Tuesday 25 October 2016

Trying Hair And Tan Tablets...


So as you can see from the title I have been trying some hair tablets and also some tanning tablets by a company called Natural Beauty Slimming.

Natural Beauty Slimming are based in the UK where all their products are manufactured. They of course are well known for their weight loss products. All their products are made of natural ingredients and they are very customer friendly :) 

However, when the lovely lady from Natural Beauty Slimming contacted me I politely explained that I am not looking to lose weight, in fact quite the opposite. 
She then made me aware of their beauty range! 

Their beauty range holds a variety of products including

  • Hair tablets
  • Coconut oil capsules
  • Tanning tablets
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Skincare beauty capsules

I decided on trying the tanning tablets because I've spent my entire life pale and so I wanted to see if they worked for me. 

I also recently tried Sugar Bear Hair tablets which claim to grow your hair quickly. However, when I tried them I personally found they didn't make a difference to my hair in the end so I didn't end up reviewing them on my blog. It kind of put me off trying hair growth tablets because I thought maybe it was just a placebo effect and none of them would actually work. But I decided to give these ones a try because I have been trying to grow my hair for about 4 years now and its still only boob length.

When I received my products I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. Both myself and Elliot really liked it. Rather than your typical cylinder shape pots that you usually get tablets in, these both arrived in unique pots. A lot thinner, and square? Easier to slot into a smaller cupboard space. I was amazed to find that the 90 tablets actually fit in! Really modern and smart packaging! The tablets were a good size too. Not too big that you can't swallow them and not too small that they stick in your throat.

Gold Skin Tanning Tablets 

When I received my tablets, I of course researched about them so that I could use them correctly for the best results. It states that they work when exposed to sunlight. However, when I checked the weather forecast, there wasn't any sunshine expected so I started to think maybe this isn't the best time of year to try tanning tablets...

But then alas! I had a genius moment and asked my friend Steph to help me out with this one.
Steph is much more outdoorsy, tans very well and also had just returned from Ayia Napa.

I, on the other hand have very pale skin, I burn very easily and never leave my house.
A typical English Rose as everybody keeps saying. 4 times I've been called that this month.

I thought it would be interesting to try two different skin types and lifestyles for the tablets because I had a feeling they might not work for me. Not because of the tablets but because I don't think I had the ability to use them to their full potential.

I have been taking the tablets for around 2 weeks now, I am aware that these tablets can take a few weeks to notice a difference anyway so maybe I should have waited a bit longer to write this review.
I haven't personally noticed a difference but that purely is just because I've been at work the entire time! I haven't been out in the sun as there wasn't any so it's pretty impossible for them to have worked. I guess it was all just bad timing but I'm so glad I asked Steph to help out because she had some really positive results!

These tablets also prolong an existing tan. Steph typically peels when she tans but whilst she has been taking the tablets, she hasn't peeled at all and her tan has lasted really well!
A couple of different people had said to her that she just seemed to be getting darker by the hour. I imagine this is because of the high amount of Vitamin D she probably had in her body.
She noticed being very very dark especially around her tummy and her feet.
Her skin looks radiant. I'm gutted I haven't managed to get a picture but I assure you, she's very dark and looks great. She hasn't being wearing any foundation because her skin looks so good! Almost smoother, less oily and full of colour.
She was really pleased with the results and this just tells me that if I had taken the tablets in the correct circumstances then I probably would have noticed the difference too. 

They can be used alongside sunbeds too so if any of you use sunbeds you would probably see the full potential in them and get much better results than either myself or Steph. You can get them here for £25 if you would like to give them a try. If anybody does decide to give them a go, let me know how you get on! I would love to know. :)

I think I might save my remaining tablets for some hot weather next summer and then re-feature them if they work for me? 

 I may not have personally noticed a change with the tan tablets yet but the hair tablets is a whole other story!

Hair Pro Tablets

I was really happy with the results of these tablets and I also shared these with Steph too. I don't usually ask for help when reviewing products but I really liked the idea of two opinions on one product.

I dyed my hair around 3 weeks ago, and Steph dyed hers last week.
My roots are showing more than they usually would at this point and us girls know that typically after a week from dyeing your hair you still have no root growth. It takes a couple weeks for me to see my roots coming through but already Steph has roots almost as bad as mine!

I soooo wish I had taken before and after pictures! I'm such a numpty.

These DEFINITELY work with hair growth. I also noticed less hair fall out when brushing my hair. My hair tends to break off very easily and it just gets everywhere but I haven't had that problem since taking the tablets.
My hair feels sooo thick but I think that might be down to my shampoo and conditioner by OGX but for all I know this could be a contributing factor. Other customers have claimed to notice hair thickness.

I'm so impressed with these tablets! I am going to continue to take them because I am really happy with them and hopefully I might get somewhere with growing my hair for once. Elliot commented on how long my hair has got recently and for a boy to notice?! Well that is just something else! 

I can't believe these 3 month supply tablets are only £15! The Sugar Bear Hair ones were around £90 for a three month supply. It also contains a lot more ingredients, all good things too.

I was excited to ask Steph how she got on with them and she also was really shocked at how quickly she noticed them starting to work, after three days! She also said she had grown hair quicker everywhere else too which gave us a good giggle but at least they work! 

My eyebrows also have grown thicker and longer but I like that because I have light thin eyebrows so this helped me out a lot!

I cannot recommend these enough. I really like them, I think they are great value and I'm grateful Natural Beauty Slimming introduced me to them. Thanks so much!

Get yours here.

As always, when writing a review I like to be honest and also write anything I think the company could improve on. After all, that is one of the main points of a review...to help the company know more about their customers views and what to work on for the future.

If I could recommend anything to Natural Beauty Slimming I would say that they should check their dosage instructions on their website and packaging. I was rather confused when taking both sets of tablets.

For example, on the box of the gold skin tablets, it states to take 2 tablets a day with a little sun exposure. However, the website says to take 1 tablet a day on a full stomach. This obviously caused confusion so I decided to play it safe and take one. 
Had we taken 2 tablets a day, would we have noticed an even bigger difference?

I think when it comes to tablets, information should be 100% correct and the same information everywhere so that concerned me a little. I think people would just take two because that is what it says on the packaging but what if they shouldn't? 

Also the hair tablets state to take 1 tablet a day and the lovely lady at nbslimming (who has been incredibly kind throughout the entire process) advised taking it before bed.
But the website states to take two for best results, one 45 minutes before breakfast and the other 45 minutes before lunch. 

Again, I decided to take one, but I imagine the results would have been amazing had I taken two!

This is obviously not an issue for me as I had no side effects whatsoever and I was happy with the results. I just think it should all match to cause less confusion for the customers.

All Natural Beauty Slimming products are manufactured in a GMP and FDA approved facility, and are packed under HACCP so you can trust that they are a reputable company and should have no worries about buying online. They are safe to take!

Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about this company. I enjoyed trying out the tablets, I loved the results and would highly recommend them! 

Thank you so much nbslimming, it has been an absolute pleasure!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Speak soon.

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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