Saturday 15 August 2015

Dreams Can Come True...

Hi guys! 

Sooo, I have an announcement to make! 

Something amazing has happened which is going to completely change mine and Elliot's lives!

and no... I'm not pregnant.


Anybody who read my last post 'My wonderful week off work' will understand why this is such a big deal. But for anybody who I don't have on Facebook or anybody who hasn't read my last blog post, here is a little update for you!

(This blog post is going to be short, sweet, and to the point because I'm a very busy lady this week which will all be explained and I don't have many pretty pictures to attach but I'll try and keep it interesting for you lovely people!)

A few weeks ago... I had a week off work with my boyfriend, Elliot, We went on a little road trip and on our travels we visited Plymouth. We both had an amazing time and spoke about maybe moving there one day.
We both knew we wanted to move away from Wolverhampton as we didn't feel it was for us... So we decided to save, save, save so we could make our dreams come true of living in a nice place by the sea with good careers.

Anyway, when we got back we had a little bit of the holiday blues and just out of curiosity Elliot decided to look at job opportunities in Plymouth. One of the jobs caught his eye, software testing? This is exactly what he wanted to do... And better yet? It was a company he already worked for! Was this fate? Should he apply? Is it too soon?

I told him to go for it. What did we have to lose? 

Obviously then the panic set in...What if he got it?! What would I do? So then I decided to see if there were any vacancies at Plymouth River Island... Doubtful but you never know.

Three. Three vacancies guys.

It MUST be fate. So I spoke to my manager about a transfer who told me to go ahead and apply. 

It was a risky move to take but Elliot and I were getting excited now. The manager at Plymouth asked me to call her Monday to talk about hours. When I called Monday she explained to me a vacancy was coming up shortly for Kidswear, it would be my own section and I would have a minimum of 20 hours which is exactly what I needed, so I asked if I could apply. She explained that she was happy to offer me the position, however she wanted to meet me first.

Well that was it, I was straight on the phone to Elliot! "We need to go to Plymouth tomorrow!!!!!"

The next day we got up at 6.30am to drive to Plymouth. I was nervous but excited. I met the manager and she was lovely, offered me the job straight away, asked when I could start and seemed eager to have me.

How exciting!! 

I ran out to tell Elliot, we were both over the moon. He congratulated me and that was when it sunk in... We were moving to Plymouth.

Not just in the future... Next week.

Oh my god. We have to tell our family and friends. How would they re-act? Would they be happy for us, would they be angry for not confronting them first?

We had a nervous drive home... We told our families. It didn't go down well. We had a stressful few days but once everybody had warmed to the idea it was much better. We could get excited now.

We told our friends who were all obviously sad but over the moon for us. Then I think we both started to realise that this was it... We don't have long left. 

I forgot to mention, my auntie and uncle live there and we will be staying with them until we can get on our feet! (Just in case you think we've gone completely insane, we are not that spontaneous!)

This week has gone so quickly, we have so much to do and so many people to see, it hasn't fully hit us yet but I'm sure it will when it comes to actually leaving. I'm very excited about my new job. My own section to be creative with, it has great prospects, I can actually progress there which was not an option at Wolverhampton. We are going to be living somewhere with beautiful picturesque areas which is something I'm so excited for. How great will my blogging game be though?
Something else amazing...
If I have a bad day at work, it's a 5/10 minute walk to The Hoe. It's beautiful, look at it! 

I'm not looking forward to goodbyes, and the stress of finding a place to live and getting used to settling in but I have my boyfriend by my side and that's all that matters.

As you can imagine the next few weeks are going to be busy for us so my blogging may suffer a bit and I hope you all understand! I will of course try my best though! Thanks for reading guys, I hope you're all as happy for us as I am! Haha!

Also... If any of you wonderful readers are from Plymouth, have lived there, or have even visited, if there is anywhere you highly recommend then please do comment below or contact me through Instagram! I'd love to hear your comments and views on Plymouth and I'll of course need some knowledge of the area! Your help would be much appreciated.
Thanks guys!

It's going to be an amazing adventure for us both and we are excited to spend the rest of our lives together! Here's to the future Mr Elliot John Dalton-Tedstill !

Speak soon everybody!

Much Love, 

Stacie xoxo


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