Wednesday 19 October 2022

Orlando on a budget

 Visiting Orlando is a dream holiday for most people, with the amazing weather, and the huge array of theme parks for kids of all ages. However, it can also end up being one of the most expensive holidays you can take if you’re not careful! Fortunately, it is possible to do Orlando on a budget, and in the post below you can find out how. 

Invest in a Disney Park Hopper Ticket

When people are in the first stages of planning their trip to Orlando they often just think of Disney as a single park. However, that is not the case, because there are 4 separate and distinct parks ( in addition to the Universal Studios ones) to visit. 

Yes, that’s right, there is Disney's Hollywood Studios, where you will find all the Star Wars stuff and you can eat in the cantina and have blue milk. Then there is Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park which is a cross between a zoo, a safari park, and a theme park. There’s also Magic Kingdom Park, which is focused on all the famous classic Disney characters you know and love, and where you can watch the daily parades and fireworks. Lastly, there is EPCOT which has a distinctly international and futuristic feel and plays host to some of the most fun Disney festivals throughout the year. 

What this means is it can be better for your budget to buy a Disney Park Hopper Ticket which allows you to move freely from one park to another without having to pay entry. Indeed, many people find that the Disney Park Hopper Tickets are not only the best value, but they enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able to spend part of their day in one park and then move on for a completely different type of experience in the next, which allows them to get the most from their visit. 

Save on your accommodation 

Another great way to get the most for your money when you stay in Orlando is to do your homework and find the best accommodation prices before you book. This usually means working with an Orlando specialist that offers both on-site Disney accommodation, as well as off-site hotels and villas, as this will provide you with plenty of different accommodation options to choose from, that will fit your budget. 

Be sure to look out for the ones that display the accommodations trip advisor reviews on each listing as this will help you be sure that you will get the very best for your budget. 

Invest in a discount card

As well as all the Disney and Universal Studio attractions that are on offer in Orlando, there are plenty of other fun things to do as well. The good news is that you can save a significant amount of money on these things by purchasing a discount card like this one

Indeed, with such a card you can save on restaurants, snacks, and refreshments ( of which you will need plenty - remember Orlando gets very hot). You can even save on fun activities like Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Orlando Odditorium, which is ideal if you want a break from Disney for a while. 


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