Thursday 28 January 2016

Throwback Fashion...

Hey Guys! 

I have been digging through the childhood photos this week to find THEE most embarrassing photos I could possibly find to show you which very attractive outfits I wore as a child and how my fashion sense has changed throughout the years!

Through the good times and the bad...

I don't know why I'm doing this to myself but I thought we could all do with a good giggle!


So this is me as a little baba, dressed head to toe in baby pink. Looking very girly. My mum must have got hair inspo from pebbles in The Flintstones! 

This is where it all started. We always knew I was going to be a show-stopping fashionista! Tartan trendsetter from an early age. Hahaha!

Oh wow! This dress is.....garish? Thank you mother for dressing me like a doll. I REALLY appreciate it.

Nautical was a favourite of mine from a young age. Looking like a little sailor girl here and also rather terrifying. This photo haunts my boyfriend in his sleep at night. 

Although I look drunk (I'm not) and my hair is everywhere I REALLY wish my hair was this long and curly now! and I have a Ralph Lauren polo exactly that colour. I predicted future fashion and here my friends is the proof.

I would genuinely wear this dress now. I love anything with blue and white stripes, very summery and I look hilarious but I do love this dress.

Has anyone seen My Sisters Keeper? You know when she goes to the beach......

We're wearing matching bandanas. 

Loving the twin set and peddle pushers. We've all been there. Do not lie.

Rocking the double denim. Can't get more on trend than that.

HA! this was clearly a time when I wanted everything branded but didn't really care if it looked ok or not. Bloody hell.

My first day at secondary school. Blazer far too wide and too long, buttoned up correctly, skirt to the knees, tie done properly, hair in a french plait. HOW did I never become a victim of bullying throughout my entire time at school?? Surprising because I should have been.

OH MY GOD. This was when I discovered hair mousse and would use so much that my hair crunched like when you step on a leaf in autumn. Halter neck top practically choking me because of my non-existant boobs. THIS is my worst photo. Ever. 

This was Christmas Day. My parents made me go walking in Cannock Chase. I cried the whole day and it was the worst Christmas ever. But I loved that parka.

This was when me and my friends discovered shopping was so much fun. We would go into Walsall and choose outfits for each other that we wouldn't usually wear but would look good in. Hannah obviously had a better idea about what would suit me than I did.

By the way...If I'm going down I'm bringing everyone with me.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! This is so so so so funny. Everything about it. The horrific cap, the chavvy pink hoops, the £1 scarf, the Nike jacket. My face. I thought I looked so cool!

We liked to wear matching outfits...super cool gals, matching hair, headbands, shorts, tights and leg warmers! Feeling a bit of an 80's vibe here...

My hair ! loooool. This was when my friend had loads of layers and I loved it so of course I wanted layers too. As short as you could get them so that your fringe went the whole way round your head.

Ready for my first night out. I loved this dress and thought I looked lovely. Looking back?...Not so much.

It was at this point I decided I needed a big change. I bleached my hair blonde, bought some hair extensions, practiced new make-up techniques, and tried to keep up with the current fashions. I had also started to actually gain weight at this point too.

I actually really liked my hair like this and my outfit too. My hair never goes straight like this now.

This was when I discovered fake tan. It went downhill from then on...

The hair extensions got rattier...

The make-up got heavier...

The dignity started to fade away...

But then I tidied myself up a little. Bought fresh hair extensions, ditched the tan and tried to embrace my paleness by dressing like a greebo instead.

I was fed up of people judging me by my hair colour so I wanted something more 'grown -up'. I went brunette with a fringe. I really liked my hair like this and really got into my shopping addiction. I always had new clothes and never had any money.

I took up Beauty Therapy so made more of an effort with my skincare routine and my make-up skills were better. I loved this dress and I still love these tights!

This was at the Clothes Show Live. I loved this dress and I felt really fashionable this day and got stopped by a company that loved my outfit and wanted to share it on their website. My hair is too short and dark though. Yikes!

My fringe slowly started to get shorter and shorter and my outfits more minimalist. Classic LBD.

And when I say my fringe got shorter it really did! I loveeee this jumper. It's super comfy and I still live in it. Very good purchase.

I was bored of brunette at this point so I went ginge!

Anddddd bought more hair extensions. As you've probably guessed I hate having short hair! This dress is another favourite. Orange midi dress that was only £7 from Primark.

I also liked having biggggg hair so would crimp it. And I liked leather a lot this year.

Like here in my leather leggings...

I soon after got a job at River Island so would dress in whatever clothes they were selling. I wanted to look the part and I got so caught up in it I decided to start my fashion blog. Love these circle sunglasses and I've lost this hat. If any family are reading this let me know if I've left it at your house. I miss it.

This was my interview outfit for River Island. I still love this outfit. I think it's very smart/casual and effortless.

and when I don't dress smart/casual this is the result, a layered pile of patterns. I love patterns. I love layers. so if I want to dress like a pimp I will!

This is a more recent photo. This is my current style. Warm long heavy coats, curly hair, old granny bags and some nice shoes. 

I hope you've all had some fun looking at some very funny but horrendous childhood photographs.

I definitely enjoyed spending some time looking through them all and deciding which ones were the worst and's been a bumpy ride and I'm sure there are many more fashion disasters to come but that's ok. We don't always have to follow the latest fashion. Fashion is what you make it, right?

Until next time,

Stacie xoxox


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