Friday 2 September 2016

50 things I want to do before I die...

Welcome to my bucket list!

I thought I'd do something different this week, it's not fashion related or promoting any products.

Just a list of 50 things I would like to do before I die.

I really enjoy reading other peoples bucket lists because some of them are so inspiring and you just wonder if they ever got round to doing it. 

So yes, here is what I would like to achieve in my life.

Whether I actually get round to doing any of it is a different story. 

1. Learn to cook and bake really well. I'm not a massive fan of cooking, Elliot tends to take care of that whilst I prefer to do the housework. It's a nice balance and we never argue over chores and stuff so we are happy with this but I'd like to be able to learn more about cooking and treat him to dinners more often and be one of those ladies who bakes.

2. Buy our own home. I'd love to buy a house by the sea and really make it into our dream home and decorate it exactly how we want.

3. Marry Elliot. Obviously this is on our to-do list in the next 3 or 4 years but I just want the perfect wedding day. I don't want a big fancy expensive wedding, just one that is personal to mine and Elliots style. 

4. Get on a plane. I can't get on a plane right now because of my anxiety but I'd like to be able to overcome it in the future for my childrens sake and be able to take them on holiday.

5. Have children. Preferably one girl and one boy but I know it's not possible to choose. This is my top thing that I feel I need to do and I know Elliot feels the same. My biggest fear is not being able to have children so if I couldn't I would have to adopt! 
I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. all the women in my immediate family get up the duff about aged 19. I'm the exception. It's not because I'm the sensible one and we're not ready, we just haven't decided to have one yet. Probably because we care too much what our families would think to be completely honest lol and of course would prefer to be in a better financial situation. 

6. I'd love to be able to play an instrument well. I can play little bits of random instruments but I would love to be better at ukulele and also would love to learn piano but my fingers literally aren't long enough. I've tried already haha but I won't give up.

7. Learn a new language. I think being able to speak more than one language is fascinating. I think it's a real talent and would love to learn a new language. I'm not sure which one, but just any.

8. Learn more about my family history. I won't go into details but the other day I found out that my family history is not what I thought it was. I would like to be able to know the truth and not feel like everything is a secret. I don't know much about my family at all on either side and that's something I would like to know. Understandable I think.

9. Visit Paris. I have been before but I was young and it was with school so I probably didn't really appreciate the beauty of Paris. I'd need to visit the Moulin Rouge whilst there.

10. Become really good at make-up. I see all these Instagram accounts with 'brows on fleek' and beautiful smokey eye make-up and I just cannot do it so that is a skill I would like to improve.

11. I would like to have the confidence to learn to drive. It's not something really high up on my bucket list, I'm happy to walk everywhere but it hinders what jobs you can have so I suppose its a good idea. 

12. I'd like to be a full time successful blogger. This is my dream job and although I'm already doing it, Id like to make a proper career from it.

13. Start YouTube. Although I have started YouTube I'd like to be confident enough to post often and not feel self conscious.

14. Gain weight. My target weight has always been 8 stone but I just cannot do it. The heaviest I ever reached was 7 and a half stone but currently I differ between 6 and a half and 7. To have a healthy BMI and not be underweight I need to be 8 stone.

15. I'd like to write a book. Not have it published but just to do it in my spare time to say that I've done it. Maybe a biography. Or maybe keep a diary. That's something I have as a New Years resolution every year and I never do it. Although I suppose my blog is kind of an online maybe I can tick this one off? 

16. Grow my hair. I've been doing this for 4 years now but Im not getting anywhere with it but hopefully with patience it will happen.

17. Have clear skin. Since my teenage years I've had acne, it's nowhere near as bad anymore but it still bothers me and I'd like to get that sorted with some medication.

18. Grow a sunflower. Random one but I really want to. I have some sunflower seeds but we just need somewhere to grow it and something to grow it in.

19. Start a theatre group or dance class. I did performing arts at college and I really miss it!

20. Become better at art. I think I'm quite a creative person and with practice I could maybe be good at drawing so I'd like to give it a go.

21. Take up arm-knitting. I keep seeing amazing videos of people knitting with their arms and because I know how to knit it looks easy-peasy so I need to buy some huge chunky wool but it's sooo expensive!

22. Buy a dog or a cat. Or both. I reallllllllllly want a pet and I know Elliot does too, we just need to be in a better money and work situation.

23. Visit Amsterdam and go to Anne Franks house. There's a connection we have. I won't go into it lol.

24. Start a photo album. I have one but it's really crap pictures and all ripped and stuff. I think because we all have phones now we just use that to store pictures but I like the traditional way of printed photographs and so I'd like to start a proper photo album collection.

25. Give a large amount of money to charity. A cancer related one. 

26. Have every single paperblanks book. I collect them and they are beautiful. I need them all.

27. Try modelling. Although I model clothes on my blog, it's not exactly modelling is it? It's just me taking pictures on my phone with my tripod. I'd like to try a proper modelling shoot just for fun to see what its like.

28. Get my other ear pierced. H Samuel got in touch with me the other day and were sooooo generous and said they want to send me the matching necklace and earrings to my engagement ring so I must get the one that's healed up re-pierced. 

29. Have an art-deco or moulin rouge themed party. This is something I would LOVE! I'd be in my element.

30. I'd like to be better at Maths and English. I'm not terrible, I'd just like to improve any existing skills.

31. See all my close friends happy. Although this isn't something I can do personally. I can do stuff to help maybe. I like to see my friends happy and if I can help I will.

32. Have an unbelievably christmassy Christmas! This is something I will do when we can afford it. But just go all out and make it like the movies. (I swear this blog post is making out like we have no money whatsoever and live in a cardboard box but this is not the case haha, we are currently saving and so it feels like we don't have any money right now and have bigger priorities, that's all). 

33. Travel around the UK. If I can't go abroad I need to make the most of where I live.

34.  Have a friggin amazing laptop. It would make my job soooo much easier than this piece of shit.

35. Battle any illnesses I face. Obviously I don't want any illnesses but if I were to get something like cancer I'd like to be able to overcome it and win the battle although I am of course aware it's not a choice. 

36. Have a healthy diet and lifestyle. I'd like to be one of those people that get up, go for a run and have avocado with everything.

37. Go strawberry picking. I miss going to Essington Fruit Farm which was a childhood treat. Plus I friggin love strawberries now.

38. Go to a festival! This is a big one. I've never been to a festival. It would be great to go with my friends and blog about it!

39. Take up photography. That's one skill I think with enough practice I could really master. I reckon I'd have a knack for it.

40. Be a morning person. I love my sleep, a lot! But I feel like I waste a lot of my life sleeping and I'd like to be able to wake up in a morning and feel refreshed. Seriously need to sort out my sleeping routine.

41. Go to the theatre/ballet. I've been to the theatre and always enjoyed it but I'd like to go with Elliot and would love to see the ballet. Something grown up and sophisticated. Or something in the West End.

42. Design a fashion range. This would be amazing, such a dream come true. I suppose anyone could do it, you just need to have the motivation. I hope I can do that at some point.

43. Have a spa day. This is something I hint at Elliot about every single time there is an occasion coming up but he never quite takes the hint. I really need a back massage to get rid of my knots and I'm so determined to have a spa day. Maybe for my hen night in 3 or 4 years haha.

44. Go to the Harry Potter Tour. I think everyone and their dog has been there except me. 

45. Try Camembert cheese. Just really looks good and I've never tried it.

46. Go to London Fashion Week. For obvious reasons. Gotta do it for the blog!

47. Go wine tasting. Because I have a new found love for red wine.

48. Overcome anxiety. Although it's improved soooo much I'd like for it to piss off completely.

49. Climb a mountain. Not a big one that's dangerous but maybe a little one to start off with.

50. Just be happy and content with life.

I hope you all enjoyed this! 
I actually really enjoyed writing it, it makes you realise how much stuff you still have left to do and makes you motivated to get started. 

Why don't you write one and tag me in it? Id love to read other peoples :)

Much Love, 

PS: If you read this right to the end I have a little treat for you to say thank you for being you!

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  1. I love reading peoples bucket list's, the one about red wine made me chuckle (I've just started red wine and I feel like i need to go on a course to decipher all the different grapes). I hope you get to cross of lots of these, I'm sure you will.

    Lady Law Student

    1. Haha! It's so odd for me to drink but it's just the taste of this wine is addictive! :') I need to try them all. All the wine. LOL!
      Thanks so much, I really hope I do :) xx


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