Wednesday 28 December 2016

December Favourites 2016...

Hello everyone!

Did you all have a lovely Christmas?
I sure did! I was worried it would be crap because it was our first Christmas away from our families.
Well...not me, I've had loads, but as a couple.
It was our 3rd Christmas together but the first completely alone but Elliot made it so so special.
I've been a little stressed lately but he kept me calm the entire day so I want to thank him for that!

Fancy George Michael dying huh? It was really spooky to because Elliot had actually bought his dad a George Michael CD as a joke and fake signed it saying 'Thanks for being my biggest fan' and then he dies and Elliots dad opens the CD like 'OMG, you killed George Michael!'

But seriously...what a shame. R.I.P (and to all the celebs that 2016 has cruelly taken away from us).

But alas, we must go on and so let's get onto my December favourites!


OBVIOUSLY Christmas is in my December favourites. I think it's sweet how myself and Elliot tried to make it special for each other. I was the one that laid out all the presents, I even put a fake fire on Netflix (which by the way, is the most relaxing thing ever) and I wrote 'Merry Christmas Bubsey' on the light-box (my pet name for Elliot).

I threw on some Christmas music and then after opening our stockings in the bedroom he came into the living room. We didn't quite realise how many presents we had got. This is quite extreme for a couple who are 22 and 24 years old :') 

But it was magical, Elliot got me so many beautiful thoughtful gifts such as a full body massage at a spa, a sewing machine, some underwear, some trousers that I pointed out which he thought were hideous but he bought them me anyway because he knew I loved them, Finding Dory and much much more but I won't go on!

I also got lovely gifts from family and friends like Pandora charms, a coffee machine, Cath Kidston vouchers, money, Lush stuff, Candles, a handbag, home decor, and perfumes etc.

Even some brands spoilt me! OGX, Impulse, Tangle Teezer, Happy Socks, Nivea. They all sent me presents!

I bought Elliot a tent, a Star Wars Lego thing, a Star Wars puzzle, Books that he wanted for ages, clothes, board games, a vegan cookbook and loads more. I felt like my presents were underwhelming compared to what he got me but he seemed happy enough haha! 
He also got money so he got a PS4 which he was happy about!

After present opening we had a chilled day, I was really tired because I hadn't slept so I had a Christmas day nap whilst Elliot cooked his first Christmas dinner and it was the best one I have ever had, he should be very proud of himself! 

We settled down to watch Finding Dory on the night and it was just a lovely evening, my anxiety started to creep in but as I said, Elliot kept me calm. It was a wonderful day and I didn't want it to end. I loved having this amazing magical day with Elliot.

Looking Forward To 2017

I am so excited for 2017! Dreading some of it but mostly exciting.
At the moment we are in that in-between stage where nobody really knows what day it is and has no routine or idea what they are doing with their life but I'm excited to get past that.
I have sooooo many New Years Resolutions but I'm planning to do a blog post on that over the next few days.

I know nobody ever sticks to them but mine this year was to work super hard on my blog and hit 100,000 followers by December and I did it! 2 months early! So some of us DO stick to them and I plan to next year! 

I've enjoyed planning all the things I want to work on and change about myself and my lifestyle.

I have lots of exciting events happening this year and I can only imagine where my blog will take me this coming year and I just can't wait.


This month after visiting family for an early Christmas we stopped off at my brothers on the way back. Obviously to see everyone before Christmas but partly to babysit my niece and nephew. I don't get to see them very often and so when I do it's super special. My niece is in that really cute stage (which she never really seems to get out of) and my nephew can be a bit grumpy, growing up too quickly! But I love him all the same and he was actually really good for me that weekend and it was lovely seeing everyone.

Niomi Smart

I quite enjoy watching Youtubers and YouTube is something I plan to get into next year but Niomi Smart isn't somebody I had watched before and actually I think she is so down-to-earth and I just admire her lifestyle and she has convinced me to buy her cookbook and start eating healthy!
I had recently cut out meat (with a few mishaps) but generally I haven't had much meat at all for the past month or so and so eventually I would like to become vegan for the health benefits but I'm not going strict vegan just yet, gradually working my way into it.

But yes, Niomi Smart is beautiful and very inspiring and I really enjoy watching her videos, I always feel like I learn something when watching them, you should subscribe!

Tangle Teezer

As I said Tangle Teezer very kindly sent me this gift set in time for Christmas, they actually sent me two but I'm saving the other one for a friends birthday!

I know that tangle teezers are extremely popular and I had really being wanting to join in the hype and see what all the fuss was about so as you can imagine I was very happy to receive this parcel!

I first used it on dry hair and it almost ripped it out my scalp so I was like 'are you kidding me?' and Elliot said it's meant to be used on wet hair but after checking the packaging it does say wet AND dry hair.

I wasn't going to give up on it just yet, so I washed my hair with my new OGX stuff (blog post coming soon)  and then used it and OH. MY. GOD. 
It literally just glided through, no tugging, just soft smooth silky goddess gliding.
I was in shock. I DEFINITELY see what all the fuss is about now.

I was forcing Elliot to try it, I'm addicted and actually it works lovely on dry hair after a wash. Like if I let it dry naturally and then brush it, it's lovely.

The set also came with a blow-dry hairbrush but honestly I haven't tried it yet :')


New Darlings is an Instagram account which is run by a couple in Phoenix called Robert and Christina and they basically just blog their life and their photos are amazing. Their life just looks incredible. I don't really look at many people and think relationship goals because to me Elliot is relationship goals but they are just something else.

Check them out here.

Bosch Tassimo Machine

This was a Christmas present from my parents. Elliot and I had wanted one of these for soooo long and we finally got one! So far we have tried the Latte Macchiato and the hot chocolate and they are both peng. 
It's crazy how quickly it makes the drink and it always looks so aesthetically pleasing.
Big thumbs up mum and dad!


I asked Elliot to get me this for Christmas. Not so much for the fact it was Beauticology but I liked the novelty of the box and the scents of the products. It screams Christmas and I just wanted to try it but I didn't actually realise how good these products are.

As expected the products smelt divine but I didn't realise all the products are paraben free so that makes me really really happy! In 2017 I'm trying to use only paraben free products and so I've had a headstart! 

Copper Crockery

How nice are both these sets? They look different colours but they are both the same copper.
We all know copper has been my colour this year.

I love the flutes, they were £3 each from Asda and the Copper mugs were a present from Elaine for Christmas. I plan to get these engraved with our names, Sooo pretty.


I bought 6 new bralets for Christmas and I won't show you them all because I plan to get more and do a bralet collection blogpost.
Elliot got me this one and it's from Primark which really shocked me. It looks much fancier than Primark. It was funny because we face-timed his sister and she was like 'Gurrrlllll we're wearing the same bralet' haha! 
As I said in my last favourites, I am loving soft bras with no padding. You can wear the sexiest bras but be comfortable. Which makes up for the unsexiness of my beloved granny pants. That's a joke but I do prefer boxers to thongs etc. Still pretty ones though. 

Fluffy Socks

Can you ever have too may fluffy socks? No, no you cannot.
That is all.


Plants. In particular, artificial plants.
We recently went to IKEA and stocked up. I just felt the flat needed some more plants and I was right. They look great and I love them, expect them in lots of flatlays.

Motel Rocks 

Obviously all month you will have spotted these pictures and heard me going on and on about Motel Rocks but I have been obsessed with the dresses they sent me! You can read all about them here!

I wore them to lots of parties this month and got sooo many compliments.

And that my friends, is it for my December Favourites.
I'll be back in a few days with my New Years Resolutions, it's gonna be a long one!

Much love, 

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