Sunday 30 October 2016

Lee Stafford Lovin...

 Hello everyone! may have seen that I haven't been very well lately and ended up being admitted into hospital with pancreatitis. I'm out of hospital now so thank fully I can get back to blogging! I only had 2 days off and felt terrible! I need to have an MRI scan just to check for anything more sinister but I'm sure I shall be fine!

Luckily I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers off the in-laws, a wonderful dress from Motel Rocks (which I cannot wait to show you) and I finally got to try out my amazing Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler!


Lee Stafford very kindly sent me a bundle of goodies to try out. The Chopstick Styler along with some Curling Control Creme, and the 'Fix It' Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Chopstick Styler

The Chopstick Styler is everything I have been looking for! As I'm sure you have all noticed recently when I have written any hair related blog posts, I have mentioned how my curlers just do not seem to curl my hair anymore.

I have always put it down to hair growth and weight. I figured my hair had gotten too heavy. So I used my small wand by Babyliss for tighter curls and although it worked, I wasn't after the results that I wanted.

I have always used Babyliss hair tools but never Lee Stafford.

I have tried Lee Stafford hair products before and loved them so I was already a fan but had never thought to try this. I am sooo glad that I have this now!

This Chopstick Styler is a bit different to other curling wands as it has a rectangular shape wand and also no clamp to hold the hair down so you have to use your fingers on the heatproof part at the top.

I have always preferred round wands so that they don't kink and also ones with clamps because then you don't have to worry about burning your fingers or have trouble holding it in position.

So I wasn't sure what to think at first. In fact when I first used it I was quite intimidated and should have probably practiced my holding technique first.

In the booklet that comes with it, it states to wrap the hair around the wand for 8-10 seconds. No way Jos√©! 

I did it for 8 seconds and almost burnt my hair off! I imagine it's different for everyone. I do have very fine, thin hair so that is why. I actually found holding it for 3 seconds is best for me. When I held it longer than that my hair would feel like it was sticking to the wand! There is no dial to change the temperature settings either so you have to work your technique around it to get best results for you hair type. I would recommend 8-10 for people with much thicker hair than myself.

Elliot was watching me and holding his breath haha!
So I stuck to 3 seconds and would recommend to anyone to start with a short amount of holding time and work your way up to which works best with your hair.

I also recommend doing half a strand at a time. I have quite long hair as it has finally started growing! By the time I had wrapped a strand from top to bottom around the curler I found one half was really curly and the other not so much.
So do half and half for best results.

I curled my hair in layers starting from the bottom and it took around 15 minutes to do my entire head which is super quick! I also didn't burn my fingers once so I did not need to worry so much.

I went for medium thickness curls. If you used thin amounts of hair it would be sooooo curly but that wasn't the look I wanted. I wanted Victoria from Twilight type curls and that's what I got.

I didn't find the rectangular shape kinked my hair, it actually looked way better than it does when I use the curlers with a clamp.

I expected my hair to be super heat damaged afterwards and there would be no way that it would brush through but surprisingly my hair just feels thick and glossy. I had no trouble brushing it, no knots and it's super bouncy.

I am so impressed with this curler and I finally have one that works and achieves the curls I've been trying to get for so many years. I've always said I'd love natural hair like this!

As long as I use a good heat protection spray, I would consider doing this more often as it really didn't take long and practice makes perfect.

For a first attempt I don't think I did too bad!

You can get your hands on one here for just £19.99 what a bargain!

Here Come The Curls Control Creme

I curl my hair a lot and when I do, I quite like to brush the curls out for a softer look. I can find leaving the curls as they are can sometimes look a little harsh and I like the natural look but it always goes frizzy!

I personally found I prefer my curls with the Lee Stafford curler when I don't brush them out because they already look natural but I tried brushing it anyway to see what it looked like and I was impressed. It didn't go mad and unruly, just softer. I think that could be down to this control creme.

You use this after washing your hair. A cherry size amount and smooth it through your hair from roots to ends whilst your hair is still damp.

I was worried my hair would look greasy in the morning but I didn't find that at all. It just had less flyaways which is always nice. the creme is thick though so be careful not to apply too much as I imagine that probably would leave it greasy looking.

You can leave this in whilst your hair dries naturally which is what I did or you can use it with a diffuser which I imagine would look amazing! I need to buy a diffuser so I can try it out!

I'd definitely recommend this for ladies with naturally curly hair! It defines the hair lovely and weighs it down too for people who have naughty wild curls that cannot be tamed.

Try it for yourself here.

Fix It Shampoo And Conditioner.

Omg, this stuff.

You know when you go to the hairdressers and they recommend a treatment to bring your hair back to life?
This is that stuff, I swear to god.

The first thing I noticed when using this Shampoo and Conditioner is that the scent wasn't that strong. It smelt nice but just wasn't heavily scented. So then I wondered will I get that lovely smell afterwards when it's dry?

It also had an underlying smell (very discreet) of aniseed. It actually smelt like a treatment, a medicated shampoo and conditioner which I was happy about because that's what it's meant to do!

It is meant to treat damaged hair. To fix, build and repair damaged, over-processed breaking hair.

So if it smells like a treatment, I guess it gives you high hopes that it will do just that.

When I did dry my hair the aniseed smell was no longer there, it didn't smell like medicated shampoo, it just left a sweet subtle scent of the nice stuff. It's very clever how it works! I was very happy indeed.

In regards to the health of my hair. I was put into hospital unexpectedly I didn't get chance to use it as many times as I would have liked before writing this post. I have used it around 3 times and haven't noticed any huge changes but of course not. I think you have to be using shampoo and conditioner for a fair few weeks before noticing changes. 

This shampoo and conditioner is actually one of the priciest I have ever used. Its around £9 a bottle each so almost £20 for both shampoo and conditioner. I cannot imagine they would charge a price like that for something that didn't work so I really do think once I've had chance to use it more then I will see results.

So I may have to keep you updated and let you all know how I am getting on along the way. I tend to do this on Snapchat so be sure to add me to keep up-to-date! (fbloggerstacie).

I did find my hair curled nicely and I didn't get any knots even though I'm very ill so maybe that is a good sign. My hair usually goes downhill when I'm poorly and this time it hasn't so fingers crossed!

Grab yours here.

Overall I am super impressed with the products I have been sent. My hair feels and looks great and it really has perked me up after a very bad week! Pampering is definitely good for the soul, and the pancreas apparently!

Hope you are all healthy, happy and well!

Speak soon, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. Your hair looks beautiful like this. I like the sound of the fix it products too! Xx very best wishes Xx

    Keep Calm and start writing -

    1. Thank you Amelia! I really love it too! Glad it's so quick and simple to use ! Have a great weekend xx

  2. I'm actually in the market for a new curling wand, specifically one that would give me quite tight curls so I'll prob look into getting this lee Stafford one. The fact that it's a rectangular shape rather than round is interesting!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. That's great to hear that this was somewhat useful to you. I hope you managed to find a good one! I also found the rectangle shape peculiar and expected it to leave unwanted kinks but I actually really liked the effect I got from it :) xx


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