Saturday 25 February 2017

February Degustabox...

It's time to share what I got in my February Degustabox with you all! 
You all seemed to love the last one so I've been excited to write this review!

I know it seems like it wasn't long ago that I did the January one and that is true but the way my subscription worked out I had two close together. But I don't mind because I was losing my marbles waiting for my next box.

I just love that element of surprise, the not knowing what you're going to get or even what to expect.

If you didn't catch my last post then let me give you a really quick insight to what Degustabox is. Degustabox is a monthly subscription box (however you can buy one-off boxes to give it a trial and see what you think). In the box you usually get around 15 items and you have no idea what they will be but my last two boxes have added up to around £30 worth of stuff.

But you don't pay full price for the full sized items. You pay £12.99 a month which I personally think is an amazing price, that's less than 50p per item!!

But with my code 'IOKD9' you can get your first box for just £5.99 making it a complete steal and it means you don't have to get as much on your food shop as you get a lot more from your subscription box! 

With my code that's less than 35p per item!! And can I just sneakily add in that there was a full sized bottle of wine in this months Degustabox worth £5 but you would have paid around 35p. Can't complain at that!

The January box was quite healthy. Mostly vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food which I was really happy with, there was nothing that I disliked and I guess it gave me the impression that this box was quite a snacky yet healthy type box. There were also a lot of items from around the world.

The February box was a bit more snacky than the last and still healthy. But not as much. Although I did like the healthy January box (a great idea as lots of people would be health conscious that month), I know a lot of their customers weren't so happier and wanted some more 'fun' treats in there. They listened to their feedback and did just that! I've seen some really positive responses off their customers on their Facebook page this time.
This one is more for those with a sweet tooth. But still healthy. Don't you worry! 
You're probably thinking 'Come on Stace, get on with it, what's in the box?!' so here goes...

Blossom Hill Wine

Well I've already told you there was a full sized bottle of wine so lets get that out the way first.
It was a bottle of Blossom Hill which I'm rather familiar with. I NEVER used to like wine. Too bitter, too yucky, horrible texture but last year my world was turned upside down and I found my taste for wine. Kelly Furniss this is all YOUR fault!

I started off on red wine and coke (calimocho) and found that I loved a good tempranillo and that became my go-to drink but after visiting Kelly recently I found a new love for Rosé wine. Moscato in particular. 

Now don't get me wrong, I don't drink wine all the time. People make out like I do *rolls eyes* but I have maybe 2 glasses a month. I got drunk like once and nobody will let me live it down. 

But yes, I can drink wine now and instead of opting for spirits and dancing in clubs, I would now rather relax with a movie at home and a glass of wine.

So when I saw this I was happy. I was thinking 'Result!' I don't have to stock up on any now!
With the Degustaboxes sometimes there are a variety of flavours to choose from so you receive whatever flavour you're sent basically.

There were two flavours. Elderflower or Summer Fruits.
Although I like elderflower, I would probably prefer summer fruits for a wine as I like berry flavours.

Alas! I got summer fruits! I'm not sure if this would class as a Rosé or not. It's the same colour and I don't know what distinguishes a Rosé or a blush from other wines but it tastes like a Rosé so lets go with Rosé.
It doesn't say on the bottle. 

But oh gosh, it was delicious. A really nice refreshing yet soothing drink. Perfect for summer! I am used to smooth wines but this one has bubbles. I wouldn't say it tastes fizzy, or sparkling, just light and bubbly which I really liked as I am not keen on fizzy drinks. 

I did really like this product and would buy again when I next grab a bottle after a hard week. I wouldn't have thought to grab a bubbly one before and that would have probably put me off but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It also didn't make me feel drunk. Just relaxed and happy (for once) haha!

You can find this wine in most supermarkets and local stores as it is very popular and it retails at £4.99

Kabuto Noodles

I don't have noodles very often but when I do, I always enjoy them. I had never heard of this brand before so I was excited to try them. Elliot told me that our friend Matt lives for these noodles so that's good news!

Whenever I do have noodles it's always the small broken up noodles or long thin ones in big packets from the shops that come in a block and you break up.
So I was surprised to see they were thicker strands of noodles, like shoe laces. I usually prefer short noodles to long as I become dyspraxic when it comes to using cutlery! I'm like a child learning to use them and then the noodle water splashes in my face when I'm trying to slurp them up and it all gets very messy. 

It says on the tub to fill them to the line and give it a stir then let it settle.
I did that and they seemed quite watery so I put them in my super cute soup bowl from Tiger.

Again there was a variety of flavours and I got vegetable laksa which again would have been my first choice. I was quite lucky with this box! Vegetable Laksa consisted of coconut, chilli, peppers and sweetcorn.

One thing I will say is that if you don't like lemon or chilli then you wont like this. It's very flavourful. So if you DO like lemon and chilli like myself then these my friend, are the noodles for you! 
The oddest thing is, I'm looking at the ingredients right now and I cannot see lemon on there at all so I must be completely wrong, but whatever it is, it tastes lemony. 

They were easy to bite up into smaller pieces and they wrapped around your fork without instantly falling off so actually they were very easy and not messy to eat.

When it came to the end, there was a lot of noodle water left but it was actually full of flavour so it was more like a soup. I then got a soup spoon and had the rest because I didn't want it to end. I really liked them and would like to try the other flavours! 

I loved the packaging. It's always fun when companies put jokes on the packets.
'Beware Samurai, for your noodles will be hot. Make sure you eat them before they get cold and do not reheat. Failure to follow instructions will bring great shame to yourself and your family'.

This was quite a filling lunch, it holds 274 calories, suitable for vegetarians, and is gluten free!

Available at Tesco, they retail at £1.99

Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz

Now, I'm sure we have all had Heinz beans before. We all know what they are like but these ones are a little different as they have no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives making them full of natural goodness.

I'll be honest, Elliot and I see beans as beans, so we tend to get the cheaper tesco's own option, every little helps right?
So we are used to those beans. Elliot wasn't really excited when he saw the beans but I got a little bit excited to be having branded beans again. It's a hard life. The smallest things make you smile.

I figured I'd use them up on some beans on toast but then I started to think about cheese and beans jacket potatoes. I was stuck. 

But there were two tins! Smaller size tins though so surely it wouldn't be enough for both?

I opted for cheesy toast with beans on top. 
My only complaint about beans on toast is the fact that the beans always get cold. However, I do use a full tin of beans.

I only used one tin and it was the perfect amount. Why have I been using so many in the past? And a little fact for beans did not get cold so thank you Heinz for introducing me to portion control. You have upped my beans on toast game. #forevergrateful

I can now use the other tin on a jacket and get my own way.

As for the taste, sooo much better than the supermarkets own brand but not much different to the other Heinz with sugar. But that's a good thing right? Still the same great taste but better for you :)

Available in most supermarkets and local shops. They retail at 65p per small tin.

Bebeto Sweeties

This months 'product of the month' were two packets of sweets by a company called Bebeto.
They are also deep down MY product of the month because they were my absolute favourite out of the whole box.

I am obsessed with sweets. I have cut down on how many sweets I have over the past year but it's always nice to have a little treat once in a blue moon. 

The first pack were Cheesecake Gummies which were actually really different. They genuinely do taste like the base of a cheesecake. I'm writing this knowing there are still some left in the cupboard (don't ask how they have lasted this long) so give me two seconds while I politely demand Elliot to pass me some. 

Love the texture, they are little gummy sweets and they look cute too. Little cheesecake slices :)
They aren't that chewy that they get stuck in your teeth, just a nice breakable chew. Perfecto.
Elliot wasn't overly keen but he hasn't got the sweet tooth and doesn't crave that sugar dose!

The other pack was my absolute favourite sweets that I may have ever tasted. I'm being serious.
CANDY CRUSH SWEETS. Oh my gosh. They were so good. I ate them all straight away.
Elliot and I opened the box and tried a sample of each thing and vowed not to eat anything immediately. Well that went out the window. I put one in my mouth and said 'Oh.. my.. good.. god' 
and before we knew it, they were gone. 

I'm actually gutted that they don't sell these in any of our local supermarkets. As far as I can tell you have to order them from the bebeto website so they will have to be a treat every now and then.
Sooo good though. I don't even know what makes them so good, there are a variety of sweet styles in there, bobbly ones, those little coloured liquorice pencil things, wine gums. They were just perfect. EXCEPT they arrived fairly melted making them very very sticky.
Thank you Degustabox for bringing these into my life. My new addiction.

Both packs of sweets are 100% halal certified.
Full of sugar though so not a very healthy option in the Degustabox! But what the heck, I've been good. Who cares! 

They retail at £1.69 each.

Koko Coconut Milk

I'm not a huge fan of coconut milk on it's own but I think it's mostly to be used in recipes.
I LOVE coconut milk in my porridge. It slightly alters the taste and I like the creamy texture.
I've been using this every morning in my porridge along with my Natvia from last months box.

What I love most about coconut milk is how good it is for you! Super healthy! I try to have coconut milk over dairy milk in most recipes.

Koko Coconut Milk is free from dairy, lactose, soya, gluten, animal fats, artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings. It's free from any nasties.
Its also long lasting and tends to stay fresh for 5 days!

This makes it suitable for coeliacs, vegans, vegetarians and those with nut allergies.

You can also enjoy it hot so I might try it out with my vanilla coffee that I also got in last months box.

Alongside the milk was a leaflet with a recipe on it that I would like to try. A Koko Dairy Free Pink Panther Smoothie!

Available in Holland & Barrett and Waitrose. Retails at £1.50.

Just Bee Honey Water

Oh my. This stuff is great. I knew I would like it anyway because it's honey water and blueberry flavoured. Too of my favourite flavours.

When Elliot and I opened the box, I opened the carton of honey water to give it a smell. I had never even heard of honey water before. I immediately said 'Omg it's beautiful' and Elliot agreed that it did indeed smell nice!

I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like. It's so hard to describe. I can imagine a J20 this flavour and it would be divine.

As for the taste, amazing. It's nice and sweet but not intense. Like a little treat for the mouth.
The only thing I would prefer is a stronger taste. But then again, it's water. The texture makes it seem halfway between water and juice. Like it needs to be one or the other. I think the flavour is so nice, I'd like it a bit more noticeable.

This is going to sound so odd and very random but if any girls reading this have ever had cystitis and bought the cranberry powder sachets that you put in your water?
It's that texture. But that is definitely not a bad thing. I don't get cystitis anymore but I used to and I enjoyed having it just for those drinks.

There's a sentence I never thought I'd write in a blog post!

I would definitely buy this if I saw it in the shops. Really really nice.
I really like the logo too even though I'm not a big fan of bees. But it's a funky geometric bee.

Now for the health related facts. It's only 49 calories per carton, it's a natural antioxidant and there is absolutely nothing artificial in it.

Also did you know bees communicate through dance? No, me neither!

Available at Holland and Barrett for £1.85.

Double Dutch Mixer

Elliot and I were confused when we saw this. Is it alcohol? 

It's in a very fancy little bottle which you would usually associate with vodka. So I thought, it's vodka.
But then we couldn't see anything on the bottle that even suggested it was alcohol, it just said natural premium mixer so then we presumed it's too mix with alcohol.
But we aren't big alcohol fanatics so we didn't have any in the house to try it with.

It's pomegranate and basil flavour which didn't sound too appealing and so I wasn't that excited to try this. BUT I like to give everything a go so I waited until a movie night to crack it open and have a little drink.

This was surprisingly really really nice. I loved the flavour. This is why we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. One of the things I love about Degustabox is that they are usually all things I wouldn't think to try when shopping in a supermarket so I get to discover so many great products that I wouldn't have.

I drank this really quickly and was sad when it was all gone. It's a sparkling drink and although I'm not usually keen on sparkling drinks, the flavour suited it well.
I saw they do a cucumber and watermelon flavour. I would have LOVED that.

Yes. Big fan. *Thumbs up* 

I couldn't actually find where they sell it but little online shops seem to stock it at various prices. I'll let you know guys.

Coldpress Juice

When I used to work in Wolverhampton my idea of eating healthy was picking up a juice smoothie with my lunch and that was it. They tasted like soil and also gave me intense stomach aches so I don't know why I continued to drink them but I did.

When I saw this, I assumed it would be the same but I eat way more healthy now and enjoy the taste of fruit and vegetables so I was intrigued to see if my tastebuds would enjoy it more.
I hadn't tried this brand before either.

Again, I was lucky with the flavour and got a berry related one over a green smoothie.
At first it was very sour but it's one of those things where it does it on the first sip but then your mouth adjusts. I had a look at the ingredients.
Apple, Raspberry, Beetroot, Pear and lemon. (The lemon must be the sour bit).

Did it taste like soil? No, not at all. Actually a really pleasant taste! I also didn't get any stomach ache however I did decide to take it slow and not down the whole bottle.

To be honest I didn't need too. It's quite a filling drink and every 150ml is 1 of your 5 a day and it's a 500ml bottle.
This means it also lasts longer, mine has taken me a few days to consume as I have been having small glasses every so often as a little energy boost.
This also lasts 5 days after opening which I think is really good for a juice as they tend to say consume within 3 days and even then they go super bitter.

So what makes this different to other fruit juices?
Well most smoothie juices are heated but these are cold pressed (hence the name) and so they keep a lot of the nutritional value in them and also more taste and vitamins.
Coldpress are 100% fruit and vegetable juices and so are low in naturally occurring sugars. My favourite kind of sugars. *smug face* (I wish blogger had emojis).

Only 65 calories too. Degustabox is great for you people trying to slim down. Lots of low calorie goodies!

Available at Tesco, Retails at £2.79.

New York Delhi's Americanos

Well if you like coffee, then you'll love this, especially if you like black coffee.
They are super intense. A little too intense for me. But still really really nice.

It's unfortunate that I don't react well to coffee in a mental way.
I get so hyper and form a speech impediment. I also get the shakes so although I like coffee, I don't like to have it too often. I find I crave it though.

These are perfect for my coffee tasting fix but I only need one every so often to keep me going. I don't feel the need for coffee when I have these. So although they aren't my favourite item in the box, they are helpful.

Elliot on the other hand adored them and said whenever it comes to any occasions he would like these as a little stocking filler gift. So it's a thumbs up from Ell.

I haven't even told you what they are yet, I do apologise. They are coffee beans (hence the intense flavour) coated in dark chocolate. 
Apparently they are great alongside coffee but that would certainly be too much for me. Although, Elliot would have a field day.

They retail at £1.00.

Peppersmith Dental Mints and Gum

In the box were two small packs from Peppersmith. Another brand I hadn't heard of. 
But it seems they make treats for your teeth. Gum and mints that keep your mouth fresh and healthy all day long. 

They have no sugar or asparatame but are sweetened with 100% xylitol and are recommended by dentists.

But how do mints work to keep teeth healthy? Well most damage happens when sugars feed the bacteria that form plaque and produce acids.
Eating the mints with the xylitol will help protect from that and aid tooth remineralisation. 

I found that the mints were super strong and it says to have a couple every few hours to keep your breath nice and fresh, they work especially well after meals. They certainly do give you a minty scent and they are very refreshing so if you like your mints powerful then you will like these. Perfect little handbag size to keep with you all day. If you get self conscious of your breath you can just reach for one of these and because they are teeny tiny nobody will know your little trick!

I loved the texture of them too. They reminded me of mint imperials because the shell is nice and sweet and then if you leave them to do their work without chewing they turn to that nice powder texture. Those are my favourite types of mints. 

I'm also a fan of the packaging because they have that little cardboard lid that slides together like the smarties tubes.

These are perfect for keeping in the car too!

The gum is very similar. Both are peppermint by the way. It's a nice texture. Not that horrible gum that hurts your jaw or goes so thin you're basically wearing down your teeth. 
A nice sweet yet fresh taste and not as strong as the mints.
I did notice the freshness lasted a long time after having them too which is always good.

It says on the packet to have 5 times a day which seems a lot but that would be for maximum dental benefit so you don't have to! 
It seems like they wouldn't last very long having them that often, that's the only downfall.

 I think a lot more people would have better dental hygiene if they knew about these as some people just can't stand the effort of brushing twice a day, flossing and mouthwash. 
By no means am I saying use these to replace that but this will help at least a little bit for people who are a little lazier with dental hygiene than others.

Its a great idea!

Alongside the mints and gum was a lifestyle magazine from Peppersmith which I thought was a nice touch. I haven't read it fully yet (I will on an evening when I have some me time) but I gave it a quick scan. It appears this is the first issue and is celebrating women of style and substance.

It has an interview with Emily Blunt which I want to read but I am just about to read The Girl On The Train which they talk about in the interview so maybe I'll wait to read that in case of spoilers.

At the back of the magazine I noticed a little discount code too! Visit and enter PEPPERMAG5 at the checkout for £5 off! 

They have strawberry flavoured dental pastilles too. I'd love to try those!

Diablo Chocolate Wafer

As soon as I opened the box and saw this Elliot was asking 'Can we have the chocolate bar yet??' every 5 minutes so I was cruel and made him wait longer.

The Diablo wafer has no added sugar and is cream filled. Ooh yummy! 

I gave in and let us half the wafer.

Honestly, I don't remember eating mine so I can't really comment. I know that's really bizarre but sometimes I just space out and can't remember things like that. And yes I am being tested by doctors to find out what's wrong with me :') I'm convinced that Elliot stole mine for teasing him but he swears that he didn't.

But Elliot was there to help. He said that it was really nice but nothing overly special. It was a nice texture, crisp...not one of those soft kind of soggy ones. (I know what he means) , the milk chocolate was a nice flavour and good quality and it was also a good portion size. A nice little treat for him.

That's all I can really tell you guys, why not try it for yourself and see what you think?

Available at Holland and Barrett for 95p.

Willy Chases FITCORN and Apple Cider Vinegar

Two of the items in this box were from the same company and I must say I have very good first impressions!

First up was FITCORN which is a popcorn free from GM, gluten free and also free from guilt! A nice healthy alternative to flavoured popcorns covered in toffee.
As good as they taste, they aren't good for you so I was very excited to try these instead.

Especially when I saw that I had received the honey ones. As I said earlier in this post, I'm a huge fan of honey and so I knew I would like these. 

They were amazing, the flavour isn't overpowering and the honey is more so an aftertaste. They didn't last very long, lets put it that way. Although they were a nice big bag!  They had a nice light and crunchy bite and I would love to try some of the other flavours which sound amazing and unique.

Apple Cider Vinegar (keep that in your mind one moment)
Salted Honey
Smoky Bloody Mary (whaaaat?)
Nearly Naked and Goats Cheese
Red Onion and Thyme

Now back to the Apple Cider Vinegar flavour. I absolutely HAVE to try these because alongside the FITCORN was a little sample bottle of their very own Apple Cider Vinegar and it was amazing!!
I can only imagine how good the popcorn would be!

The vinegar has been carefully farmed and crafted from apples grown in the 300 year old orchards in Hereford. It's not just any old vinegar. it is often referred to as 'The Mother Of All Natural Remedies' because of it's acclaimed links to weight loss, improved digestion, improved skin (I need that), hair health (I won an award today for 'Great Hair' so not needed but it can help me maintain *smug face*) and it also helps with immune system support.

Sounds good to me! But why do I like it so much?

Well actually I haven't properly tried it but I like vinegar and when I opened it for a smell I was in pure amazement. It smells so tasty. Super sweet.
Elliot said ' just smells like vinegar' but he wouldn't understand.
He's not a vinegar connoisseur like me. I can tell the difference. Very much so. He will be sorry.

I want to try it so bad but need to look up some recipes. It did come with a leaflet with some recipes for a Rejuvenating Morning Detox and also an Invigorating Salad Dressing but I need to buy the other ingredients before I can try that. I'll find some way to use it. Even if its on my chips. 

It says on the bottle to dilute but I needed to taste it immediately so I had a very small sip and it was fabulous. VERY EXCITED about this product!

Thanks guys! 

Willy Chase should do a blogger event one day to show us how things are made, like a little workshop. And then they should invite me. :) :) :)

Bags of Fitcorn range from £1.99 to £2.19.
The Apple Cider Vinegar retails at £6.95 for 500ml.

Find them on Facebook here.

Maui and Sons Banana Chips

I have bad memories of banana chips. My mum used to eat them all the time and I get really frustrated at the sound of people eating and she used to eat them like a friggin camel so I hated banana chips.

I was soooo glad when she said one day 'Stace, I think I might be having a reaction to the banana chips' I was like 'PRAISE THE LORD'. So she didn't have them again.

When I saw these I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Elliot and I tried one, both with a grimace on our faces because neither of us are keen on dried fruit but then after trying them we both went 'mmm' nodding our heads appreciatively. 

They are really nice! The chocolate is dark chocolate which would usually put me off but it was really good. It doesn't taste like dark chocolate. We have been snacking on these the past few days.

Maui and Sons only use the sweetest bananas from Thailand and they contain essential nutrients. They are also vegan, gluten free, have no GMO and no cholesterol. A nice little treat.
It suggests using them in desserts and yoghurts which I think is a great idea so I am going to do just that! 

The first one I pulled out was heart shaped. Awwwwwww.

Buy them for £1.00!

Well that is everything that was included in my Degustabox and again I thought the box was fantastic value for money. I didn't find anything I disliked, just things I liked more than others.

I liked that there were snacky things but personally I enjoyed the January Degustabox a tiny bit more as it was a bit healthier and lasted longer as there were more 'cupboard staples'.

This one had a lot of snacks that were so good they were gone very quickly!
But hey, who can complain at that?

If you are interested in trying Degustabox for yourself (which personally I think you should) then don't forget to use my code 'IOKD9' for a £7 discount meaning it's just £5.99 for your first box, including delivery! For ALL that stuff! Of course next months will be completely different and I have no idea what will be in it but I'll be reviewing that one too! 

Also don't forget you can get one off boxes or a subscription. Somebody has already signed up using my code and wishes she had got the 3 month subscription as it would have worked out cheaper. She was very happy with her box.

You can cancel a membership at any time with no hidden terms and conditions. It's very simple and I love being a part of this!

Thanks again Degustabox. Top marks. And now the long wait for my March box...

Thanks for reading guys,
Hope I haven't made you too hungry! xoxo 

Did you catch my last blog post? I visited Bristol for the first time! If you missed it not to worry, click here to read it!


Disclaimer: I was sent this Degustabox free of charge in exchange for a review. All words, pictures and opinions in this blogpost are my own and my 100% honest opinion.
I am not making any money from this collaboration. 

To keep up to date follow me using the blue button at the bottom of this page that says 'join this site'.
To read any of my other blog posts click on blog archive.



  1. I love the sound of the New york Delhi Americano's. As a coffee lover they do sound lovely! The banana chips too. Though I understand totally what you mean about 'other people eating sounds!' Hehe! My mum and I disappear into another room for silence from the crunching/chewing noises on the odd occasion! Yet I never tire of hearing my ponies munch away! It's always nice to discover new goodies to eat, drink and enjoy. Xx these all sound good treats!

    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Haha! Oh my god, the sound of horses eating is the cutest sound EVER :') Totally agree! Thanks for reading xxx

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