Wednesday 1 June 2016

My Maasai Colour Handbag...

Hello everybody!

I have had the utmost pleasure of working alongside Maasai Colour this week and I couldn't be happier! They are launching their new collection 'Halisi' today and I have the honour of being one of the first people to help promote it and offer you all 40% off their new all leather collection!

Maasai Colour are an amazing company who make truly beautiful handbags and purses. All their products are handmade by a small team of artisans in Nairobi, Kenya. They take the vibrant colours and patterns from African fashion and use it alongside the contemporary sleek style of London and I think they have hit the nail on the head!

When a very polite gentleman named Simon got in touch with me I was over the moon!

People who follow my style may have noticed that I quite like to incorporate African prints into my clothing and so when an African based company got in touch I was very eager to collaborate.

They told me I could choose any bag I liked which I thought was very lovely of them and so I chose my personal favourite off the website which was this stunning handbag titled 'Serengeti'.

This is from their Pendeza Tote collection. They have such a beautiful variety of designs and colours. You should definitely take 5 minutes and have a look.

This Serengeti bag has beautiful tan leather handles and ribs. It is made using only the highest quality materials which are all locally sourced in Nairobi.

The bag is made from naturally dyed, eco friendly Jute material and the exquisite pattern on the front is made from over 2000 glass and wooden beads. 

The fact that someone sat for so long making this bag by hand is just amazing and they are so unbelievably talented and deserve so much recognition. I'd like to thank them personally for my Serengeti bag as I am head over heels in love with it!

The bag has three leather lined interior pockets and the main compartment is zipped so your items are secure inside.

All items have a one year guarantee which is always nice to know. The bags feel such great quality that I doubt you would need to use it!

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this bag which is a first for me! I always like to be honest.

I like the shape of the bag, I like the fact that I know it will hold its shape for a long time. It's very sturdy and quite hard material too but I prefer that as they last longer that way. I think the pattern and contrasting colours are wonderful and I just know I will forever be using this bag whenever I can. It goes so well with my wardrobe and now I want them all! It was so hard for me to choose which one I wanted. 

I was so excited to browse their new collection the second it launched today and as expected, all the bags are beautiful !

You can browse their 'lookbook where you can see some lovely photos of all their bags!

For anybody who is interested in buying this fascinating Serengeti bag it costs £150 

I'd like to tell you a bit more about the company and their aims.
Maasai Colour are a very small team working hard to make a difference in deprived areas of Nairobi, Africa and they are truly inspiring. 
They are based in Nairobi and London.

Their mission is to be a powerful force for good in Africa and by making these bags they have already created 6 jobs in Kenya and supported 8 children through education. It sure is a start to something special.

One article that I found so interesting was 'Meet The Team' on the Maasai Colour journal. This short article introduces you to all the team members that are a part of the production of these bags and I just thought that was really nice that they all get their own little personal story and it's nice to see the faces behind the bag. See photos of who actually made this bag. It's quite fascinating really!

Such a talented group of artisans, it's great that their hard work is rewarded with help for their community. 

Today (June 1st) is actually the day of their launch for their 'Kickstarter campaign', they want to raise £25,000 to help make even more of a difference and take the world by storm!

They are being very kind to you all and are even offering 40% off their new collection 'Halisi'.

Halisi is a collection of all leather designs and so it is very exclusive and prestigious.

The money raised from this kickstarter campaign will help fund three new jobs and buy machinery to work leather and continue their ethical fashion journey.

If you would like to help make a difference and support their ideas and mission then you can help by buying one of these bags, not only is it making money for the people in Africa, it is also providing you with a bloody beautiful bag!! It's like giving to charity and getting something in return as a thank you. 

(If anybody is wondering my top and kimono are from Primark and my trousers are from H&M, hehe)!

Maasai Colour have been such an incredible company to work with. So friendly, polite, patient and inspiring, I had no complications during the entire process and as a blogger you get a lot of complications trying to organise collaborations!

Simon especially was very helpful and one thing that I thought was so sweet was that along with my parcel was a lovely little note explaining that my bag was the last Serengeti in the UK but it had been used as a display bag (it was in fantastic condition) and that if I would like they could send me a brand new one when they are back in stock. Of course I felt no need for that at all as the bag was perfectly fine but it's just little things like that, that make companies so nice to work with.

Also there was a large bag included in my parcel which would be great to use at the gym or even as a laundry bag and that was a little added item I wasn't expecting.

There was my year guarantee and a lovely little 'Welcome to the family' card. HOW CUTE!

Thank you so much Maasai Colour, it has been a pleasure, I will treasure my bag and be sure to tell your story to as many people as I can. I hope you achieve your goals as they are so uplifting and it's great to know people are out there trying to make a difference in the world and I'm flattered that I've been able to take part in this and do some good myself.

Don't forget to check out their kickstarter campaign guys! It would mean the world to not just me, but to many others. Take advantage of the 40% offer whilst it lasts! The Halisi Collection is stunning. Well done Maasai Colour! 

Thank you for reading, 

Until next time,


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