Thursday 27 August 2015

Settled In The Seventies...

Hey everybody, 

I'M BACK!! finally! and how I have missed you all dearly.

I have missed my blogging so much! I've been trying my very best to keep you guys updated, as you may know I have recently relocated to plymouth so it's been a busy time for me but I took a few hours out of my busy schedule today to do a seventies style shoot! 

As a River Island employee I am entitled to uniform every 12 weeks  (perks of the job ayyy) and this season I decided to go for seventies as I do believe it's the trend of the season.

Lots of suede, a dash of copper, and a tint of sass. Can't go wrong 😘 ✌️ 

So here it is, my summer work wardrobe !... I'll be putting links underneath each outfit so if you like anything you can be directed to the website ! Enjoy ! ...

So it all started when I saw this green suede skirt! My auntie pointed it out and told me I just HAD to have it, khaki goes with everything and it's oh so seventies.. I wasn't convinced and I wasn't happy about the idea of wearing a skirt everyday but then she reminded me of all the jeans I own... Hmm.

It did go nicely with all the tops I liked...and I did feel nice in it. I decided after much ifs and buts that I liked it and wanted it! 

I fell in love with my mustard lace-up top! It is SUCH amazing quality, it's fitting, flattering, and very comfortable! I LOVE the colour, and these tops are very in at the moment, if you look around everybody is wearing them ! 

My shoes aren't comfortable yet but I think they are so bloody cute that I don't really care, I'll walk round with blisters like balloons if I have too, looking good isn't easy! I'm sure they will break in soon! 

And my choker was a gift from a lovely lady from River Island Wolverhampton, it was a little something to say goodbye and I love it , it's velvet with a little dangly heart charm, so sweet! Thankyou Julie! 

I really do like this outfit, I must admit I do feel a bit like a Christmas elf with my red hair but maybe I'm delirious ! 

Copper. I really really like Copper. I do struggle to wear it because my hair colour but I LOVE it. Can't get enough. 

I already had this cowl neck vest last winter in grey, but you aren't allowed to wear last seasons clothes at work so I needed an updated version, it's a slightly different material to my last one and a beautiful colour.

I must admit they do fit a little strange, they come down low under the arms and onto the chest so it shows your bra.. That might put some people off so I thought I should mention that, I suppose it might not suit some shapes, it certainly makes me conscious of my skinny little arms but I was struggling to find something with my budget and this was my favourite top that I could afford, it's still a lovely top though and would also go nicely with some light denim jeans! 

The knee high boots are so comfortable and I got them from primark for £5 , what a bargain! I'm not sure if they are still in stock at that price but they go with everything, one of my staple items I couldn't live without! 

Denim on denim! 

I've never been one for the double denim craze but recently I keep getting drawn towards the denim sections in the shops, I don't know what it is, but I decided to let it get the better of me.

Another reason I bought this denim style shirt (which isn't actually denim, it's a very lightweight linen material) ... Was because I wanted to try something different, and so I went to the completely opposite end of my style spectrum and went for a bit of masculinity.

People always tell me how girly and feminine I am, my boyfriend even referred to me as dainty today which made me feel cute, so I decided I'd dress like a boy. Because you know, sometimes you just have to do something unpredicatable and spontaneous.

I've done a lot of that recently, what with moving to plymouth and all that! 

I hope you've all enjoyed my little gallery of seventies style , if anybody wants some more 70s inspiration take a look at people like Debbie Harry, Farrah Fawcett, and Olivia Newton-John for outfit inspo and make it your own! Go crazy with it! Tag me in your outfits on instagram, I'd love to see them! 

Until next time, 

Much love, 

Stacie xoxo

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