Saturday 14 May 2016

Happy Socks...

So this week I partnered up with Happy Socks!
I'm sure you've all heard of them by now.

Happy Socks is a company that sell colourful fun hosiery and lingerie. Happy Socks was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. Their aim is to spread happiness through colourfully designed everyday essentials and boy have they made me happy!

Today I had a parcel arrive all the way from The Netherlands and inside was four pairs of AMAZING socks and a wonderful pair of pants!

I knew I was expecting a parcel from happy socks but I thought it would be one pair of socks, I certainly wasn't expecting four and the extra item. So as you can imagine I was super excited and I immediately got to work!

I thought I'd go into detail about each item and take close up pictures so here we go...

The Wave Dot Sock

These pictures actually really bother me because the socks aren't at an equal height but by the time I had noticed all my camera equipment had been put away so I'm afraid this will have to do.
I do love the socks though! What a beautiful colour! I loveee the pattern, I've been noticing patterns like this everywhere lately and I love it. All the socks I received are nicely fitted. They feel quite tight at first but you know that after wearing them they will stretch to fit your feet perfectly.
They feel such amazing quality and I really like the length too!

The only negative thing I could say is that they are quite loose on my heels and toes but that is not down to the Happy Socks item being badly sized. It's down to me with my deformed baby feet. I'm a size 3 but I can fit into kids shoes in a size 2, sometimes even a 1 so I was expecting them to be big for me as all socks are. They don't feel too big though because this is what I'm used to.

The Mini Diamond Sock

These socks are the funkiest little things I ever did see. They really make me think of my boyfriends sister! She would love these. Again, I love the pattern and colours. They just make me happy looking at them! The comfort is just a huge added bonus!

I really love the packaging that the Happy Socks come in. Very minimalist and sleek. 
There is also a very thin thread that is attached to the tag and if you cut it with the scissors the thread just flows out so there is no hole in your sock and you are at no risk of pulling them unlike Primark socks where you just yank at the plastic and end up with a huge hole in them. I thought that was a very clever idea and just shows how much they care about their products and their quality.

The Stripe Sock

Out of all the items I was sent these socks are my favourite and what is even better is that the pants they sent match them! The reason I like these the most is because they are quite nautical and remind me of something a sailor might wear. Year after year when it comes to summer I fall in love with nautical all over again. These are very much my style, it's like Happy Socks know me better than I know myself! 

A little added touch that I love about all the socks is the little logo on the side. I just think it's really cute.
I also love that every pattern these socks come in also come in lots of different colours! You should really check the website out! They have SUCH a wide selection and all the socks are unisex too which means this isn't just a blog post for girls, you guys can get pleasure too!

I must admit I was very confused at first because I didn't realise they were unisex so when I went on the womens section I wondered why some of the pictures showed the hairiest legs! hahaha!

The Stripe Dot Sock

I love these! I think they are so much fun with all the different patterns and I'm a big fan of the blue colour. They kind of remind me of exciting sports socks. My favourite part of these socks is the soles! They just look awesome! I'm so happy with all the socks I was sent. Great choices.

One thing us UK people might get confused with is the sizing but it is explained extremely well on the website if you use the size guide. It's only confusing because they are unisex and obviously not English sizes but it's very straight forward once you understand it!

The Polka Briefs

I was definitely not expecting pants in my parcel so I was pleasantly surprised! I am a huge pants hoarder. I love knickers. I've recently been tempted to buy more but this had cured my cravings so thank you Happy Socks! Unfortunately they had sent me pants that were a tad too big. They still fit enough for me to wear them though. I haven't took them off so they are certainly comfortable.
I THINK they are a size 12 in our sizes but I'm a 10 in pants which is odd because I'm a 6 everywhere else. I'm a little out of proportion lol! Take after my mother with her huge butt :) 

(and yes I did ask my boyfriend if he minded me posting these pictures and he was fine with it)

As I said I love the socks to match so these were the perfect choice! They came in lovely little packaging too which was nice and they feel great quality as well. I'm totally in love with all my items!

I highly recommend browsing the underwear section as they have a pair that match for pretty much all the socks so you could buy a nice set or even get a gift set for someone special.

Along with my parcel came this card which has all their social media details on. I'm in love with their Instagram account, its so bright and jolly :) Go check them out!

Use the hashtag #HAPPINESSEVERYWHERE to get the chance to be featured on their social medias and win a prize every month!

and most importantly click here to visit their website! Go GO Go!!! If you are ordering from the UK you must use the UK site I have provided.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative. I've fell in love with the Happy Socks brand and cannot thank them enough!

Much Love, 

Disclaimer: All these items were sent to me free in exchange for a review and all opinions are 100% my honest opinion. 



  1. These socks are all so cute! And the pants as well :) I love the mini diamond print particularly, they're so colourful and happy. And I love that they use a thread to keep the socks together, it's definitely a good idea. Plus it cuts down a bit on plastic use ;) I hate having to worry about ruining things by pulling tags off of clothing items, and sometimes you just cannot find a pair of scissors!


  2. Thankyou so much Erin! I agree, there is nothing worse than those little plastic tabs! 😂 I love your latest post 'Bucharest for a female solo traveller'. I hate when you want to research something and the Internet doesn't really give you much advice so I'm sure that will have helped a lot of people, the photos are lovely too! ☺️

    Stacie X

  3. These socks are super cute, I love pairing socks with my sandals so I will have to check out Happy Socks for some funky prints x

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