Saturday 26 September 2015

September Favourites...

Hey everybody!

Long time no speak...again. I'm sorry guyyys! I've been doing a lot of overtime at work and with moving to Plymouth I guess I've been trying to find my feet a bit, I've been a bit all over the place suffering with stupid illnesses but I'm better now,  it's Saturday night and it's time to chill and write a blog post for you!

I thought I'd change things up a little bit and write something a bit different. So I've decided to do a post about all my favourite things I've used, bought, seen and wore this month rather than just one particular subject. 

So let's get started! 

First up ... 

My new shoes. 

I LOVE these. I've had a few shopping sprees with my friends since moving and I've been trying so hard to find a pair of nude sandals, with a small heel suitable for work but also a night out. I'm trying to save money for a mortgage so I'm having to be a cheapskate. Don't judge.

Then I came along these bad boys. New look. £9. Can't argue with that. They are so comfortable too! I thought they might rub my feet but I did a long hard shift at work in them and felt fine! I love the nude colour as it goes with everything but I love the glitzy heels that make them a bit unique, super girly and cute. 

Next up...Sophisticult Clothing. Sophisticult are an American clothing company who sent me a package with a load of freebies! I was so shocked at how much they had sent me. It was so lovely of them. They sent me two necklaces, a jumpsuit, a tank top, some flared leggings and a pair of shoes. I was not expecting all this so I was so grateful to them, they were so friendly and polite that I would definitely recommend them. I'll be posting the link to their website below my blog post for you guys to peek at. They sell a lot of alternative clothing but I was super impressed at the clothes they sent me because I felt they had made them personal to me. I'm not a very alternative kinda gal and everything they sent was pretty, girly and a bit boho which is definitely more me which I thought was a nice little added touch. Here are a few pictures of my new clothes.


Autumn Makeup. I am soooo happy it's Autumn. I love it. I love the colours, all the khaki, copper, tan, burnt oranges and plums. Definitely my favourite season for fashion and make-up. This time round I have decided to go for deep, rich lipstick shades and natural skin tones. Plenty of bronzes, browns and golds.
The make-up brand I have become addicted to this month is No7. I've always been a fan of No7 but you know when you feel like you've found the perfect products for you?
Well Beautifully Matte foundation is my new favourite foundation.

It's quite hard when you have oily skin trying to find a good base. If its liquid it goes shiny, if its powder it clogs and dries patchy, any good coverage just slides off and you can never find anything long lasting but this foundation is fantastic. It lasts all day, has great coverage and it is not shiny at all, I do find when I'm rushing about sometimes I do have to blot it a little but it's still ten times better than anything else I've used.

One thing I couldn't live without was my Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer, but lately I was finding it was too much of a different texture for my matte foundation and wasn't really doing it's job so I thought maybe I should try the No7 concealer to match the exact shades I use for my base.

Oh. My. God.
Why on earth did I not think of this sooner?! I'm so stupid.
It's perfect. The texture is perfect. The shade is perfect. The coverage is perfect. and I feel in love. No7 is most certainly my favourite make-up brand at the minute.

I'm looking forward to next visiting Boots as I plan to ask about the match made service where the little machine tells you what blusher and lipstick would suit you best, then I can get the whole collection. I just really feel I need to step up my make-up game. I'm so bad at it. One day I'll get the hang of doing my eyebrows... don't get me started on that. Hate eyebrow games in the morning. I don't even want to talk about it.

Next... Aussie Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. 

This is my all time favourite brand for hair products. I find its the only brand I have tried where I genuinely notice the difference. I've tried every single volume shampoo going, every colour shampoo and every damaged hair shampoo. I use hair dye a lot, and also curl my hair with heat every single day so as you can imagine I need heavy rich conditioners that work and good shampoos to keep my colour.
My hair is also naturally very fine and flat so it's hard for me to get volume.
I find the Aussie Volume Shampoo and Conditioner works wonders but this month I really felt my hair needed some TLC.
After all the abuse off my curlers I thought I would try 'Take The Heat'. This helps already damaged hair but also protects from developing further damage which is exactly what I need and it is working wonders, my hair felt like silk this morning and I'm looking forward to monitoring the difference in my dead ends, lolz.
I'll keep you guys updated on that one but I think it's going to be a keeper in my beauty essentials.

This little £5 bargain from Primark is next on my list.
Simple, flattering, stripy, cute, cheap and cheerful. Can be worn with anything. I really like it. That is all.

These flowers off my amazing boyfriend. I got home from work the other day to these, some Guylian chocolates, new underwear and new clothes. Could I ask for anybody more perfect? really?

and last but not least...Every so often I like to mix things up with a bit of men's fashion.
And this week I have most definitely been getting excited over the new selvedge denim that rolled into river island!
They aren't just any normal jeans, they are premium, prestigious, and amazing quality.

They are made using the old loom machines! How cool is that?! They may be brand new in store but they are most definitely made vintage.
You do have to pay the extra price for them at £60 a pair but for long lasting, amazing fit, beautifully stitched jeans who can complain really?
They have their beautiful unique stitching that they are known for and I can safely say I'm so jealous. I hope they bring in some nice fitted selvedge denim into ladies, it's only fair right ? 😘😍👌

So that brings me to the end of my blog post.. I shall be posting some links for some of the items mentioned in my post if any of you want anything so sneak a peek!

Thanks for reading guys,
Much Love,

Stacie xoxo


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