Friday 8 January 2016

My Handbag Collection...

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you all had a lovely time over the festive season with your families, partners and friends!

I know I did! It was a very lovely end to the year.

I haven't had a great start to 2016 though! My hamster Walter passed away :( so I'm very depressed but I'm taking my mind off it by writing a blog post for you all.

I decided to show you all my handbag collection! 

I've got a whole range of styles, colours, brands, price ranges, the lot! 

Soooo...Welcome to my wardrobe.

This brown leather bag is a personal favourite. I use this very often, I like to have casual bags that I can just grab if I'm popping out that go with all my outfits and this is one of them. I'm a big fan of brown leather bags as you will see during this blog post! This one was a gift from my boyfriends mother, I THINK she said it was from Sainsburys? I actually really like some of the bags you find in the supermarkets, I feel like they are just as up to date as all of the typical fashion shops. 
I particularly like the floral pattern on the inside! As well as the pattern on the outside. 
Big fan of this. Thanks Elaine!

I bought this black clutch during one of those emergency moments. I didn't own any clutch bags and I was going on a night out and I thought 'crap, I need to buy a bag'. We've all been there...Well this is the only one I could find in my price range, it's a primarni special. I'm not overly keen on it but it does look good to dress up a nice leather jacket and if you were wearing a little black dress this does look good on the dancefloor because the gems hit off the lights. It has a handle on the side but you can tuck it in to make it a proper clutch.

I love this bag. I've had this for three years now so it's looking very worn and weathered because during summer I like to wear this one a lot. I love tassels, I love crochet and I love beads. This did have lots of beads down the tassels too but I took them off to put in my hair :)
So although this one is aged, its still a favourite. This was one was also a Primark purchase.

This one is my ultimate winter time bag. It does look good during Christmas but I love to wear it when its snowy. I used to wear this with my parka all the time. It is a River Island bag and has an adjustable strap. I love the sequin detail and it's huge. You can fit so much in this bag, however it can get quite heavy on your shoulder. 

This is my Fiorelli handbag. I got this on my trip to Cheshire Oaks last year. Cheshire Oaks is a designer outlet and if you want to find out what other designer items I bought then you can read all about my visit in my post 'Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet'.
I like the baby pink colour, it's very neutral and goes with a lot. This is my grown-up bag. It's got lots of compartments. 
Is it just me or do mums only buy bags with millions of compartments?
I always lose stuff in this bag because there are four different sections so it can get confusing and I'm also terrified I'm gonna scrape it up a wall and have a big black line across it so I have to be careful. I think this one is £60? But could have been reduced since...

This is just a basic £10 bag from Primark. They always have the same design in stock and this is my most used bag. I always have it to hand. It's more spacious than it looks and it's nice and lightweight so you don't really feel like you're wearing it. It can be worn in many different ways which is a plus.
The pom pom attached is from River Island and they are about £7. Tip: Buy them from the kids section to get them cheaper. You're welcome.

This is my knitting bag. It's where I store the pieces that I'm working on so I can take them places with me if I feel like knitting on the go. This was a gift from Elliot's sister Tash. She is so creative and I'm insanely jealous of her handwriting, it's so pretty. 
Also with the 5p bag charge having a reusable bag like this can come in really handy!

Yet again this was another 'I don't have a clutch bag for tonight' emergency.
It was my cousins wedding and I needed a gold clutch as that was the only colour that I felt would look good with my dress. This was the first one I found and we all know how it goes...we shop around for hours on end trying to find a better one and then you always go back to the first one.
I actually really like this one, it doesn't fit a lot in though which can be annoying. You can take the chain off or keep it on. It also took me hours to figure out how to open it. 
I got this for £12 from Claires Accessories.

Another River Island bag. This was my work bag last year. I just think satchels look that little bit smarter and it fitted everything in just perfectly. It looked very nice in spring/summer as the pastel lilac was a big trend at the time. You can wear this one in multiple ways, even as a backpack which I thought was quite different. This is the bigger size and costs £30 and you can get the smaller one for £20. River Island tend to bring in the popular designs year after year but slightly alter them so I'm sure this will make a comeback as it was a best-seller. 

I got this bum bag during the festival phase when everyone was wearing them. It was only £4 from Primark. I've wore it once. It sits funny and fits maybe a lipstick. 
It's one of those I can't throw away though because what if I have a bum bag emergency and need one?
Always thinking ahead this one.

or making excuses for myself...

This is definitely in my top 5. Another River Island bag. I loveeeee the colour. I like to wear this one on date nights. Perfect for your phone, some make-up and money. I got this one for £12 reduced from £20. 

This is my BIG shopping bag. You can't really tell by this picture but it is MASSIVE. It reminds me of being in Year 7 and having a bag bigger than my body. This is the one I take to town when I know I'm going to have a splurge. It can get very heavy as it's heavy when it's empty from the sheer size of it! 
Although it's very plain I think it's really nice and I got it soooo cheap. Primark £5. Can't complain at that ladies.

I am a massive fan of Accessorize bags. I only have this one but if I was rich I'd have them all.
I bought this before a holiday to use at the beach and it was perfect. I love the colours, pattern, quality and its super practical. I would also wear this to a festival for sure.
I've never been to a festival before. How sad is that? It's on my to do list don't worry.

I love this bag so much yet I've never ever used it. Why Stacie? Why? 
I love anything 1920's and art deco style so when I saw this in Primark (surprise, surprise) I snapped it up quick. But it just doesn't seem to go with anything. I don't know if it's my hair colour but I can't even get it to go with a plain black dress. I'm just waiting for somebody to throw me a Great Gatsby style birthday party to be honest. 
If anybody has any suggestions on how they would wear it please do let me know because I'm struggling.

This is possibly my favourite bag in my dressing room. Guess where it's from?
This goes with everything I wear. It's very comfy and is a miracle bag that fits bloody loads in.
It's a little aged now but I think that adds character to it. Love, love, love this bag so much.

This is another bag I bought from Cheshire Oaks. It's the smaller Ted Baker tote bag. It's baby pink with a copper bow and I really really like it. This is perfect if you're going into town to get a few essentials. The edges are quite sharp though, I always scratch myself on it. Sort it out Ted Baker.
I did buy the matching make-up bag but at the till they give you a pre-wrapped one and when I got it home they had given me the wrong one so I made Elliot call them because I won't (phonecall anxiety)
and then they said they would send me the correct one...they then sent me a friggin black one.
How wrong could you possibly get?
I kept it though because I hate returning things. It's so much effort. *sigh*

And last up is my 'old granny' bag. I like to think this one suits my personality. I'm quite an old person deep down. I like knitting, gardening, cleaning, growing plants, keeping butter mints in my bag and listening to classical music. I needed something mature and I found this in BHS for £25. This is also the bag that everyone looks at and says 'Stace, what are you wearing?'

Piss off.

I like it.

Much love as always, 

Stacie xoxoxo 


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