Tuesday 6 September 2016

Happy Socks Fall / Winter Collection...

Hi Peeps, 

First up...I am not a happy bunny! My Instagram has been hacked !! :( Unless there is a fault on Instagram...Over 130 photos have been deleted and it just so happens to be all my important ones from the past 7 months. So many brand collaborations that I've worked so hard on..gone! 
I'm currently waiting on all the angry emails I'm sure to receive from companies asking why I deleted them.

Heartbroken. A years worth of hard work just erased like it never happened. But I suppose there is no point moping around, I just need to dust it off and carry on what I'm doing...even if I had got my Instagram profile on point, perfect borders, white background theme with pops of colour. Well now its all messed up. But hey, life goes on and luckily I have something to take my mind off it.

Happy Socks sent me a bundle of goodies! A press release of some of their Fall / Winter collection. It was a completely unexpected parcel so it was a lovely gift to wake up to, I cannot thank them enough. I need cheering up after a week full of horrific events. 

Happy Socks is a company that sell colourful fun hosiery and lingerie. Happy Socks was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. Their aim is to spread happiness through colourfully designed everyday essentials and they have something for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle is like!

I thought I'd go into detail about each item and take close up pictures so here we go...

Oh My Friggin God. How awesome are these socks? Hot air ballooooooons...so sweet! I love how colourful they are. I would totally wear these with a really plain outfit and then have the socks showing as a huge pop of colour. All the socks I received are nicely fitted by the way. Happy Socks are my favourite sock brand because they fit so snugly and stay feeling fabulous even after wear and washes.
They feel quite tight at first but you know that after wearing them they will stretch to fit your feet perfectly.
They are such amazing quality and I really like the length too!

If you love these fantastic socks as much as I do then you can buy them here for £9!

ORIGAMI SOCKS. How amazing are they?! These are my favourite out of the four. They are so fun. Unfortunately my pictures make them look black but they are actually navy. To get a good idea of the exact colour then have a look on the link to the website. 

I really love the packaging that the Happy Socks come in. Very minimalist and sleek. 
There is also a very thin thread that is attached to the tag and if you cut it with the scissors the thread just flows out so there is no hole in your sock and you are at no risk of pulling them unlike Primark socks where you just yank at the plastic and end up with a huge hole in them. I thought that was a very clever idea and just shows how much they care about their products and their quality.

If you want to look funkalicious in these fantabulous socks then you can buy them here for £9!

The Rose Petal Sock

I love these! Perfect for the summer transition into fall. I like that they could be worn all year round and they are subtle yet still have the Happy Socks colourful vibe. 

A little added touch that I love about all the socks is the little logo on the side. I just think it's really cute.
I also love that every pattern these socks come in also come in lots of different colours! You should really check the website out! They have SUCH a wide selection and all the socks are unisex too which means this isn't just a blog post for girls, you guys can get pleasure too!

I must admit I was very confused at first because I didn't realise they were unisex so when I went on the womens section I wondered why some of the pictures showed the hairiest legs! hahaha!

If these socks are an everyday essential for you then buy them here for £9!

Big fan of these socks, perfect for the colder months to come as they are dark and cosy. I really like paisley in winter too.
The only problem is that they were sent in the wrong size, they were packaged in the smaller size packaging but are clearly very much bigger than the other socks. But that's ok because it meant Elliot got a nice little gift from Happy Socks too! As I said they are unisex and as they were the larger size they were perfect for Elliots trotters. He's had a pretty traumatic week so it was nice to be able to give him a little pressie.

One thing us UK people might get confused with is the sizing but it is explained extremely well on the website if you use the size guide. It's only confusing because they are unisex and obviously not English sizes but it's very straight forward once you understand it!

If you love these socks and want a pair of your own buy them here for £9!

Also I highly recommend browsing the underwear section as they have a pair that match for pretty much all the socks so you could buy a nice set or even get a gift set for someone special. They have also started doing some mesh pants too, ooh la la!

Find them on

Facebook at Happy Socks Official

Use the hashtag #HAPPINESSEVERYWHERE to get the chance to be featured on their social medias and win a prize every month!

and most importantly click here to visit their website! Go GO Go!!! If you are ordering from the UK you must use the UK site I have provided.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative. I've fell in love with the Happy Socks brand all over again and cannot thank them enough!

PS: Did you see my last blog post? I wrote a bucket list of 50 things I'd like to do before I die.
Keep scrolling to view it!

Much Love, 

Disclaimer: I was sent these socks as an introduction to the fall/ winter collection and so I was sent them free of charge. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. Aw, these are so cute! I love the paper cranes, and the hot air balloons. So adorable :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. They are amazing aren't they ? :) Happy Socks never fail to amaze. xx

  2. My favorites are the Paisley ones! Definitely goes with my monochrome life!

    xx, rebecca

    1. They are lovely aren't they. Really cosy A/W socks. They couldn't have sent a better selection really! :) xx

  3. WOW!!! Beautiful patterned Thermal Socks.
    Nice posting.

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