Sunday 28 August 2016

August Favourites 2016...

Hello buddies.

I'm in a good mood and ready to blog! 
It's coming to the end of the month so you know what this means...
Favourites timeeeeee!

I relly enjoy writing up my favourites and sharing some great products with you and this one is JAM-PACKED so I'm mucho excite.

First up...

Pizza and Strawberries

Not together...don't be a sicko. But seriously, I've never been a massive fan of pizza but I seem to fancy it a lot more lately, I'm becoming one of those 'Pizza Queens'. 
But to balance out the unhealthy pizza I've also been addicted to strawberries. Maybe not that healthy because I sprinkle them with sugar but it's better than eating no fruit..surely? 
Can't get enough of them at the minute! 
I really want to try these candyfloss grapes! I saw Zoella post about them in a vlog. Grapes that taste like candyfloss, whaaaaaat?


I recently went to Primark which I haven't done in ages. I was very pleasantly surprised at just how much I picked up for such little money. I was looking for clothes for work. I'm working part-time in a pub at the minute. People have been asking why I got another job when I spend so much time blogging but that is exactly why I got another job. I literally just wanted more of a social life because I was never leaving the house or in fact getting out of bed so I find this gives me more of a routine so I'm happy. It's a nice work/blog balance. 
But yes, I wanted some plain smart/casual clothes because I was wearing the same three tops and trousers so I bought some t-shirts and some bottoms and I didn't spend much at all! Bargain. Can't go wrong with Primark.

My Green Sequin Dress

I don't really think I need to explain why this is in my favourites. Look at it!
Motel Rocks very generously sent me this dress and I can't begin to tell you how much I adore it. I won't go into too much detail as I have actually written a full-length blog post on it. Click here to read it! 
I'm showing you how to dress it up but also how to dress it down for a more casual vibe.


I have always been more of a writer than a reader. Hence why I write so many blog posts. But recently I've got into the habit of reading and have managed to read 5 books this last week! That's been my downtime hobby. 
I finished Tales of a Midwife by Maria Anderson and I really enjoyed it. I had always thought about being a midwife but it truly put me off so for that I am grateful lol!
I've also been reading a collection of books that my future mother-in-law bought me for xmas 2 years ago. I FINALLY got round to reading them. It is the Morganville Vampire series and at first I struggled getting into them but halfway through the first book and I was hooked. I think I was just struggling because there are so many characters and story lines to follow but once you understand everything you cannot put them down. Highly recommended. They seem like they are aimed towards female teens but I would recommend them to any sex/age.

Diff Sunglasses

I'm sure you've seen me raving about these on my social media. I LOVE them and what's even better is that I have now signed a 6 month sponsorship with Diff which means they shall send me 6 more pairs of sunglasses!! Very generous of them indeed, I'm so excited to see what they send me because I dont actually know what they will send. How exciting!
People have been asking me if I plan on writing a blog post about my sunglasses and I do..However I am going to wait until I have all my sunglasses and then I will do a Diff Sunglasses Collection where I can show you them all in one detailed group post. 
You might be waiting a while but it will be worth the wait, I promise *kisses*

Medea Jewelry

You will have also seen a lot of this bracelet on my social medias too! I was sent this stunning bracelet by a great company called Medea Jewelry. (They spell jewellery different to us) It is a 14k Rose Gold filled beads bracelet with a Hamsa Hand on it. 
The hamsa hand is known as the "hand of God". It protects its wearers and is known to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune to its owners.
They are made in Canada and they have charms to suit each lifestyle. They do bracelets for people who like to travel, who like the gym, and certain religions too! Such an amazing idea. 
This is the only bracelet I own that stays put on my wrist and doesn't fall down so I've been wearing it constantly but not for work because it is worth almost $80 so i dont want to risk breaking it. 
I also have a 10% off code which is STACIE so if you use that at the checkout of their website then you can have some money off! They also do sterling silver and black glass bracelets too! Be sure to check them out.

My Wedding Planner

How adorable is this? Its literally going to be my bible when planning the wedding! It has EVERYTHING in it. Stuff you would never even think of. The only thing that I never noticed when buying it is that it's actually american but it's still so so helpful so I don't really care. A wedding is a wedding. We have wrote down some ideas already and made some decisions but we won't plan anything until about a year before...except for the venue which we will probably sort over the next year or so. Highly recommended if you have no idea how to plan a wedding!


Although I haven't bought anything from Lush in so long, I decided to pick up a catalogue when I rushed past the other day and I am impressed at some of the stuff they are coming out with mannnn! They have some pretty funkalicious inventions lately and I NEED to try them!
They've got bath bombs made with loads of petals which is just the sweetest idea. I love that.
Re-usable bubble bars in the shape of flamingos, Chinese dragons, tea bags, acorns...the lot. They look amazing, take a look yourself here.

Stranger Things

Everyone is watching this on Netflix and I totally see why. I watched this all within a few days with the lads at the start of the month. I dont want to give stuff away for people who haven't watched it but I highly recommend you do. You'll love it. 
It's about a group of kids discovering something gruesome. It can be kind of scary and jumpy but it's not terrifying unless that sort of stuff gets to you.
It really reminds me of The Goonies but darker. Its very 70s/80s. The soundtrack is fantastic. I just really loved this series and can't wait for a second season which has been confirmed!

My Rose Gold Shoes

These caught my eye in Primark and they match my Skinny Dip London bag so I had to get them! They are a little uncomfortable but just need breaking in. I love the colour and shape! 

Birthday Gifts

My birthday was in May but because we live so far away from our family (I miss them so damn much!!!) sometimes it's easier to wait until we see each other than posting gifts and Elliots Auntie, Uncle and Cousins got me SUCH a cute set of gifts which included these storage boxes which are PERFECT for my dressing room/study.
A personalised keyring pen which is actually perfect for work and just in general. A cute notepad stack which helps for when you need a quick piece of paper for writing shopping lists etc..and then this beautiful notebook! Its so instagrammable! I love it, I need to think of a reason to use it. I want it for something special. Maybe wedding notes? We will see...

Straightening my hair

I am definitely one for curling my hair. It's naturally wavy with ringlets underneath but I quite like curls all over to add a bit of volume and texture. I like that messy kind of boho look. I'm not one for sleek smooth shiny locks but recently I straightened my hair and I actually really liked it and realised how much easier and quicker it was so now when I'm in a rush I straighten it. I realised how much my hair has grown too! 

and last but not least...

My ring! Of course!

As you all know Elliot proposed and he got me the most beautiful ring in the whole wide world. He literally couldn't have chose better, this is exactly what I would have chosen for myself. 
It is a created sapphire white gold ring and has cubic zirconia around the stone. It was from Ernest Jones who congratulated me on our engagement and my ring on Instagram! Haha! He had to have it specially made to fit me because I am only a size F which is kids sizes so they don't do them. They made it for me andddddd it's still too big so when we have money and time we will get that re-sized if it's possible to go any smaller. Stupid anorexic fingers.

But of course my ring is my favourite item from this month. I still stare at it all the time. I love my fiance very much and look forward to an amazing future together.

I hope you are well and have enjoyed my ramblings,

Much Love, 

Disclaimer: I have not been asked my any brands for a feature in my favourites. I included brands because I genuinely loved the products. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. Love your ring, sapphire is one of my faves =] Loved stranger things too, need a second season soon.

    1. I heard a second season is confirmed! Wheyyy! and thank you so much, I really love my ring! H Samuel actually sent me the matching necklace and earrings which my latest blog post is about! I Love them :) xx

  2. honestly.. the candy floss grapes are amazing!
    jen | velvet spring.

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