Monday 19 December 2016

Christmas Home Decor...

6 sleeps everyone, 6 sleeps.

I'm so bladdy excited and so I'm going to show you all through just some of my Christmas home decor this year.

As myself and Elliot have only been in the flat for one year we don't have a huge amount of Christmas decorations so there are only a select few but I really love the ones we do have, so I shall throw some pics below, add the links if I can find them and the prices, and bobs your uncle.

(This is a rather rushed blog post as I need to get ready for work in 15 minutes, ahhh!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

We went shopping for a stocking each because we didn't have any (or so we thought...we actually had 3 at home) but we found this and both said 'Omg...look at it!' but Elliot really wanted it and so I chose a different one which I also really loved. 
His beard is so soft and I'm incredibly jealous of Elliots stocking. 

The Range...under £4.

I'm really annoyed that the range only have a select few on their website but not this one and only crap ones.

And Ta-Dahhhh! This is mine. I LOVE the patchwork and although it's festive because of the snowman, I kind of get an autumnal vibe. I don't know why but this reminds me of the pigeon lady in Home Alone? Anyone agree? But seriously how cute!

The Range...Under £4.

Every single time we go to Asda, without fail, I stare at the potpourri and this little rose gold/copper dish and never end up buying it but I finally managed to pull my hand out my pocket and get it!

I got the spiced apple potpourri and although it doesn't smell very strong, it's so pretty to look at and makes the perfect centre piece for our coffee table.

Spiced Apple Potpourri - £4 ?
Gold Dish - £6 ?

I'm taking wild guesses at these prices because no god damn thing is online?! What the hell?

Sorry ladies and gents. What a fail, you'll just have to try in store.

We've got this little man, I don't know where he is from, I can't remember how we got him and I don't know how much he costs but we have a slight snowman theme this year (not on purpose) and so he looks sweet on the window sill.

This was £1.99 from B&M, I know that much.

I actually love this, Just a little cuddly stand-up reindeer. He was a Christmas present last year so I've no idea where he is from. This really isn't going to plan is it?

This is our newest addition to the Christmas Decor family, an early Christmas present from Elliots mum and step-dad.
What a lovely Christmas lantern!
I love it so so much and it sits nicely beside our television. 

Now I couldn't find the exact one but I found a close very affordable alternative here!

These were homemade decs by my sister-in-law but they are too heavy for the tree so they sit either side of the TV. Super cute. I love anything homemade.

Oh my goddddd. I saw this in Asda for just £3 and had to buy it! It's huge and the most adorable winter mug I've ever seen. It didn't take much persuading Elliot either.

Again, it's not online. Pfftt.

We got letters from Santa!!! We get one every year and I'll read you a little snippet from each one.

Mine- Did you know that all my elves have been talking about you? They are all very impressed that you have worked very hard on your blog this year. Mrs Claus and I are proud of you too!

Elliots- My elves tell me that you have stopped picking your nose this year, that's excellent! Being 22 is tough and you are such a smart boy for your age.

I like having a selection of matching baubles on the tree but I do love the little one-off special ones and these are my faves.
The robin, gingerbread man and gingerbread house were all from Tesco and all £2
and again nowhere to be seen.

The icicle, bauble and snowflake were all from Tesco in a matching set.
The frosted apple and pine cone were from my sister-in-law
and the copper star is from the range and was around £2.

This was from B&M and hangs nicely from our curtain rail. We have a lot of tartan in our front room and so it fits in perfectly.

We have lots of fairy lights everywhere but Elaine gave us this one which is so sweet and we have put it in the kitchen window. 

This is just the best thing ever! Elaine (Elliots mum) makes us our Christmas cards every year and sometimes they are just plain cute and other times they are hilarious.
This year we got a Christmas canvas and I actually think it's adorable.

This is our little hamper that gets filled with Christmas food treats and sits on the bookshelf. I have a thing for wicker hampers.

We've got this little fella who is actually my first ever snow-globe.

And last but not least, our Christmas treeeeeeeeee! I'm not very happy with it this year, I like it to be all symmetrical but it's a tad messy and usually I prefer fake trees but I have changed my mind this year and actually prefer real trees. Next year we may have to invest in one!

Well...this blog post wasn't very good but at least you got a little sneak peek into our Christmas home decor!

Until next time, hopefully it won't be so rushed!

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