Friday 3 June 2016

May Favourites...

Ahh, the month of May, and what a wondrous month it was!

I had my 24th birthday this month and so that means I have lots of new things to add to my May favourites and I made a lot of lovely memories. I've also worked alongside a lot of amazing brands this month which has been so much fun and I can't wait to show you all what has been making me happy ! It's gonna be a long one, I'll try and keep it short and sweet :/ 

First up...

Getting Crafty

I have a thing. An Art Deco thing. I like Art Deco. A lot.
So every time it comes to an occasion my wonderful boyfriend Elliot treats me to an Art Deco birthday/ Christmas / valentines card and I like to turn them into pictures to put up around the house. They are too pretty to be stuffed away in a box of memories or in the bin! I'm trying to make a bit of a feature wall in the living room with lots of different gold frames and 1920s style pictures. I think they look really classy and it's a very cheap and fun way of making your own home décor and the best thing is that it's also very sentimental :) <3

Lenor Unstoppables

Lenor Unstoppables are life.
I really love the smell of most Lenor products anyway but these are amazing. If you haven't tried them, wait for them to go on offer in your local Tesco, Asda etc...(they can be quite pricey) and chuck a load in with your washing and it will smell so strong and the smell will last ageeees. I buy these purely because my flat fills with the scent whenever we do the washing and it's just a really nice smell to have in your home as well as on your clothes. There are a variety of scents and all of them are divine. I really love the pink and blue though! For a cheaper alternative try going to Wilkinsons who have their own brand version and I'm sure most of the supermarkets probably have their own as well.


I'm a big fan of Lush products however I struggle to go in store because I always get migraines from the strong lavender scents so I like to ask for Lush products as gifts so I don't have to go in.
Luckily, without asking, everyone read my mind this year and got me Lush things! Yaaaay! 

My favourite of all the products is the 'Ultrabland Facial Cleanser'. I had heard a LOT about this product but I really didn't think it would be for me as it's full of essential oils and I suffer with oily skin. Boy how I was wrong! Yes, it's extremely oily yet it doesn't make you LOOK oily? My skin was soooo soft and a lot clearer the next morning. I used it for a week straight replacing my usual cleanser. I noticed a big difference immediately and I am now addicted to this stuff. Thank you so much Tash for buying me this as I probably wouldn't have thought to get it myself.

I also got the 'Tooth Fairy Strawberry Tooth Powder'. It's pink, it's glittery, it's strawberry flavoured. How can this not be in my favourites? The after taste lasted for ages afterwards. I made everyone try it and nobody liked the taste or texture but personally I really loved it! 

I got the 'creamy candy' bubble bar which smells so sweet and girly and makes nice pink water and lots of bubbles and then I got two 'mmmelting marshmallow moment' bath oils which are full of moisture and make your skin nice and soft. :)

FCUK Body Butter

I got this for Christmas and it's took me till now to actually use it. WHY didn't I use this sooner. This stuff is sooo rich, velvety and moisturising it's unreal. It smells like heaven. Elliot always tells me how good I smell whenever I put this on so I've started using it after every bath. Gotta make an effort for him haven't I! *rolls eyes* 
But it's just amazing. Perfect if you suffer from dry skin or even if you don't. It is highly perfumed though so I don't know how it would go down on sensitive skinned hunnies.

Maasai Colour

I am sure you've all heard me raving about Maasai Colour this past few weeks. This is a company I have been working with to raise money and this is the BEAUTIFUL bag they sent me. I can't stop staring at it! If you missed my blog post I really recommend reading it. I had a lot of fun writing it and the company were a pleasure to work with.

My Henna Hand

I had been looking for one of these hand shaped ring holders for years! I just couldn't find one anywhere! So when I got one for my birthday I was very pleased with it. I think it's so pretty. I love the henna design and I think my rings look lovely showcased on it. I think it was originally from ASOS but bought on Ebay or Amazon? Love, love, love it!


This is the music I'm currently listening to as I'm writing this post. I first got into R.E.M in 2010 so I was a bit of a late starter but I've loved them ever since. It's feel good music and it always chills me out and makes me happy. If you need to smile, put some R.E.M on.


I attended a fair few parties this month and my favourite was Charl and Damons engagement party! A huge congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for a wonderful night. Everyone looked so lovely, here are some photos! 
I'm not usually one for partying but this month has been a lot of fun and for once I've actually enjoyed having a social life! :O

Beach Babe Essentials

Since moving down south I have made the decision that we shall visit lots of beaches this summer. We live near quite a few so it's not much effort and so I invested in some worthwhile purchases to help me be beach ready! 

I got this lovely summer dress from Primark for just £10. I wore this last week and got lots of compliments. Apparently it looks a lot more expensive than it is so that's always nice to hear.
I think it's perfect for a day at the beach or a seaside holiday, a nice meal at the Barbican maybe? 

I also picked up this huge beach bag for £9 from Primark. It comes with a detachable beach mat which I was thought was really neat and a great idea. This will fit so much stuff in it which means it's perfect for a day out by the sea. 

Salmon & Creme Brulee

Not together. Don't worry.

I don't know why but I can't get enough of Salmon lately. Or Creme Brulee ?

Not preggers.

Fancy Tissues

I like prettily packaged tissues. They just add a bit of femininity to your handbag or your dressing table. I always like to have a cute pack on me for make-up emergencies or when I'm struck down with the dreaded flu.


I got thee cutest rug from Tiger a few weeks ago and it was only £8. Bargain!
If you don't know what Tiger is, it is a shop that kind of reminds me of Ikea. You know the little bits and bobs you pick up from Ikea? It's like a shop full of it. It's very affordable and stocks such random yet helpful things. 
Fancy dress, games, cards, kitchen ware, furniture, sports gear, accessories, sweets, candles. Everything. Find out where your nearest store is! Unfortunately you cannot buy online.

Daisy Dixon

I recently won an Instagram competition to win three Daisy Dixon watches for me and two friends. I've wore this everyday since I got it and so it deserves to be in my favourites. I wrote a post about it. 

Dirty Dancing

I am that person who had never seen Dirty Dancing. Until last week. Elliots mum told me I needed to watch it so we had a girls night with popcorn and comfy clothes and it is now in my top ten movies. I loved it! I also found out that my mum has never watched it so a girly night with her is next up on the cards!! I've downloaded the soundtrack and it's been on repeat! Not sorry.


I've replaced all the cushions in our house this week. I'm going for Moroccan in the living room and spring woodland in the bedroom. I love all these cushions. Find out where they are from below.

Pink Moroccan- Primark £6
Colourful Moroccan- Dunelm 
Easter Bunny - Sainsburys £2.30
Plain Green - Latifs £3
Patterned Green - Latifs £5 each

Happy Socks

This month I had the pleasure of working alongside the well known company Happy Socks which was so much fun! They sent me some amazing products. 
I've been living in my socks and so I wanted to give them a quick mention!

DIY Face Masks

EatCleanTea sent me some of their Matcha and Mint Green Tea this month and although I wasn't a huge fan of the taste, I did enjoy the antioxidant benefits of it for my skin. I made my own face mask and my skin felt great! I'm not going to show you how to make it just yet as I plan to do a separate tutorial on it at some point! Just know that I loved it and soon you will too! 

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an app that you can download onto your phone to help you diet. The thing I love about this app is that it isn't just to lose weight but you can set it to help you gain weight. I'm trying to reach 7 and a half stone. I'm currently 7 stone but I want to be a healthy weight and I'm finding this is helping to remind me to eat and helps me know how many calories I actually need to eat daily.
It's very easy to use and I highly recommend it to everybody who wants to change their weight.

My Cherry Reed Diffuser

I saw this reed diffuser in Tesco not too long ago but it was too expensive so I didn't buy it then surprise surprise I got it for my birthday! I was very happy indeed. It smells so good and I've put it right by my front door so it's the first thing people smell when they walk in. It reminds me of cherry drops. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Let me know what you've been loving recently! I might not have heard of it and I might be missing out !! :O 
I need to be informed too!! 

Much love guys,

Disclaimer: Happy Socks, Eat Clean Tea, and Maasai Colour were all brands I have collaborated with recently and so I have been sent the products free of charge in exchange for mentions on my blog. All opinions are 100% my own honest opinion.

All other items mentioned in this post are not sponsored and are my own honest opinion.


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