Thursday 4 February 2016

My Boohoo Fit Gym Kit...

Hey Guys!

I have been working alongside this month to showcase to you their brand new fitness clothing range, Boohoo Fit!

I've been really excited to share this with you all. 

I'm going to be writing all about what I got in my Boohoo Fit package, what my first opinions were, if I thought the quality was good, and how well it all fit.

I have also been spending the past few weeks training in my new gym kit so I gave it a really good trial to make sure I can give you a detailed honest opinion on the products. All the training has definitely been a challenge (thank god for rest day) and so I'm going to be sharing some gossip on how that's all going as well.

So lets begin...

It all started around 2 weeks ago when I got my package from Boohoo through the post. I knew they were going to be sending me a few pieces from their new fitness range. However, I did not expect to find what I did inside the package!

This was the contents of my parcel...

May I introduce to you my brand new gym kit. The moment I saw it I fell in love. I've really had a thing for marble patterns lately so when I saw it I squealed quite a lot. I loved the colour! I loved the style and shape of all the clothing and they were all size 6. I am a size 6 all over so that was great. However, sometimes I do have to get an 8 in bottoms because my derrière doesn't always fit in a 6!

But once I tried them on I actually found that the size 6 bottoms were rather big!
They fit on the legs and the bum but around the waist area they were really quite baggy. 
I don't believe this is an issue with the product though. I've always had a really tiny waist so I have problems like this a lot. I am trying to gain weight so hopefully I'll fill them out soon enough! 
They are still super comfortable though and the crop top and jacket fit perfectly! Just because they were a little bit baggy around the waist, they did not disappoint me at all or sour my opinion on the product.

Not only had they sent me the most amazing gym kit, they added a lovely handwritten note wishing me happy training which was a nice added touch. Alongside the note was a fitness schedule for the 30 day squat challenge. 

Well. A challenge is a challenge and I don't give in easily. So I accepted.

I am currently two weeks in and finding it easier than I thought I would. When I first started I couldn't even do 10 squats without having a rest! But I am on Day 16 now and finding it less difficult as I've gained muscle along the way.

I wanted to make things a little harder for myself because it all seemed too easy so I did something stupid.

I decided to add another 3 challenges to my schedule. 

The planking challenge.
The sit-ups challenge.
And a weights challenge.

Now for somebody who doesn't do any exercise I was kind of throwing myself in at the deep end here. My plan was to do the same amount of each exercise as my schedule. So yesterday I did 140 squats, 140 weight lifts, 140 seconds of planking, and 140 sit-ups. As you can imagine I've spent most of the two weeks in pain and I'm only halfway through. But I'm so determined and already I'm seeing massive differences in my body so hopefully by the end of it I'll be really happy with the results. I will be doing a before and after blog post by the way so you can all see the difference! Please bare in mind that I am trying to gain weight, not lose it. So all my exercises are to tone and build muscle rather than lose weight doing cardio etc...

And on top of all that they also sent me a Graze box! Graze are a company who make snacks that show off the more pleasurable side of healthiness. Each and every snack has a nutritionist-approved badge which is comforting to know that you are eating things that are good for you.
They have over 100 snacks for you to choose from then they send you a box of your chosen goodies to your home or work. 

In my package I received...
 Cocoa and Vanilla Protein Flapjacks.
Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookies.
Natural Energy Nuts.
And Punchy Protein Nuts.

I have now eaten all the packages as I like to have a healthy snack after exercising and they were all so so yummy!! I'm not even a fan of nuts and I loved them so that's saying something! Super impressed.

Graze are also eco-friendly and all their packaging is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable!

You can check out their website here and see the massive selection of healthy snacks that they have created specially for us!

So as you can see I had some pretty awesome stuff in my parcel so a massive thank you to Boohoo for that. What a lovely introduction to Boohoo Fit.

Now let me get onto the actual product I really want to share with you guys. My new gym kit. I have taken some pictures of me in the gym kit so you can see the fit of it.
I'm not the picture of health and obviously everyone is a different shape and size so you'll just have to imagine it on yourself but you should get the jist.

So this is the pattern and material up close. As I said I am in love with the pattern, the pictures don't do the colours justice. It's a very vibrant blue but without being lurid. 
The material isn't your typical fitness material. I personally find that a LOT of gym wear can be very tight, restricting and unflattering because it's all Lycra style materials making exercise very uncomfortable. 

I've never been a fan of sports wear because of this, as it makes me look thinner than I actually am so I was pleasantly surprised when I felt the material. It felt thicker than Lycra and more comfortable but still really lightweight. 

I was eager to give it a test so I started my challenge and I was so comfortable throughout my session, although I got hot from exercise I didn't feel like I was too hot, the material is definitely breathable and because it's that little bit thicker and softer than Lycra I find that with the jacket it's a lot warmer when you're running outside in the cold weather. 

I wasn't expecting it to be amazing quality as Boohoo are not known for their gym wear but I much prefer this gym kit to any of my others. Not only is it the most comfortable, it's the most stylish.
I seriously love this gym kit.

The only thing that wasn't perfect was as I said...the waist. I know that's just me though. 
Maybe an elasticated waist with a pull string would have been handy? It already has the elasticated waist band but I just think if it was adjustable then you could tailor it to your needs. 

One other tiny tiny thing is that the elastic inside tends to twist? So when you put it on the waistband is a funny shape but it just literally needs retwisting which takes a few seconds and this really is just me nit-picking to find anything wrong that I can. Considering these are the only two things that were negative I think that they really aren't issues to be concerned about.

Here is a little gallery of me wearing the product in various ways.

One thing I love about the kit is the black panels that break up all the pattern.

I love the versatility of the entire kit. You can change it up to whatever exercise you are doing, or the weather conditions you are training in.

It's not just your average boring plain gym kit so you feel dressed up even though you're face is dripping with sweat. 

Overall I am seriously impressed with Boohoo Fit. I would highly recommend the range to anybody who is looking for a new gym kit.

Of course this is only one of the outfit choices on the website. They have loads of other kits for you to look at, but this was my personal favourite.

Only 2 weeks left to go of my challenges. Wish me luck everybody!

Big thumbs up for Boohoo Fit.

and also to Graze for the amazing snacks.

Many thanks.

Peace out,

Love Stacie xoxoxo

Disclaimer:   This product was sent to me specifically for reviewing purposes however all opinions are 100% my honest opinion on the product.



  1. Wow!Your blog is so fine you have shared fashionable wear it's looking nice and informative to me.Thanks for sharing valuable tips gymwear.

    1. Sorry! I just saw your comment. Thank you so much. I'm glad you found this useful :)


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