Thursday 15 December 2016

Naturelly Goodies...


A company called Naturelly sent me some goodies this month and I wanted to share them with you!
I also have a discount code, an online offer AND a competition so keep reading!

If you haven't heard of Naturelly they are a company that make and sell jelly juice drinks.
Hang on, you haven't heard the best part...

It's all healthy! No bad ingredients, all good stuff and super tasty.

It's not very often these things go hand in hand. Lets be honest, you get all these healthy companies that say 'our products are great for you and taste amazing too!' but really they taste like sick. They aren't nice, don't lie to us.

But I promise you from the bottom of my genuine blogger heart...I loved these! 

Naturelly is a family run company. I love family run companies, they are always just so much more passionate about succeeding and so they don't rely on promotion and packaging, they actually care about if the product does what it should unlike some of the bigger companies out there.

Naturelly is more so aimed at children but to be honest, myself and Elliot are like big kids so it's fine for us to be trying these, right?
But I did share one with my 3 year old niece and she was also a big fan, asking for more. However, this is a Naturelly review from an adults perspective so she can back off, they are mine! Haha!

As far as I can gather it all started as typical mother worrying, 'I don't want my child going loopy from all these sugary snacks and I do not want them to be unhealthy!'

A perfectly reasonable thing to worry about, once again companies claim to be healthy but their products are loaded with sugar.

Not these bad boys, all naturally occurring sugars and only 7g of sugar which is great for a jelly drink.

But how did they manage to make a jelly juice drink with low sugar content? That's where Naturelly are different. They use gellan gum which is an ingredient found in lily plants. Who would have thought it? Super healthy and to make things even more amazing, they didn't add sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours, artificial flavours or artificial preservatives. 

Perfect for your children, tasty yet healthy. Nothing naughty which surely must give mothers peace of mind that they know what their little ones are eating.

So what flavours do they do and what are the products actually like?
Well let me tell you :)

Apple and Blackcurrant

So I got two of each flavour and this was the first one I tried and it says on the packet that they taste even better chilled and can even be frozen so I decided as I had 3 flavours that I would try them in 3 different ways to get a good review.

I tried this at room temperature. Because I'm such a lovely amazing wonderful fantastic fabulous sweetheart fiance, I let Elliot have the other ones so we got to try each flavour together.

At first I was like oh god no, then I was like hang on a minute, this tastes good.
So the texture caught me off guard. Because it's in a pouch very similar to a capri-sun I automatically expected a juicy texture. By capri-sun style I mean without the stupid sharp straws and holes that never pierce nicely, this comes with a very handy screw off lid so if you dont want it all in one go you can save some for later.

I didn't save any for later, it was gone in seconds. Elliots comment was 'Well you obviously really liked that'. Snide comment because I never finish a drink and I was still sucking the life out of the pouch once it was empty.

So yes, the texture at first surprised me. I dont know why because I was fully aware it was a jelly drink but the taste is sooo good. As expected, it tastes of apple and blackcurrant but I was pleasantly taken back because it tastes very sweet and I didn't think it would. It tastes like it should be a naughty treat, and we all know that's what kids live for. So they would definitely ask for this as a treat but actually they don't realise that it's good for them.
We shouldn't tell them that though because they will instantly change their minds and say I don't like it.

*rolls eyes* kids!

But yes, I loved it, couldn't get enough. In fact, I cracked open my second one straight away. Elliot wasn't such a fan but he hasn't got quite the sweet tooth that I have and personally I don't think he gave it a chance but whatever.

Summer Fruits

I tried this one chilled and Naturelly are correct, it does taste even nicer chilled. After this pouch I was starting to think that this could become an addiction, I'd only had them 5 minutes and I was like gimme gimme gimme!

Again, the flavour was lovely. Tasted like summer fruits squash, yummy!
As it was chilled, it seemed more refreshing. Perfect for when your kids have been on the run all day, chasing each other around the house, screaming their lungs out. They always gulp drinks down so hard they give themselves hiccups and this seems like a great alternative as it will cool them down nicely and won't fill them up to much that they will just throw it back up.

I'm a big fan, I really liked this flavour. Elliot also agreed that they taste nicer chilled. I knew I'd change his mind *smug face*.

Tropical Fruits

We tried this one frozen as an ice pop and Elliot actually loved this one because it was the texture putting him off and so this was like those jubblees and had a nice texture. Because of it being jelly it didn't freeze into rock hard ice but a nice softer ice.

I found that it slightly took the taste away and so I think I actually liked chilled the most and because of it being winter, cold drinks are not my jam...or should I say jelly (that was terrible,I know).
But in summer, omg, I don't care if I don't have children, Im having some.

I'd like to try this one chilled as I think it may have been my favourite flavour. I got strong tastes of orange juice and pineapple. Super yummy.

So where can you get them? And what's all this about discount and competitions?

Well you can get a whopping 25% off at with the code Natblog25

Also...if you click here you can buy one and get one half price from Holland & Barrett!

You may have actually seen this products before in Boots. They also sell in other shops and wholesalers but if you buy straight off their website you can use the 25% off code so be sure to make the most of it!!

Because they have recently started being sold in Holland & Barrett they are celebrating by holding a competition.

You could win a House Of Holland T-shirt and a £25 voucher for Holland and Barrett!! Make sure you enter as it ends tomorrow!!!! Click here

Big thank you to Naturelly for letting me try their products, I'm a big adult fan and I shall be recommending them to my friends with little ones! Merry Christmas to you all at the Naturelly family!

and of course to all my readers,

Much love,

Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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