Monday 12 December 2016

Last Minute Gift Guide For Girls...

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Christmas is just around the corner and if you haven't yet done your Christmas shopping then you need to sort your life out and get it done.
Otherwise you'll only end up in town on Christmas Eve shoving your way through the crowds, stressing because you're too hot from all the sweaty body heat, resulting in you buying crappy presents because it was the easiest thing to reach.

I decided to put together a last-minute gift guide as I myself am a little bit late to the party.
I would have liked to have done this blog post a bit sooner but lucky me has been on holiday! 

Anywhere nice you ask?
Nope. Just Wolverhampton, but all my nearest and dearest live there so in some ways to me Wolverhampton is the best place ever.

Anyway, I've featured a variety of items at different prices. I've tried to keep it mostly very affordable but featured some more luxury items too. 
I've tried to find something for everyone, everyone who is a girl anyway... At some point I hope to get one done for the lads so my fellow ladies can get some inspiration.

So this is perfect if you are looking for something for your girlfriend, wife, mother, sister, daughter or any female acquaintance. I hope it's helpful! If you have any ideas to add to it just let me know.

The Home-Maker

Has your mum being moaning that she needs new Christmas decs as she always has the same old ones? Have you recently moved into your first home with your partner or is your little sister growing up and moving into her own flat?

Either way, Christmas decorations are something we all need once we have our own place, I know this year I am going to really appreciate any Christmas decorations we get as presents. We had an early present from Elliots mum and step-dad and it's a beautiful Christmas lantern. How cute!

Whether it's home-made decs or a set of baubles for the tree, they are so so handy and will come in use for years to come and can be super sentimental if you get them personalised.

You can find some super cute personalised ones here!

It doesn't even have to be a typical Christmas decoration for the tree. How about a festive cushion? or a set of fairy lights? Copper ones are very in recently! In fact, get anything copper and you're good to go.

Christmas decs are a nice quick easy stocking filler and they are EVERYWHERE so you have no excuse.

The Sentimental One

Something home-made will always tug at the heart-strings. Every year I look forward to my homemade present off Elliot. I'm a big fan of anything art-deco and I love the art-deco cards from Clintons. Elliot buys me one every year and frames it in a gold frame to put on the living room wall so we can eventually make a collage wall and I love them! They mean a lot to me and remind me of all our milestones together and they look amazing at this time of year!

If you're feeling really creative and want to show off then you could even give my YouTube tutorial a try! Its a way to display Polaroid pictures and I would be very impressed if someone had taken the time to make it for me.

Basically, anything homemade is going to get you in the good books, whether it looks shit or not. It's the thought that counts and at least you tried.

The Beauty Guru

If whoever you are shopping for is into make-up then buy anything from the brands below and you're set. These are the most popular brands at the moment and almost every beauty obsessed girl would be delighted to find these names under her Christmas tree this year. I've literally never tried any of them but they are all over my Instagram feed so that must count for something.

The Blogger

This applies to anyone addicted to Instagram also...

Us bloggers cannot live without plants and candles. It's actually part of the job description and if you don't have them well then you're not allowed to start a blog.

Artificial plants are the best invention ever to us! We don't have to tend to them and they sit nicely in backdrops. IKEA do a fantastic range and I highly recommend having a browse.

As for candles, Yankee Candles are an obvious one, but if you have lots of money Diptyque candles are the hottest thing this season.
If you are on a lower budget then definitely go to Primark. Although they don't have the strongest scents they do have some amazing packaging and if they look good then sometimes it's totally worth it.

The Foodie

They say the way to win a mans heart is through his stomach. Us women are human too. We love cake. We love pizza and we love anything that's novelty so get creative and put together a hamper of our favourite foods.

It doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas themed foods (although you get extra brownie points) but just anything you know she will like. Make sure it's packaged nicely.
Preferably in one of those wicker baskets.

You cannot go wrong with food. We all need it to live.

The free-spirit.

Anything hippy or boho like a patterned blanket, a tea-pot or a lantern?

TK Maxx is a great place for one off pieces, I LOVE the lanterns in there and T2 is great for tea-pots, you could even make a little tea set, I actually wrote a blog post about T2 so if you wanna have a nosey click here.

Anything with a weird pattern that you might think looks hipster or grannyish will be greatly appreciated and charity shops are great places to find hidden gems like trinket boxes and brooches.

The Joker

If you don't want to get anything too serious and are aiming for light-hearted. maybe you don't know the person too well or don't want to spend too much money?

Well, go to your nearest tiger. They have THE BEST gifts. If you have never been to Tiger, it's a shop that is very similar to the bits and bobs section of IKEA. Little gifts that are lovely yet random. I got all Elliots stocking fillers from Tiger this year. It's actually my favourite shop of 2016. I'm very glad I discovered it. Such a huge variety of stuff. You could get a whole bundle of goodies for under a tenner if you wanted. It's like a good quality pound shop but not everything is a pound...hmm.

The Party Girl

Motel Rocks. Need I say anymore?
They have THEE most beautiful sparkly dresses but also some more subtle styles.
They are mostly around the £50 mark but any girl who loves to strut her stuff on the dance floor and get dressed up for a night out with the girls will love this! 
If you're feeling cautious and don't want to be too brave then why not consider a gift card?
That way she can choose something she knows she will like but I actually think being brave and choosing something you would like to see her in is a great idea.
She can always exchange it! She will appreciate the effort. Trust me.

The Creative One

If she is constantly making home improvements and likes to scrapbook and keep memories then Polaroid pictures are a winner.

She can decide how she wants to display them and it's super sentimental too.
If you're feeling generous you could actually get a Polaroid camera. The Instax one is very popular and then she can take the pictures herself. Otherwise why not try a website such as Polabora? You can choose which photos you want to print for her and there are lots of styles to choose from. Simple yet sweet.

The Mum.

Or the girlfriend who is comfortable in the relationship and letting herself go. A.K.A. me.

If she loves to be comfortable, spends most of her time in slipper socks, onesies and taking bubble baths then a foot spa is needed in her life. If she already has one then upgrade it lol!
I don't use my foot spa all that often but when I do...oh boy.
There is no better feeling than soft, scented, smooth tootsies. After a long hard day of running round after the kids or a full day at work this is the perfect evening treat. That way you get out of massaging her feet too! Maybe...

The Girl Who Has Everything.

Also known as the frustrating one. So hard to buy rather than trying to find something unique go the opposite way. Get something simple. A book.

Here are a few very popular best-sellers that she might not have asked for but will really love. Everyone loves a good book, if not, a film will do.

The Little Book Of Hygge
Girl Boss
The Miniaturist
Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
The Girl On The Train
The Essex Serpent

Take a look at Waterstones and have a browse

I hope this has been a little bit of help!
I didn't want to go for typical Pandora, bath sets and subscription gifts. 

Now get cracking, time is running out!

Much Love, 

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