Friday 23 December 2016

'Tis The Season ft Motel Rocks...

I cannot believe it's the 23rd of December!

Almost the end of 2016 which has been the best year of my life. A lot of tragic stuff happened this year and it definitely had its downs but the amount of good things has definitely outweighed the bad.
I'm going to be writing a blog post next week on the year 2016 and we can have a look back at some of the worst and best moments. 

But with it being the end of the year this also means New Years Eve is creeping closer and closer.
Have you sorted out what you're wearing to the parties you might be attending?

Well look no further than Motel Rocks.
You have probably seen me featuring a lot of beautiful dresses on my social media lately and every single one of them is Motel Rocks.

They very kindly sent me even more dresses for party season. This of course meant I've had to arrange a whole load of nights out so I can wear them! In fact, I'm off out tonight in the beautiful green gabby dress I was sent a while back! You can read that blogpost by clicking here.

This means I now have 5 beautiful Motel Rocks dresses but as I have already featured the first two, I am here to show you the most recent 3.

The Winnie Dress 

How stunning is the colour of this dress?! I decided to get it in Petrol, hence the kind of oily colour theme.
I absolutely LOVE this dress. I think it's beautiful. I find that a lot of Motel Rocks dresses recently have been low cut plunge necklines and backless so there is a lot on show and because I have trouble with my weight sometimes they don't really suit me. This one is a high front but backless and I actually feel much much better in it. I can wear it without a bra and feel as though the boobs will stay in place and not flop out the side...basically. 
I will 100% be wearing this for New Years Eve.
It's comfortable too and although it's a tad confusing to get on because of all the straps, it looks really flattering once you've figured it out.

With it being overloaded with sequins, it does tend to 'malt'.
I have quite a few sequins across the flat now but it's not an issue with the dress because all the sequins that are falling off are excess. It's not like they are falling off and leaving patches on the dress, it's just like there are too many sequins for it to cope.

I was also really excited because Motel Rocks actually featured my photo on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr so I was really happy with that!

If you love this dress as much as I do then head over to it here and also check out the variety of colours. They have a wonderful choice. They also have a 70% sale on so some of these items in this blog post are reduced by A LOT!

And if you see something you like that isn't on sale, don't worry,  you can still get £10 off with the code GIFT10FORU 

The Moonchild Dress

Bit annoying that I rotated these pictures before uploading them and it just basically told me to go f**k myself.
So this is the Moonchild dress and funny story. I opened this and started crying.
I think it just hit me how lucky I am and I just kind of thought 'What have I done to deserve all this?'
It was just a moment of realisation and I got a tad emotional but I cried partly because of how stunning this dress is. I feel as though the photos dont do it justice.

You know when you see a dress in a shop and you think 'That would suit me'.
Not to be big headed or anything but you just know it will flatter your figure? This shape of dress tends to really suit me so I knew this would be a favourite.
All my other Motel Rocks dresses are sequins so it was nice to try something different.
I'm in love with the lace detailing.

I feel as though this would be a great party dress all year round. It's also see-through around the cleavage area so it still has that sex appeal to it, yet it's respectable and elegant.

I was really impressed with Motel Rocks when I had a look at this online because they only do this dress in black which is great but just so we can have variety there is a wide choice of patterns for you to choose from. Its not just this floral lace pattern so please do go have a look at the other patterns you can get this dress in. They are beautiful.

They actually have the exact same dress in velvet which I love even more and it's only £19 !!!

Go Go Go!

Take a look here!

The Corsica Playsuit

I was really intrigued to try one of the Motel Rocks playsuits to see the fit.
I chose gold because each time I choose a new dress I like to try a new colour so I have an amazing splash of sequiny colour goodness on my dressing rail.

When I received it I actually thought 'Omg what a horrible shape'.
 I thought 'This is going to drown me and be super unflattering'
and I was right, it looked stupid, really baggy and low at the sides again and I felt a bit disheartened but what do we do in this situation girls? We improvise!

I was determined to make it look good so I thought why not throw it over a t-shirt and some tights!
Also now that I think about it, I should have added a belt!
And actually I loved it! So I completely changed my mind on it and now I'm a huge fan.
You just have to dress it up to suit your shape that's all.
It's actually down to £25 in the sale too, what a bargain!
I might wear this to work on boxing day.

I love being able to wear what I want at work. 

Have a look at this playsuit and alternative colours here!

Whilst your there have a look at their other dresses, they have the best selection.

Like these beauties.

Well...this brings me to the end of this blog post and this is me officially signing off Blogger for Christmas!

I'll be back in a few days but for now I am going to spend some quality Christmas time with my amazing fiance.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend, get everything you asked for and enjoy time with your loved ones.
For those working this Christmas, I am so so sorry.

 Love to you all,

Disclaimer: I was sent these dresses by Motel Rocks free of charge in exchange for posts on Instagram. All opinions, words and photos in this blog post are my own.

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  1. These are such stunning outfits. Perfect for Christmas celebrations! They look so lovely on you. The moonchild dress is so beautiful. Xx I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Xx

    Best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Thank you so much Amelia. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and got everything you wished for. I wore the Moonchild dress to work and everyone loved it! Definitely a fave xx

  2. I am obsessed with all of the sequin dresses.. so perfect for Christmas! I am so impressed with your blog by the way, keep up the amazing work pretty gal! x

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments always make me smile. I have been loving the sequins this year! xx


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