Saturday 18 February 2017

It's Getting Cold Outside...

Hi guys, just quickly dropping in to let you know I am on holiday so there won't be much on the blog over the next week or so. 

I'm not anywhere special, just having a little week off from all jobs and enjoying sunny Devon. It has been a beautiful day today! 

But before I disappear I just wanted to quickly show you my beautiful Chi Chi London cape. It's so perfect for this weather. It's sunny outside but there is still that chill. A big fur coat is too much but a light jacket isn't enough. It's so hard to get it just right.

That's why I was so happy to receive this on my doorstep yesterday. It's so much nicer in real life than I thought it would be too!

Chi Chi London are a very popular clothing company who do the most stunning dresses. I actually want to get my bridesmaid dresses from Chi Chi London but they don't just do occasion wear. No way are these guys one trick ponies. They also do outerwear, smart wear, casual wear and there recent new lines are beautiful!

I am a huge fan of their coat collection at the moment which you can browse here to see some of my favourites!

Although I like Chi Chi London for their stunning prom, cocktail and evening dresses which they are so well known for I do love this more casual vibe they are giving too. Yet still sleek and super sassy.

I saw this cape and thought I have to have it. They also do it in tan which is even nicer but unfortunately it wasn't available in my size. 

When it arrived, I was so happy with the quality. It's a really nice thick felt material that isn't too heavy. It fits super perfectly and one thing that really stood out to me?
Well, you all know me. I like my comfort, there is nothing I hate more than being uncomfortable and although I used to put myself through agony for the 'perfect' shoes...they weren't so perfect when I then had blisters for the next week and walked around like an idiot.

I now go for the most comfortable yet stylish items I can find and this is the perfect example. I always associated capes with discomfort because how do your arms go, can you fully relax them at your sides? But actually this one fits me so well that I can relax my arms which is nice!

I actually decided to wear this all day today as I went into town shopping with Jade (spent way more than I wanted to) and it was great. I didn't get hot or cold and I didn't even realise I was wearing a cape half the time. I thought that having my shoulder handbag on would be more complicated but nope! Really super impressed.

I'm annoyed at myself for not taking more photos of how I dressed it up afterwards but on top of these photos I added a brown leather handbag and my circle sunglasses. I felt really nice today! Got called gorgeous by a group of guys too. I've still got it :')

However, as you can see in the photos I wanted to go for a wintery vibe as it's getting cold outside. Jade thought I looked very parisian.
I paired the coat with some suede trousers from H&M. I've been dying to wear them but wasn't quite sure how to style them.
As my trousers are a little baggy at the ankles but tight on the thighs, I added some knee high boots which I actually loved together.

I did however notice I was head to toe in black and my hair was the only flash of colour so I wanted a nice complimenting yet stand out colour to add in.

I grabbed a grey t-shirt and added a dash of mustard. not literal mustard (that would be a disaster...I don't even like mustard) but my mustard cardigan and I was happy with that.

A choker here, a bowler hat there. This is an outfit I will definitely wear again. 

I decided to get this cape in a S by the way. I am typically a size 6/8 if you want an idea of the sizing. I would say this brand is very true to size. 

Elliot complimented me too and said he liked that it's not just a plain black cape but the buckles add a bit of detail. Fashion Blogger Elliot I heard.

I cannot thank Chi Chi London enough. The cape is so stunning and gives me confidence in saying their items are of a high quality. This gives me high hopes for my beautiful bridesmaid dresses. I would link them but I don't want to give too much away. I have never owned anything from Chi Chi London before so this was a nice addition to my wardrobe and as an introduction to the brand.

Oh Damn! I just realised how good my black leather studded gloves would have looked with this outfit. Ah well! I now know for next time. I'm sure you will be seeing plenty more of this coat on my Instagram feed throughout this colder weather.

Is it worth mentioning that there is 15% student discount by the way?
It's also free worldwide delivery and UK returns when you spend over £35
and even 10% off your first order! Loving life.

This cape retails at £37.99 which I think is a good price! You can buy it here if you wish!

Thanks for reading guys.

Until next week!

All the love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent this coat free of charge in exchange for a review and promotion. All words, pictures and opinions in this blogpost are my own and my 100% honest opinion.
I am not making any money from this collaboration. 

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  1. Beautiful! I love that Chi Chi London cape. I'm sad it's sold out in brown though! The Pink Paperdoll

    1. It's such a shame isn't it! Hopefully they will restock soon! Fingers crossed :) xx

  2. Have a lovely relaxed week. You look SO stunning in the beautiful cape. Best wishes. Xx

    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Thank you so much. I'm already having such a lovely week. Nice to be able to catch up on some much needed housework though! xx


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