to see Future Islands and we are buzzingggg

But that my friends, is what we got up to. I hope you liked this post and please do join me again in a few days for my next Degustabox review! It's a good one!

Speak soon, 

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  1. I'm so sorry it took so long to reply! I've only just seen this but I hope you had an amazing birthday! Bristol was so beautiful and I had no idea! I didn't think I would be able to pull off the outfit but I'm glad I gave it a go!
    Hope you're well

    Stacie x


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