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Leighton Denny Product Reviews...

Hello my lovely readers,

I hope you are all feeling better than I am. I'm still suffering with the dreaded woman-flu.
If you follow me on Snapchat (fbloggerstacie) you'll have seen how ill I am and also you may have seen my unboxing video of the products featured in this blog post.

I'm gonna go more indepth with my opinions on this post as I have now had chance to properly try the products!
So...for the people who have not got me on Snapchat...I was very kindly sent a few goodies from Leighton Denny. I had never tried his products before so it was nice to be trying a new brand!

Leighton Denny is a leading expert in beauty. He has multi award-winning products and is very well known for his nail and tanning ranges. 
He is popular in the celebrity beauty world and works with stars such as Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Adele. This is such an achievement for Leighton because he actually started his career journey as a forklift driver! Literally a prime example of reaching for the stars! He now holds the prestigious title of MBE and has his own autobiography 'How I Nailed It'.

He also does a lot of charity work. He has helped St Oswold hospice's campaign for the 'Great North Snowdogs', He was also an ambassador of Jeans for Genes which is a children's charity raising awareness of genetic disorders, and has also done his fair share for breast cancer care. 
What an inspiration!

I feel very lucky to be able to try some of his new products!
I have been trying his Light & Dark perfume and also two of his lip duals.

Light & Dark Delightful Perfume

When I first opened the perfume I was immediately attracted to the amazing pink colour! Most perfumes tend to be clear so this adds a lot of fun to the perfume instantly!

I really love the design of the bottle! I love the lid the most. I think it looks very classy and expensive and I also love the shape of the bottle. The way that it goes in is really handy for holding it and comfortable in your hand.

At first I thought the bottle looked a little plain and needed a little extra something but after speaking to Mr Leighton Denny himself, he actually informed me that this was a press sample and the design of the bottle is different.

I really really love the packaging, it reminds me of a homemade little potion bottle! Really cute and girly!

The scent is oh-my-god-amazing and I really struggled to explain the scent in my Snapchat but now that I've had time to think about it, I have a better way to describe it!

Pineapple sweets meets holiday cocktails.

I think this is such a sweet scent, yet fruity and refreshing. I instantly thought of holiday and everything tasty! I have a sweet tooth so I tend to like sweet scents. 
It reminds me of the fruity scents from Yankee Candle too. 

I think it is the perfect mix of the Cranberry and Mandarin Yankee Candle, Sex on the beach cocktail, and pineapple sweets. Very summery! 
This is perfect for hot weather and holidays, maybe not autumn / winter but this now gives me something to look forward to next summer!

I would say this is aimed at either younger ladies or women who are young at heart. It's so fun and uplifting. I totally understand why it's called light & dark. Perfect for the day-time but fantastic for a night out too! A very girly scent and a definite conversation striker.

The perfume lasted really well yesterday, I only reapplied it once through out the entire day and couldn't stop smelling my wrists. You know it's a good one when you're walking around Tesco with your wrist shoved into your nose! Plus I have a cold so my ability to smell could be altered and it might be a stronger scent than I realise!

Even though I said it is more of a summer fragrance I will probably still wear this a lot over the next few weeks before it gets really cold because I just really love it!

You can get your hands on one here and it comes with freebies! Go check them out.

Catwalk Queen Lip Dual

When I opened this I was really happy because I knew straight away I would love it as it's very similar to my trusty Rimmel Lipstick in Heather Shimmer. 
However, a lot more glossy.

This is from the sheen collection so it's meant to be glossy. I LOVE the packaging. It's so smart! And actually the pattern on the lipstick lid would look lovely on the perfume bottle. 
I like the double ended design of the lipstick and lipstain.

The point of the lipstick makes for a much easier application and then the lipstain has a brush applicator that you dip into the gloss.

When I did a swatch test on my hand I thought that the lipstick looked lighter than I expected but is actually very build-able so you can suit it to your preference. The lip stain was lighter and not so build-able so I was intrigued to see how it would stain.

However when I tried to wash the swatch off my hand I really struggled to remove the stain so it definitely does what it says on the packaging!

I also wasn't sure if you use both together, like the lipstick first and then the stain but after some research on the Leighton Denny website I realised there are numerous ways to use it!

You can use the stain on it's own for a much more subtle but long lasting effect.

You can use the lipstick alone for a deeper colour and then if you want you can add the stain over the top for an extremely glossy night-time look. 

Or to make your lipstick last all day and still get that rich colour you can apply the lip stain and wait for it to dry and then add the lipstick on top and build up your colour. Perfect!

I think nude shades suit everyone regardless of age or skin tone.

However, when I applied it to my lips it was not what I was expecting. It was actually very different. I applied the lipstick alone which looked quite grey? Not necessarily a bad thing but not great for my skin tone. Different to anything else I have so it's nice to have something new and a bit more variety but not my typical go-to shade.

So I wiped it off  and tried the lip stain which I much preferred. A more natural looking colour and a nice warming tone. That's when i thought I need to try these together...

When I did I got the perfect colour, very natural, very warming and perfect for the colder months! It is very glossy so maybe try and avoid building it too much but if you are looking for a nice nude lipstick with a lovely shine then this could very well be your saviour! 

I tested this out all day yesterday and it stayed put! My lips felt very well moisturised so yes, I am impressed!

Love That Red Lip Dual

I am a massive fan of red lipstick. I am also a massive fan of matte lipstick. This is the perfect combination. 

When I first tried my swatches off this lipstick I could tell straight away it was rich and would make a great lipstain.

I am now writing this the next day and still have it on my hand because I cannot get it off! Now that is a good lipstain! 

I am wearing it today...I LOVE the colour and think it really suits my skin tone. I love how red lips can dress up any outfit and add instant glamour. The perfect day to night accessory. 

The matte effect takes a little while to set, but once it has set it literally feels like you aren't wearing a lipstick, even when touching it. My lips feel completely bare which I really like and I have never achieved this with any other lipstick brands. 

The only thing is I have found myself reapplying this more than the sheen lipstick. The stain is great but the lipstick fades easier than the other. Still a fantastic quality lipstick though! Maybe I just need to have a play around and work out the best way to make my lipstick stay longer. I tend to use lipcote over my usual lipsticks anyway which keeps them perfect all day. It might be worth trying that.

I'm really happy I have discovered the Leighton Denny lipsticks and I'm sure they will be staple pieces throughout autumn and winter for me. I'm looking forward to trying them out with different outfits and make-up looks.

You can grab any of the lip duals here! They are currently discounted so grab them quick and also have a look at the other colours, there is a big selection and you might find a colour you fall in love with.

Thanks Leighton Denny!

You've got yourself a new fan!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. This is my first make-up related post actually! I would like to do more, some tutorials perhaps? So let me know what you think. 

If you would like to keep up-to-date with Leighton Denny then you can find his social medias and website below.




Hope you are all getting in the Halloween spirit, I know we are here in the Cunningham / Dalton- Tedstill household! 

Much love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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  2. Amelia, that is so so kind of you! I cannot thank you enough, it really means a lot. Thank you for being a loyal follower and I 'm glad you enjoy my posts! I shall also be writing the blogpost to go with it but not for another week or so yet ...but I will fit it into my schedule, I promise!

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