Friday 7 October 2022

To laugh yourself healthy or to cry yourself beautiful?

 To Laugh Yourself Healthy Or To Cry Yourself Beautiful?

The body and the mental are tightly connected. We all know that mental conditions can also affect your physical health. If you've ever been stressed out to the point where you had stomach cramps or felt nauseous, then you probably have experienced the tight correlation between the psyche and the body. 

Similarly, the connection between body and mind is a two-way avenue. A sick mind can make the body sick. But a sick body can also drag the mental down. Not sure how it works? Think of your mood after pulling an all-nighter on an urgent work project. You are likely to feel irritable, slightly depressed too, and overly emotional. 

But one thing that might come as a surprise is how your mental health can affect your skin. Indeed, your skin is a mirror of how you feel inside. You turn pale from fear. You blush from embarrassment. But your skin can also reflect your mental health, showing how deep the bond between the mind and the body goes. Mental health conditions can contribute to skin problems. Acne breakouts worsen when you are under a lot of stress, for example. High stress and traumatic events show on your face in the form of common skin conditions: acne, redness, dryness, etc. 

So this leads to a curious question: Can your emotions contribute to your beauty? It would be amazing to think that people could save money on cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers or skin rejuvenation just by encouraging the right emotional response. But how does it work in practice?

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Cry me a river, pretty baby

Tears are a natural human response to shock, fear, pain, or even sadness. Tears can also occur under other circumstances that have no connection with the human psyche, such as high wind, sun glare, etc. But for the sake of this hypothesis, let's focus on the emotional contribution. What happens when you cry? 

Crying can be beneficial to your face. Indeed, it can help remove toxin buildup from around your eyes. Tears also hydrate the eyes. Some tears even contain antibodies, specifically to reduce the risk of infection. Their hydrating abilities also help moisturise the eyelashes and keep them clean. Does crying make your eyelashes longer? Crying creates a favourable environment for eyelash health, which contributes to growth. Overcrying, however, will have a negative impact on the lashes and cause skin redness. So, crying yourself pretty is not an option. 

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My smile is my self-confidence

Did you know that the act of smiling can trick the mind into relaxing and feeling elevated, even when you are feeling down? It is a case of fake it til you can feel it, and smiling and laughing will naturally contribute to the production of feel-good hormones. However, you need to have confidence in your teeth before you can bare them to the world in a burst of happy laughter. Yet, the more you smile, the more you can relax the mind and reduce skin complaints linked to anxiety, depression, or stress. 

But, the more you smile, the more those expression lines around your mouth, and the crow's feet around your eyes deepen. Can you smile yourself beautiful? Absolutely, as long as you follow up with the appropriate skincare!

Emotions and beauty go hand-in-hand. We will always find a smile more attractive than a glare. But, if you hope to rejuvenate your skin through positive emotions, you'd better look for a professional skin doctor. 


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