Tuesday 2 February 2016

Valentines Day Gift List...

Hey Guys!

So I wanted to make a list of gifts suitable for Valentines Day.

I thought it would be really helpful for the gents out there who are struggling to come up with ideas to impress their lady.

So hopefully you might find this blog post useful!

Ladies may also like this post as it might give you some inspiration for a wish list! You might want to start dropping the hints now...it's not far away!

Paperblanks Notebooks

Paperblanks notebooks are amazing! It's not just your average notebook. They are hand-crafted, beautifully designed, high quality, exclusive notebooks. I always love receiving these as a gift. They just look so special. Almost too pretty to write in!

The top picture above shows my two favourites that I own. They have locks on the side and patterned edges on the pages. There are a wide variety of patterns and colours and can be bought in WHSmith and Waterstones. 

They have a range of sizes and prices. They are more pricey than your average notebook but as I said they are very prestigious and beautiful.

They range from around £12 - £35.

I'm trying to collect all of them slowly because I love them so much. I think any girl would be happy with a Paperblanks Notebook. 

It might even encourage her to start something new like a diary, a story, a hobby. Who knows?

Yankee Candles

Yankee Candles are always a winner. You have to be very careful though, just because you like the smell of something doesn't mean she will. To get an idea of what she might like without ruining the surprise you could try smelling her perfume and seeing if she prefers floral scents, musky scents or sweet scents? What does her bedroom smell like already? 

You could always ask for advice in the shop, that's what the staff are there for. 

Yankee Candle have a hugeeeeee selection, all shapes, sizes and scents!

They do tealights which are the cheapest but I wouldn't really recommend that as they don't smell very strong and you'll probably look like a cheap skate :) jokes, jokes.

Then there are votive candles which again don't smell very strong.

I would recommend either wax melts or a full size candle.

If you get wax melts she can re-use the scent over and over and over again but you will need to fork out for a nice wax melt holder. Yankee candle do a lovely selection but they are available in pound stores too so whatever your budget it can be done.

The big candles are more expensive but they are the strongest ones. They scent the entire room and that's what candles are for so I personally would say they are the best ones. If she is prone to headaches or likes subtle scents this may not be for her.

Lush Goodies

If the girl you like loves anything colourful, mermaidy or unicorn related she will love the bath bombs from Lush.

They smell and look amazing! They do loads of items from shower gel to shampoo to toothpaste but bath bombs are their bestsellers and for a good reason.

They make you feel magical. Again you have to be careful to check what the ingredients are. For example... Lavender is a no-go for me as I get an instant migraine so I can't actually go into Lush because they do a lot of lavender scented things so I always get gifted Lush instead.

They do gift sets and the staff are always really helpful. I highly recommend Lush products and they will be selling Valentines Day themed products too!

Anything Personalised

It's always nice when your boyfriend has put in that little bit of extra effort to make something more personal and creative.
 Girls love that stuff.

The top picture is of personalised jewellery from Black Tied. You can have any name, quote, symbol you like on rings, bracelets, necklaces. They are really beautiful and surprisingly cheap too! 

I would be overjoyed to receive something like this! They also wrap the gifts really nicely too.

The second picture shows a card from Lalaland. They are a fantastic company who do personalised gifts. I think you can choose to have your own quote but they have an amazing selection of already made stationary. If your girl has got a great sense of humour then she will love anything off this website.

They do really funny cards and I love the pencils they sell. They do sets of pencils with movie quotes on so depending what her favourite movie is you might find something perfect. This is a fab website for unique funny gifts.

And the last picture is a notebook that my boyfriend got me for planning my blog posts from Getting Personal.

They have a hugeee variety of gifts and all of them personalised. They do kitchen d├ęcor to doormats to wine glasses. They have a valentines day section and I think it's perfect for gift ideas. I highly recommend this website. Speedy delivery too!

Hotel Getaway

If you plan on doing the 'hotel thing' you HAVE to do it right. DO NOT take her to the nearest Travelodge and book one night and do the rose petal thing. PLEASE. 

It's literally the worst idea. and it's scary how many men think its romantic. I used to work as a cleaner at a hotel and the day after valentines day was THEE worst day to work all year.
Condoms everywhere.

No girl wants to go a mile down the road to somewhere less comfortable than her own home for one night of sex which is clearly just for your enjoyment and not hers.

If you want to do the hotel experience. Take her for more than one night so she doesn't think it's just for the obvious. Take her somewhere far away. It's nice to be away from home and get that break sometimes. Take her to a high quality hotel, make her feel worth the money and definitely add a little surprise. A spa day is perfect. That way you have taken her there to treat HER and not yourself and your penis. lmfao.

Its important to make her feel loved and not used.

Designer Bags or Shoes

If you don't really have a budget and really want to spoil her then something designer will get you high brownie points. If she is a bit high maintenance and likes her brands she will really appreciate this.

Every girl like this needs a pair of Louboutins. They are the most beautiful shoes! 

My sister-in-law once saw a pair of Louboutins in a charity shop for a tenner in my size.

She didn't get them. I will never forgive her.

I don't know a massive amount about designer items and which are best as I'm not a designer queen. I like primark. I'd be happy with a milky bar for Valentines Day but we aren't all easily pleased.

Irregular Choice

Irregular choice are the cheaper alternative to special shoes. Still pricey but not thousands of pounds.

They aren't for everybody. In fact a lot of people think they are horrific. 

I however. Love them. My favourite shoe brand. 

If she likes to dress quite 'different' and likes to stand out I suggest a wow-factor pair of these bad boys. They aren't all in your face, you can get subtle ones.

They all come in amazing shoe boxes too!

Photo Frame

If you are on a budget this valentines day don't get her a gift card. or pants and socks from Primark. Unless she asks for it like I have.

A photo frame with a picture of you both in it is always sentimental and a keepsake.

Something she can keep forever. Super cute.

Little Extras.

Whatever you get her for just a little bit more money you can make it super special by adding some flowers or chocolates. Don't have to be expensive.  Roses are always good for this time of year. It will put you in her good books. 
Unless she hates flowers and is on a diet.

Disclaimer: Most images are not my own and are taken from the companies website or other peoples Instagram accounts. I take no credit for these photos

Hope this has been some help for you all!

Much Love, 

Stacie xoxox



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